My Titles At A Glance

OtherWorldly Romances: Moon Shifter-Irish Werewolf Clan; Autumn Moon-Chinese Vampires(chiang-shi) and Destiny's Prerogative-Werejaguar(nagual spirit guides. Previously published with Tease Publishing) Love's Eternal Embrace- Vampire Tale 13th Century. Available Oct. 1, 2011)

Moon Shifter

Short Stories/Anthologies: Black Donald's Coin-a traditional Good vs. Evil;  A haunting to chill the bones in Shattered Illusions;  and a Wee bit of Magic. Second Time Around- six romance stories. My featured tale is The Spirit of LoveA Halloween Collection-Anthology-Stimulating: Set the mood for Halloween with four haunting tales. You never know where romance lurks. A Christmas Collection Anthology-Stimulating: A roaring fire and your favorite beverage, what better way to spend your holiday with four romantic tales. My featured novella is "Wanted". A Historical Collection: The Devil's Wolf is my tale of a Scottish Reiver. My tale Storm Riders is featured in A Western Saga.

(Out of Print)The Object of Romance has five short stories from five different authors. My tale is Mr. O'Grady's Magic Box.

black-donald-smallshattered-illusionsSecond Time Around - front[7]


Time Travel Romance: 1870 Natchez in Creighton Manor; 1814 N.Carolina/New Orleans in A Twist of Fate; 1970 Hollywood in At the Stroke of Midnight; 16th Century Ireland in Lost in the Mist of Time; Travel the Isle of Skye in the fantasy short story, Heart of a Warrior (Previously published with Tease Publishing)
kmn_creighontonmanor_lgweb 200atthestokeofmidnight3091803_cover



Watchers For the Light Series (Fallen Angels)

 First Book is Eli ; Book 2 is Lucca

Westerns/Paranormal and Steampunk: Wanted (light paranormal); Storm Riders (Western Steampunk/time travel)

Unbelievable Finds Series: Mr. O'Grady's Magic Box (inspired by 10k short in Object of Romance anthology)
The Curse of Tempest Gate (Angels, demons, ghosts and witches) (Also available in A Halloween Anthology)

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