Friday, October 6, 2017

Who says kids get all the Halloween fun? Free Book for You today! #LARTG


It’s trick or treat time! Download free books at the Halloween Month of Treats Giveaway!

 FREE Book ~ Flowers and Fangs by Karen Michelle Nutt


Derek Hayes and his family are preternatural hunters. Stake and dust is their motto, but Derek has a difficult time accepting his sworn duty when Sloane McBride, his ex-girlfriend from high school, is the one he's been sent to eliminate. Once infected from a Nosferatu bite, there is no turning back. Sloane has been bitten and she will eventually change.

It proves a race against time when Derek puts aside his core beliefs and teams up with Sloane. The Nosferatu wants Sloane for his own, Derek's brothers are hunting her, and every second brings Sloane closer to changing into the very fiend they want to kill.

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