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Fear and Ragnarok by Tina Glasneck @TinaGlasneck @KMNbooks #mythologies

KAREN: I'm so glad to welcome Tina Glasneck. She's here today to tell us about her new release and how Norse mythology played a big part in penning this exciting tale. Let's give her a warm welcome!

TINA: Thank you, Karen, for welcoming me on your blog today.

I’m happy to share about Norse mythology, especially how fear plays a major role in the circle of death and rebirth, and the deception caused by prejudice and bigotry. Oh, how the world has been doomed because of the appearance of some of Loki’s children.

Norse mythology is quite different in that the gods are able to die (they are only able to live longer lives due to their consumption of a golden apple), and it is this fear of death that creates a powder keg for Ragnarok, the end all battle. It is said that in order for the god Odin, the All-father, to gain wisdom and insight, he gave his eye. But that was not all that it cost him. His fear of the end and of trying to stop it propels it forward, eventually costing him and the other gods their lives.

Part of that, of course, comes from the mischievous one god, Loki, who is Odin’s blood-brother and a travel companion to the god of Thunder, Thor. Although Loki is the mastermind behind the great fall of the gods, through the apocalypse, known as Ragnarok, his children -- the wolf Fenrir, the Midgard serpent J√∂rmungandr, and the ruler of Helheim, Hel, all collude to fight against the gods in Asgard. 

At the end, the reigning pantheon and all but two humans perish, and a new pantheon arises, as well as a new world.

But how did this begin?

The short answer. Fear. Loki’s children were cast out of Asgard because the gods believed that they might cause problems, just like Loki, and part of that was due to their appearance. Fenrir is a giant wolf (who was discovered as a pup), the serpent was tossed in the sea, and now circles Midgard, and Lady Hel was half-beautiful and half decomposed and she was given the realm of Helheim. Because of their appearance they were cast from the gods’ sight. As a parent, I often wonder if Loki’s mean-spiritedness happened because of how his children were treated by the gods in Asgard.
Loki, being a fire god, could also serve as a warning that fire can be good, but if you play with it prepare to be burned. This launched the what-if-idea to create the foundation of my Dragons series, whereby I asked what would the gods do to stop Ragnarok, and could a mighty dragon be the champion the gods needed?

In a Dragon’s Destiny, a young woman, Jaz, has always felt cursed. She’s lived and operated in a man’s world, but no one has seen behind the mask that she puts up. Of course, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a crush that makes her heart pitter-patter. The bad thing about this crush is that it’s her best friend’s brother, and brothers are usually off limits.

When life goes awry due to the gods instigating, Jaz is sent back to 1520 where she’ll have to deal with everything from witchcraft to holy wars!

Where fear rules there can be no true peace!


Blurb for A Dragon’s Destiny

A dragon, a hapless hero, a kick-ass heroine and destiny meet in this fiery, time traveling adventure. 

After all, curses are destined to be broken...

In this first book of the Dragons series, time travel and fantasy weave together in a fast-paced, funny, yet deeply moving romance.

Jaz has always felt like a fish out of water in modern America. When a chance discovery leads her to realize she is actually a dragon, she travels to a parallel plane. It is here she must seek her true destiny. In this distant time and place, Jaz discovers that Erich, the man she secretly lusts after in modern times, is the Dark Knight. He’s ruthlessly extinguishing the ancient Norse religion.

Could it be that Erich, the merciless knight, is the beloved Jaz must find to release her dragon heart?

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Tina Glasneck is a writer of crime fiction and fantasy romance. Her imagination thrives when it comes to hot coffee, great music and laughter. She believes in miracles, the power of positive thinking, and that in each of us a dragon lurks. Learn more about Tina on her website:

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