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Who Would You Cast for Two Worlds Collided? @KMNbooks #KindleScout #Nominee

If Two Worlds Collided were made into a movie, this is who my daughter and I decided would be perfect for the parts. We had fun with this. Have you ever imagined who would play your favorite character in a book?

Emilia Clarke would make a great Evie Reid in Two Worlds Collided. She's the heroine of the story, who time travels back to 1997 in hopes of influencing rock star, Bellamy Lovel not to end his life. 

In 2007, Evie (Emerson Violet Reid) is a nurse and president of the fan club for Civilized Heathens. She was asked to be Lovel's assistant, a job his band mates felt he needed to keep him on schedule. Evie didn't take the job, but always wondered if she did, could she have made a difference?

Evie's best friend, Kelsey, suggests Evie time travel back to the point in her life where she refused the job, but this time accepts it. However, time travel by magic is tricky and has many rules. Only her essence is traveling and she'll merge with her younger self. This is a one-shot deal to get it right. A person can only travel back to a certain point in the time line once. And she can't just tell Bellamy how his life ends or she'll be catapulted back to her present life without changing a thing. The timeline doesn't like to be messed with, but it can be nudged. She can only try to influence Bellamy's decision. In the end, he's the only one who can decide the path he'll take. 

Sebastian Stan would make a great bad boy, rock star. He can pull off long hair, too with a little curl to those thick waves.

About Bellamy Lovel: He is living life in the fast lane, but hopefully Evie will be able to convince him to slow down before it's too late.

At five-foot-ten and with dark curly black hair and striking blue-eyes, Bellamy Lovel was the frontman of Civilized Heathens. He was the main vocals, guitarist, and co-wrote the songs with Leon Green. He was a vibrant and sometimes wild man who could light up the stage with just his presence, but then add his sultry voice to the mix and he had the audience mesmerized. He died tragically on Sept. 22, 1997, during the Fall Fest Tour.

Margot Robbie would make the perfect Lisa Blaine. Lisa is one of Evie's friends, and to her parent's dismay is fan-girl crazy for Civilized Heathens. She's a twenty-four, leggy blonde who still lives at home with her parents, while she's trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. She's enrolled at the community college for the third year in a row, but with no plans to stick it out past the first semester.


Kelsey lived in Louisiana until she was ten, when her Haitian mother uprooted her and her sister to drive across country to California, following a boyfriend who ended up being bad news. Kelsey never knew her Irish father, who had skipped town once he learned he was about to become a dad for a second time. Evie and Kelsey have been good friends since they were in college when they roomed together. Both struggled to complete nursing school while working part time at a restaurant that made them wear tight shirts and skimpy shorts, but the tips were good. To blow off steam, some nights they would crank up the stereo, drink wine and listen to Civilized Heathens into the wee hours of the night.
Kelsey has a spell book that was her mothers. She's certain she can work the spell. 

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Playlist for Two Worlds Collided by Karen Michelle Nutt @KMNbooks #timetravel #KindleScott #Nominee

Q. Where did the idea for this book come from?
A. My daughter and I watched INXS live at Wembley on TV. We were sad to think the lead singer, Michael Hutchence had died so tragically and there would never be another song written or performed by him. The time travel tale about rock star, Bellamy Lovel took root, but I wanted a happier ending and sent my heroine, Evie Reid back in time to try and save him.

Playlist for Two Worlds Collided. INXS songs of course.
1. I'm Just a Man
2. Disappear
3. Body Language
4. Building Bridges
5. By My Side
6. What Would You Do
7. Heaven Sent
8. Elegantly Wasted
9. Taste It
10. Strange Desire
11. Hear that Sound
12. Burn for You
13. Biting Bullets
14. Kick
15. Who Pays the Price
16. Newsreel Babies
17. We Were Thrown Together
18. Need You Tonight
19. Beautiful Girl
20. Know the Difference
21. Back on Line
22. Not Enough Time
23. Everything
24. Never Tear Us Apart
25. Faith of Each Other
26. Old World New World
27. Time

Do you have a favorite INXS song? If not, what is your favorite rock n roll band?

TWO WORLDS COLLIDED was accepted in the Kindle Scout program! Everyone who votes for my book will receive a copy from Amazon but only if the book receives enough votes. Voting starts August 10, 2016 12:00 AM EDT and ends on September 9, 2016 12:00 AM EDT! Thank you so much for your help. You are the best! Karen

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