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What have some of VTP and PbRJV authors been up to? @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVickery #books #authors

At Once Upon A Word:


Learning new stuff is exhilarating, but it can also prove frightening...

Weekend Writing Warriors- Enjoy a snippet from Teresa Cypher's WIP. In her words...Setup:  Earth has been invaded by aliens. Our MC, Lily fled on foot. Her and her dog, Jobe, were just captured by the aliens. I've skipped ahead a couple of paragraphs. Lily is on the ground with her wrists and ankles secured. The aliens are falling asleep, and she's having a moment of reflection of what brought her to this moment. Jobe is right next to her.

Author of Jack and the Christmas Journey, which is featured in Have Yourself A Merry Little Romance anthology.

Snippet Sunday at Karen Michelle Nutt's Blog: Update from last week's snippet of Flowers and Fangs: Tim tried to kill Derek, but he fought the vampire off and wounded him. Tim escaped, leaving Derek to face the hysterical Sloane who is chanting Omigod over and over again. Derek is not sure if she's been bitten or has already turned and her hysterics is only a ploy.

Here's your chance to win a Kindle eBook copy of my paranormal tale, Flowers and Fangs.

Publishing by Rebecca J Vickery & Victory Tales Press's photo.
 This month, Stephanie Burkhart will be taking snippets from my sweet vintage romance, Journey of the Heart.

News From Cecilia Corona: I’m already starting on new ideas for a second installation of Scotlynn’s story. So keep your eyes peeled for another story in the Afterlife collection! 

Also, I am finishing up a story at the moment about a werewolf and a nymph. One’s a little bit country and the other lets just say he is a mix of Neo from the Matrix and Arthur Bishop from the movie Mechanic. He can totally kick butt when he needs to but he is super smooth and stealthy and you would never know what hit ya till it hits ya. ha! Enjoy a snippet form AFTERLIFE featured in the Be My Everything anthology:

Be My Everything_2016_Final.jpg

Congrats to Vicki Crum. Despite the rain and wind, she ventured out to meet her fans for a Book Signing at the LA Times Book Fair! If you haven't checked out her book, here's a sneak peek.!books/cnec

Have you read the book adapted to the feature film, Clarissa's War? Enjoy a snippet of Linda Swift's, This Time Forever.:

Join Celia Yeary at Sweethearts of the West...


Spring Sale March 15-April 15
What are you waiting for? It's time to feed those eReaders.

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Don't forget...
VICTORY TALES PRESS is always looking for well-written, engaging tales from all genres.

We release four anthologies per year. Be My Everything, Valentine Collection was our first anthology published for 2016.

Tales wanted for our next anthologies…

Summer themed stories (Those Summer Nights, 2016 Summer Romance Collection): The deadline for submissions is May 20th.

Halloween/Fall stories (Title to be announced): The deadline for submissions is Aug. 20th.

Christmas/New Years stories (Title to be announced): The deadline for submissions is Oct. 20th.

The short stories may be any genre as long as there is a romance. The romance doesn't have to be the main focus. The stories may have a western, fantasy, history, time travel or even adventure theme to them. They can be eerie tales and capers, too.

What are we looking for?
1.   A themed romance that fits one of the anthologies listed above.
2.   The romance must be male/female, sweet to sensual romance. Please, no erotica or anything explicit in nature.
3.   Word count between 5000-20,000 words. 

When do we need the stories? Now until the deadline listed above for the anthology you wish to participate in. The sooner you can email your submission the better.

***Please note that we will do some light editing only.

Please send submissions to kmnbooks @ yahoo . com (no spaces).

In the subject line place: 2016 (and the theme name of the anthology you wish for your story to be featured in.)

I can't wait to read your tales! Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Happy writing!
VTP Anthology Coordinator

Karen Michelle Nutt
Amazon Author Page

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