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Once Upon A Word: 31 Clever Valentine Sayings @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVic...

Once Upon A Word: 31 Clever Valentine Sayings @KMNbooks @RebeccaJVic...:   Do you remember passing out Valentine cards when you were in school? I couldn't wait to pass them out to all my friends. Some of th...

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Excerpt- A Valentine Wedding

Sitting, he slid his finger around the seal of the post and when he could no longer put off the task, he opened the flap and read through the hand-scribed invitation. He was surprised to find his mother only hinted at the idea that his presence would be greatly appreciated.
She went on to remark on a young lady who wished to meet him. She'd seen him from afar when he was last in London, but she hadn't been able to garner an introduction. There was no mention of the woman's name.
This bit of information didn't entice him enough to attend the ball. If this 'nameless' woman wanted to meet him she would only change her mind once she realized he wasn't as whole as he was before the war.
Never one to rush into anything, except maybe charging a French position, Guy sat back in his chair and contemplated how he'd let his mother down. Nothing came to mind.
"Winston," he called out.
"Yes, m' lord."
"Have my valet start packing my trunks. Seems the countess has intrigued me. Then alert the stablemaster that I'll be needing my traveling carriage at half seven in the morning. Make sure the bays are between the shafts as I wish to make London by luncheon."
"As you wish, m' lord. Neil has already called for the chests and before you start yelling, I've no idea how he knew you planned to visit with the countess. As you are well aware he has his own set of spies."
Guy was very familiar with how, at least in Spain, Neil had been able to glean information about the enemy. Even when questioned and threatened with a lashing the man never gave up his sources.
"Also, when at the stable have Mark report to me."
"Yes, m' lord. I'll go there first."
With a nod Guy dismissed the butler then took out a sheet of foolscap from the center drawer of the desk. He dashed off a letter to his mother informing her of his arrival on the morrow. After folding the paper, he applied the earldom seal then set the note aside.
While waiting for Mark, the only other person who could handle his warhorse, Odin, Guy turned his attention to a few posts that he'd ignored earlier.
He grinned as he broke the simple wax seal on the top letter. The sender was Lady Julia Dunbar. They'd met several years ago, but never exchanged posts before. Why was she writing him now?
Lord Guy,
I am aware your mother, Countess of Tining Abbey, has requested your presence at her annual ball. I do hope and pray you will attend as I'm in need of your assistance.
Lady Julia
He could remember the young lady never caused any problems for her parents, The Duke and Duchess of Shamton. So, why would she turn to him for help when she had doting parents?
He pushed the question into the back of his mind and thought over his trip to London. By carriage the trip would take upwards of six hours. While well mounted the time could be reduced by half.