Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fast-paced Suspense to Give Adrenaline Junkies the Thrill They Crave-- Rise of the Phoenix by Dameon Gibbs @KMNbooks

I truly loved Edge and his crew. They reminded me of the A-Team and the Losers—both favorites of this reader. I especially love their sense of humor in the midst of danger, and the way they interact with each other. Their banter was never forced, giving you the sense that these guys have been together for a long time, and they work so well as one deadly unit. All of the characters are three dimensional, making them interesting, and making you care what happens to them. You'll definitely root for Tucker and Edge, and will anxiously look forward to Rise of the Phoenix, Act II.

In Act One, the readers will be swept into a fast-paced cat and mouse game of suspense. The author paints vivid true-to-life scenes that are worthy of the big screen. CIA Analyst, Tucker and Delta Force Op Sft, Edge are the stars of the story. They are both different in every way, but both brilliant in what they do, and they both have one goal in common. They plan on bringing down a mysterious organization that wants to destroy America. These men won't be defeated without giving it their best.

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About the Author

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Dameon Gibbs holds an BA in Anthropology and World History and an MA in Classical Studies. For the past five years he has worked with inner-city youth in Baltimore, Maryland. He has been an avid writer since his days in high school during the late 1990's. He enjoys the creative process of all writing genres, whether it be religious, poetic, science fiction, historical, biographies or action adventure. 

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