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The Allure of the Vampire by Linda Nightingale @KMNbooks @LNightingale @DDPublishing

KAREN: I'm thrilled to have the very talented Linda Nightingale in the house!! Enjoy her book video and the behind the scenes view of her vampire paranormal tale, Sinners' Opera. Take it away Linda...

Before my post, I had to share the new book video for Sinners’ Opera, a vampire paranormal.  This video, created by Noelle Adams, rocks!  The music alone is enchanting.

The allure of the vampire has been proven by the plethora of books, movies and TV.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read that the vampire market is flooded, but vampire books are still selling.

I think power and mystery make the vampire alluring.  Living above morals and immortality is alluring.  Sexually, vampires are supposed to be sensual lovers.  The total liberation from inhibitions at the will of a powerful being is enticing.

The vampires of today have come a long way from Nosferatu and the early Dracula.  The more horrible aspects of the legend are played down, but I read the other day that the old legendary creature is making a comeback.

In my mythos, people who become vampires never died and do not sleep in coffins.  They are light sensitive but garlic and the cross do not affect them. My vampires are mutations, their DNA having been altered by a blood-borne pathogen, passed from host to fledgling in a ritual blood exchange.

Sophistication, intelligence, wealth are sexy.  The vampires in my stories tend toward the svelte, beautiful and worldly.  In Black Swan, I introduce a group of people who willingly submit to the vampire in exchange for the ecstasy of the Kiss.  These devotees are called Black Swans.

And I’m sure we vampire fans will all agree that kisses on the neck are a sexy form of foreplay.

Sinners’ Opera is the book of my heart.  You can see from the video that the hero is all of the things a vampire should be, though the teaser doesn’t mention  “ruthless in the pursuit of his dreams”.    Sinners’ Opera is available in print and eBook on Amazon:   or at the publisher: Double Dragon eBooks 

Gemini Rising isn’t about vampires, but it is paranormal, a dark fantasy with deep psychological undertones.  I never expected this book to be published because of the controversial subject matter.  You can read an excerpt on Amazon or at Double Dragon.  Everything is explained in the end! 

You can purchase a copy at Double Dragon eBooks
or at Amazon.

My latest vampires are featured in Cardinal Desires, also available in print or eBook, from Double Dragon Publishing or from Amazon.   This novel, which won the Georgia Romance Writers’ Magnolia award, pitches a forensic psychiatrist and a vampire together against an animalistic serial killer called the Vampire Slayer.

Purchase a copy at: Amazon
or Double Dragon eBooks

About me?  I’m a mother, an author and a legal assistant.  I love sports cars, piano, symphony, winding roads, Bluebonnets and other flowers that I am prone to kill, cats, horses, spring days with the top down…I could go on and on.  I’d rather learn about you.  Leave a comment for a chance to win a Vampire wine glass  and Sinners’ Opera trading cards.

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Nightingale said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Karen for the warm welcome and for having me as a guest on your lovely blog.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad to have you here! Love your tales! Enjoyed your book video! Draws you right in to know more!