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First Kiss: This Kiss is A Promise for the Future in The Second-Best Ranger in Texas @DisorderlyWords @KMNbooks #firstkiss

KAREN: In The Second-Best Ranger in Texas by Kathleen Rice Adams, a washed-up Texas Ranger and a failed nun face a gang of cutthroats, but one stolen kiss and a promise may give them the courage to keep fighting to survive. 

 ***GIVEAWAY: Kathleen is giving away one eBook of Hearts and Spurs to one lucky reader. (In the reader’s choice of formats.) Read on to find out how you may win a copy! Winner to be announced on Valentine’s Day!

by Kathleen Rice Adams

In “The Second-Best Ranger in Texas,” a washed-up Texas Ranger and a failed nun are the only line of defense for the survivors of a brutal bandit raid. Holed up inside a mission on the Texas-Mexico border, they face a gang of cutthroats.

The Winchester’s thunder and an army’s reply sent Dulce’s hand diving for the rosary beads in her pocket. Quinn’s strangled curse numbed her fingers. A dark splotch blossomed on his sleeve.
She scrambled to his side.
“Get back.”
Ignoring the fierce hiss, she snatched the knife from his belt and slashed her petticoat.
Her shoulders met adobe with a jarring thud.
Green eyes blazed inches from hers. “I can’t fight you and them at the same time.”
“You are bleeding.”
“It’s a scratch. I’ll be fine.”
He possessed an unusual definition for scratch. Blood soaked his sleeve from shoulder to elbow. He did not seem to notice or care.
“Does nothing frighten you?” The shaky words surely betrayed her fear.
A slow blink cleared the anger from his eyes. In the sudden silence, his hoarse whisper filled the room. “You frighten me, Dulce.” A calloused palm cupped the side of her face as his gaze draped her with a caress. “Losing you to a bullet scares the hell out of me.”
Trembling lips brushed hers. So soft. So tender. So much strength in such a gentle touch.
Too soon, he drew away. His thumb rubbed a circle behind her ear. “If we live through this, I’m not going to want to turn you loose.”
Tears burned the backs of her eyes. “Then don’t.”

 ***GIVEAWAY: Kathleen is giving away one eBook of Hearts and Spurs to one lucky reader. (In the reader’s choice of formats.) Leave a comment or ask a question. Don't know what to say or ask? Then answer this question: What are your plans for Valentine's Day?  

Winner to be announced on Valentine’s Day!

ABOUT THE BOOK:  THE SECOND BEST RANGER IN TEXAS in the Valentine's Day Anthology, Hearts and Spurs from the Prairie Rose Publication

His partner’s grisly death destroyed Texas Ranger Quinn Barclay. Cashiered for drunkenness and refusal to follow orders, he sets out to fulfill his partner’s dying request, armed only with a saloon girl’s name.

Sister María Tomás thought she wanted to become a nun, but five years as a postulant have convinced her childhood dreams aren’t always meant to be. At last ready to relinquish the temporary vows she never should have made, she begs the only man she trusts to collect her from a mission in the middle of nowhere.

When the ex-Ranger’s quest collides with the ex-nun’s plea in a burned-out border town, unexpected love blooms among shared memories of the dead man who was a brother to them both.

Too bad he was also the only man who could have warned them about the carnage to come.

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Descended from a long line of Texas ranchers, preachers, and teachers on one side and Kentucky horse thieves and moonshiners on the other, Kathleen Rice Adams had no choice but to become an outlaw. Fortunately, the wanted posters haven't caught up with her yet.

For the past thirty years, she's stayed two steps ahead of a lynch mob as an award-winning news writer, editor, and columnist, covering everything from airline disasters, political scandals, and courtroom drama to emerging technologies, dog shows, and hauntings. She also has ghost-written or edited several non-fiction books, in addition to co-writing a series of noir-ish parodies starring a canine detective.

A Texan to the bone, when she’s not playing with the people in her head, Kathleen bows to the whims of the men in her life: her significant other of 20-plus years and three tiny canine tyrants.

Find Kathleen on the web at:

Kathleen blogs about the Old West at: (1st and 3rd Friday of each month) (12th of each month)


Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks for joining the First Kiss Event.

What an intense 'First Kiss' scene!

Katrina Gillian said... Best Blogger Tips


What a scene! Makes me want to know if they survive!

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Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like the hero and heroine are in deep trouble. Enjoyed the excerpt.

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Kathleen O said... Best Blogger Tips

I love books about Texas Rangers. Would love to spend Valantines Day with a Hunky Texas Ranger

Ginger Jones Simpson said... Best Blogger Tips

You sure are a busy woman, and I always look forward to your posts. Love the First Kiss scene, but then I'm not surprised. Great excerpt, too.

Sarah J. McNeal said... Best Blogger Tips

This is going to be a fabulous story to read. Now that my computer has gone capital, I'll some free time to read. Who but you would have put a nun with an ex Texas Ranger?
Sunshine and happiness to your corner of the Earth.
Sarah McNeal

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips


Wow! Great excerpt. Action and romance. Loved it.

For Valentine's Day the hubby and I are going to a dinner sponsored by our youth group at church. It's a fundraiser for their summer work camp trip. So, that will be fun!

bn100 said... Best Blogger Tips

Interesting blurb

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Gerald Costlow said... Best Blogger Tips

An ex-Ranger and an ex-nun? Can we see sparks flying everywhere? Great scene!

Cheryl Pierson said... Best Blogger Tips

Listen, y'all, when I first read this story I thought my computer was gonna burn up--it had smoke coming out of it! This is a fantastic story. Kathleen has a wonderful way with words and storytelling, and her characters just walk right off the pages. Don't miss this one!

Sara Barnard said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow those images are fierce...and amazing! Love your storytellin'!

TracyG said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Kathleen! That scene gives me goosebumps. The Second-Best Ranger in Texas is wonderful. I'm proud to be a part of this anthology with you!

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved your story--outstanding characters and a plot that kept the pages turning. That poor guy never had a chance.

Kristy McCaffrey said... Best Blogger Tips

Great scene. I aspire one day to write westerns as good as you. You have such great descriptions!

I've just started Hearts and Spurs, so haven't gotten to this story yet, but I look forward to it. And I'm certain your soon-to-be-released novel, Prodigal Son, is going to be hard to put down.

What are my plans for Valentine's Day? Some dinner with my honey. Hope the same for you. (And by honey, it could mean human or furry...)

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips


Thank you for letting me drop in today! Sorry I'm so late, but I had a ton of things to catch up with this morning and they took me MUCH longer than I expected. Family -- gotta love 'em! (Not! ;-) )

You're a sweetheart, and so far this month of excerpts has introduced me to a bunch of new writers I'm champing at the bit to read. I'm sure it's been a whole lot of work for you, but you are more than appreciated.


Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks, Katrina! Do they survive? I'm not tellin'. ;-)

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips


They're definitely in deep doo-doo. Of course, Quinn was in deep trouble before the bad guys even showed up. ;-)

Thanks for dropping by!

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kathleen O,

Love your name! :-D

I love the Rangers, too -- and spending Valentine's Day with a hunky one sounds like a plan worth pursuing! I say go for it. :-)

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

Howdy, @Ging! So nice to see you!

Boy, I'll tell you what: After reading your excerpt earlier this month, I was nervous about following. I loved your feisty heroine and that cool-as-a-cucumber hero. And the way that rat sneaked up on her... Even if he lost the bet, he won. Ooh. Gives me chills just thinking about it. Can't wait to read the book. :-)

HUGS, honey!!!!

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sarah! Good to see you survived yesterday's fandango. Wasn't that fun?

If I had no other sunshine and happiness in my corner of the Earth, you would bring it with you. You always brighten my day.

Lots of love to you, sweetie. HUGS!!!!

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips


Thank you for the kind words. I'm blushing.

The Valentine's Day dinner sounds like great fun, and for a good cause, too! Can't beat that combination, now can you? Y'all have a wonderful time and raise those kids some money! :-)

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

@bn100, thanks for stopping by! :-)

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, @Gerald! You're everywhere these days, aren't you? (That's actually a good thing. You always add sparks. ;-) )

Thanks for the kind words, honey! HUGS!!!!

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw, now @Cheryl, you're making me blush again.

I am so honored and thankful to have been adopted by you and Livia and PRP. The Prairie Roses are just a delightful bunch of ladies, and these two anthologies have been a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to the summer anthos! Woo-hoo!

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, @Sara! I like that description -- "fierce." That's my goal: fierce romance! :-D

I'm looking forward to the debut of your PRP inspy in April. It sounds like a winner. HUGS, sweetie!

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips


It's been such an honor and a privilege to share two anthologies with you. Every time I think about appearing in print with you, Cheryl, Jacquie, Phyliss, Linda, Livia, Tanya, and Sarah, I have to pinch myself to make sure it's not a dream. The Prairie Roses are not only talented, but also lovely people (if a little on the nutty side ;-) ).

And the stories! My goodness. I had to take a break between each one in HEARTS AND SPURS just to catch my breath! :-D

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips


Well, shucks, Trail Boss -- you expected the hero to have a chance? ;-)

Thanks for the kind words. I got such a kick out of Ross and Celia's story. Speaking of a guy who never had a chance! Poor Ross was doomed from the get-go. :-D

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, @Kristy, don't say that. We'll drive one another nuts, because I'd love to be able to write as well as you do! :-D

I was completely blown away by INTO THE LAND OF SHADOWS. Magnificent -- everything from the title to the characters to the plot. I admire your ability to put together an intricate plot that just sings without ever losing sight of your characters. How do you do that? It's definitely going on my keeper shelf.

You and your honey have a great Valentine's Day! Personally, I'm hoping for a little sleep. :-D


Linda Broday said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! Holy moly! You sure know how to smoke up a page. For me, the sexiest part of a kiss scene is the moment right before and after then lock lips. You have a knack for drawing out the emotion.

Kathleen Rice Adams said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw. Thanks, @Linda! Your kind words mean so much me. It was such an honor to be in this anthology with you -- and I'm still drooling over Cade! :-D