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First Kiss: A maelstrom of emotions motivates this first kiss! Into the Land of Shadows @McCaffreyKristy @KMNbooks #firstkiss

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KAREN: In Kristy McCaffrey's tale, Into the Land of Shadows, a maelstrom of emotions has Katie's heart thumping, but in Ethan's arms passion wins out! Read on for a sneak peek at Ethan and Katie's first kiss!

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FIRST KISS: Into The Land Of Shadows by Kristy McCaffrey

Kate hid in the shadows at the far end of the hallway hoping neither of the men would see her. They opened the door to Harry’s room and went inside. She would have little if no time to escape before they realized she was gone.
Rufus didn’t completely close the door behind him. Kate tiptoed as fast as she could past the room she had just occupied for the last several hours and moved quickly down the stairs, her legs still aching from misuse.
“Where’d she go?” Clive roared as Kate ran out into the street.
She looked right then left. The road was dark, windy, and deserted. The sound of loud thumps on the stairs told her Clive and Rufus were right behind her. She darted around the building and then ran behind another. She hustled toward the end of the street.
“Spread out! We’ll git her!” Clive yelled.
Kate moved around a trading post. Sensing a presence from behind, she jerked her head around and stared. A four-legged creature ran past, disappearing. With a hand on her chest she struggled to calm her breathing. It was just a dog.
She peeked around the building and saw Clive walking down the street carrying his gun. Rufus wasn’t in sight. She needed to find a place to hide but most establishments looked closed. Movement to the left caught her eye. Joe Tohonnie? Maybe she hadn’t dreamt him after all.
The shadow moved across the street and disappeared behind a blacksmith building. Kate ran to the other side of the street, hunching over in an effort to hide herself. Once she made it to the blacksmith she glanced around.
“Joe?” she whispered. “Mister Tohonnie? Is that you?”
No answer but the wind. Kate began backing up toward the rear of the building, dread gripping her stomach. She swallowed hard, feeling uncertain.
Staying close to the structure, her heart wouldn’t stop pounding and her hands were clammy from fear. She swallowed hard again then turned to run but was caught short, letting out an involuntary gasp when the four-legged creature cut her off with a growl. The animal’s yellow eyes glowed by the light of the moon and he watched her with rapt attention, his body poised for attack.
A wolf.
Another low growl emanated from deep in the animal’s throat and Kate fought the urge to flee. The wolf’s head easily came to her chest; he would have no trouble chasing her down and ripping her to pieces. The gash on her face would pale in comparison to what he would do to her.
A sudden commotion from behind startled her. Someone grabbed her. In a frenzy Kate fought back, kicking and straining against the iron grip the man exerted around her waist. His hold loosened and Kate fell to the ground.
She grabbed a loose board, and screamed as she swung it around, hitting the man’s leg. But he didn’t go down. She scooted backward and scrambled to her feet. The man grabbed her this time, facing her. Thinking it was Clive or Rufus, she continued to struggle.
“Katie! Katie! It’s me. It’s Ethan.”
He held her tight against the building. A sob escaped from deep inside her throat, a sudden maelstrom that matched the wind roaring in her ears, and then Ethan’s mouth was on hers. Hot, insistent, devouring. She molded into him, her lips and tongue hungry for the sudden and consuming contact. She pushed her body against his, clinging to his broad shoulders, desperate to be closer still. He didn’t abandon me. His mouth crushed hers and she felt on fire, head to toe.
“Rufus, you find her?” Clive yelled in the distance.
Ethan broke the kiss, and Kate reeled back against the building.
“Let’s go,” he said and grabbed her hand, pulling her behind the blacksmith building.
“Wait.” She tugged his hand to stop him. “There’s a wolf.” Her voice shook—either from the men chasing her, the wolf challenging her, or the man who had just devastated her defenses with one kiss. She could take her pick. She’d had a busy day.
“He’s with me,” Ethan said quietly. “He won’t hurt you.”
The wolf suddenly appeared. “Bart!” Ethan cocked his head. “Come.”
“Get back here,” Clive yelled.
Kate looked over her shoulder and saw him in pursuit. He began shooting. Ethan ducked down and pushed her in front of him.
“Dammit, Clive!” Ethan yelled. “Give it a rest!”
“Bring her back,” Clive said. “We need her!”
“I need her more. Run, Kate.”

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Into The Land Of Shadows ~ Historical Western Romance with Paranormal Elements

Rancher Ethan Barstow is weary of the years-long estrangement from his brother, Charley. Deciding to track him down is easy; not so easy is riding in the company of Kate Kinsella, Charley’s fiancĂ©e. In the land of the Navajo, spirits and desire draw them close, leading them deeper into the shadows and to each other.

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About the Author:
Kristy McCaffrey has been writing since she was very young, but it wasn’t until she was a stay-at-home mom that she considered becoming published. A fascination with science led her to earn two engineering degrees—she did her undergraduate work at Arizona State University and her graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh—but storytelling was always her favorite hobby. Born and raised in Arizona, and recently returned after a 20-year absence in Pittsburgh, she writes Old West romances to capture the landscapes that were such a big part of her childhood. Her first novel, The Wren, was a CAPA winner for Best New Author Traditional, a Texas Gold finalist, and a HOLT Medallion finalist for Best First Book. The Sparrow was the 2012 Winter Rose Winner in the Published Historical Division. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, where they frequently remove (rescue) rattlesnakes from their property. Her four teenaged children are in varying stages of flying the nest, so her two chocolate labs—Ranger and Lily—are the recipients of her maternal instincts these days.
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Thanks so much for participating in the First Kiss event! What an intense first kiss scene you presented!

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Kristy, I can't say enough good about Into the Land of Shadows. I often say that I have the best job in the universe--getting to read all these great stories before anyone else does. You created so much "angst" in this story all the way through! I love the cover and it's just perfect for this wonderful tale of yours!

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@Karen Michelle Nutt

Thanks so much for having me, Karen! A month of "First Kisses" has been a lot of fun.

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Aww, Cheryl, I've so appreciated the support from you and Livia and Prairie Rose Publications. I'm so happy the story landed with you guys!!

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Wow, what a scene, Kristy! I have to go rest now. LOL.

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Kristy, I am, too. Can't wait to see what you've got in the works! Love your style.

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Well good grief, Kristy! You can't just leave us hanging like that! :-D

Wonderful excerpt from a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing it with everyone. :-)

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Nice excerpt

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Wow, Kristy! What a great scene. You've sure whetted my appetite. I've gotta have more! Great job.