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First Kiss: The Biggest Mistake of Her Life...or not... @KennedyStreath @KMNbooks #giveaway #firstkiss

KAREN: In Kennedy Streath's Roman (Saints and Sinners), TJ is about to make the biggest mistake of her life or is she? You be the judge. 

***Giveaway: 3 winners will be chosen! 2 ebook copies (mobi, epub, or PDF) and 1 print copy (US only) of Roman (Saints and Sinners). Read on and find out how you can be the next winner!

First Kiss from the YA Novel Roman (Saints and Sinners) 
by Kennedy Streath

Tj's been warned, stay away from Roman. TJ's 16 and Roman watches her, constantly, silently. She's about to make the biggest mistake of her life...

She barely knew him, but she felt his pain, his sorrow. She’d cut him, left him bleeding. This stranger, this dangerous stranger, mattered. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, the strain of her guilt and dismay too deep for her to mask.
With one hand, Roman swept the hood back, and took a step, then two, closing the distance between them. Brushing her cheek, he gently fingered away the first droplets, unaware she was close to unleashing a torrent that would shame them both.


His voice was guttural, deep, and ragged, as if he wasn’t used to speaking. She wondered if she looked as surprised as he did, that he’d spoken, let alone said her name.

Words releasing in an avalanche, she said, “You didn’t come to dinner so I made you a plate and Ben said he’d drop it off but he didn’t and then Marsha came over and we sparred and it got late and,” she paused for a breath and continued, a little more slowly, “I worried you might be hungry.” Pointing to the leftovers on the small table against the far wall, she said, “It’s just spaghetti and meatballs. You can heat it up in the microwave.”

His lips twitching, Roman continued stroking her cheek with his thumb, the pad rough on her skin, tracing a path from her eye along the cheekbone, following the contours to the corner of her mouth and back. Circling down to her chin, he swept the jut of her jaw and nestled into the dimple with thumb and forefinger teasing the flesh, pulling until she yielded and brought her mouth closer to his.
She had no defense against his hot breath mingling with hers, his lips so close she could almost taste them.

“I didn’t mean… This afternoon. I’m so…”

He said, “You did,” accusing and forgiving in a single breath.

Cupping her neck with the other hand—an act so possessive, so sensual, she thought she would swoon—he closed what little distance remained between them, close enough she’d have sworn she could hear his heartbeat, feel the blood hammering in his veins.

When he brushed her lips, it was feather light, a punishment. He knew that she’d shied away deliberately, not willing to trust either him or herself.


Pulling her body in tight, he cut off her breath, his mouth devouring hers with a hunger she didn’t understand, probing, demanding, his tongue sweeping across hers in a tangle of passion that nearly brought her to her knees.

Cursing, he pulled away and strode to the table. He muttered something in that strange language, then said tersely, “Look, I’m sorry. I-I … had no right.”

Rubbing his scalp, he turned to look at her, his eyes lit like burning coals, bluish-white flares in an ink jet sky, his dusky face set in hard planes, the bones stretched so taut she feared they’d slice through the thin skin.

She had no idea what was going through his mind. Hers was a jumbled morass of confusion, a muddle of fear and longing and feelings for which she had no vocabulary, let alone experience, to describe.

My first kiss…

***Giveaway: 3 winners will be chosen! 2 ebook copies (mobi, epub, or PDF) and 1 print copy (US only) of Roman (Saints and Sinners). How do you become a winner? Leave a comment or Answer this question: Have you ever kissed a person who was wrong for you? Don't forget to leave your email and state US or International.

About the Book: Roman (Saints and Sinners)

Genre: paranormal, dark urban fantasy, suspense, YA/adult
11-5*, 6-4* reviews on Amazon

Roman is enigmatic, tempting, dangerous, irresistible. TJ's about to make the biggest mistake of her young life. Or is she? In a dying town, two teens marked as broken struggle with the burden of lies masquerading as truth. Not even a man of faith is strong enough to hold back the coming darkness.

For older young adults and adults, Roman (Saints and Sinners) will take you through a dark and perilous journey of the mind and heart. It will take you to the place where more than faith will be tested when it comes time to choose.

TRR’s Rebecca says:
Roman himself is the ultimate dark, brooding almost anti-hero…
…read almost like poetry in places
…raises teen angst to an entirely new level and adds a large dose of supernatural malevolence and mystery.
…original and often very eloquent

Purchase a copy of this book at:

About the Author:

Kennedy Streath writes with gritty realism, exploring that intersect where the paranormal and the suspension of disbelief take a back seat to the power of the spirit and the raw edges of conflicted souls. He moves to the backbeat that’s a heartbeat, blending action, suspense and intensely sensual romance.

Kennedy lives in the country with horses to ground that spectre of disquiet that haunts us all and a belief in the promise of the young and young at heart.

 Publisher: PubRight
Genre: Paranormal, paranormal romance, dark urban fantasy, suspense


Jacqueline Seewald said... Best Blogger Tips

I think we've all kissed "the wrong guy" at one time or another. That's what dating is all about, learning about another person, finding out if he is right for you.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks so much for joining the First Kiss event! Your book sounds interesting! Loved the excerpt. :)

Kissed the wrong guy---Isn't that so Thanks for stopping by for a sneak peek at Kennedy's book. I'm hoping this wrong kiss turns out right. :)

Charmaine Gordon said... Best Blogger Tips

Breath taking excerpt. You captured me from the first sentence and never let go. Still shivering in wonder for what happens next. Gorgeous description and terrific prose. Thank you, dear author.

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

Kennedy, What a fabulous excerpt. Your writing is so vivid and real. Flawless. I was totally sucked into the story by that one little teaser.

bn100 said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice excerpt; not really

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Katrina Gillian said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds really good. How many books are in the series?

Have I ever kissed the wrong guy? Hmm... Well, I suppose you have to kiss a few frogs to find the prince. lol

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We've all kissed the wrong one, but when it's right... sigh.

Enjoyed the post.

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Diane D White said... Best Blogger Tips

Very sensual scene...nicely done. Gives a lady goose bumps. :)

Margaret Mosier said... Best Blogger Tips

Your book sounds very interesting

Margaret Mosier said... Best Blogger Tips