Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween Flash Fiction Bash! @KMNbooks #flashfiction #halloween

HalloweenFlashFictionBash_medium Halloween Flash Fiction Bash at KMN Books! For the month of October, I'm looking for Flash Fiction Tales to celebrate Halloween.
Let your creative minds take flight! All post must be 50 to 1000 words with a beginning, middle and end to your tale. (No erotica please. Keep it PG13 :)). Along with your Flash Fiction Tale, you may promote one of your latest releases or dig up an oldie but goodie. :) Giveaways for this event would be fabulous, too!  

What do you need to send me?
1. Flash Fiction post
2. Jpg. of your book and blurb
3. Author bio, and photo(optional)
4. Link to your website and link to order your book  

Don't have an idea for a tale?
Here's some Flash Fiction ideas:

1. Vampire theme: Vampirism is spread by infected sand fleas, making surfing and partying at the beach a very dangerous lifestyle.

2. Zombie theme: A woman gives up her baby for adoption. Years later, her child sets off in search of his/her birth mother. Unfortunately, he’s been dead for six months…

3. Werewolf theme:A werewolf is mistaken for a dog and accidentally sold at a pet store.

4. Loch Ness Monster: A pet store in Scotland sells adorable lizards. Months later, shocked parents discover that their children’s pets are growing… and growing…

5. Creatures: A woman steals a valuable painting, but she is soon confronted by the night watchman who happens to be a gargoyle.

6. The latest diet craze: Kidnapping skinny people and switch your brain with theirs.

7. A psychic medium captures spirits with her mind, and traps them inside a Mason jars. She decides collecting ghosts a selling them is both profitable and fun until...

If you'd like to participate, please contact me to reserve your day!
Contact me at: kmnbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com
Subject line: Halloween Flash Fiction Bash Chat soon, Karen


My Tattoo Journey said... Best Blogger Tips

Is this open to everyone? What if I don't have a website or book (yet)?

Denise Z said... Best Blogger Tips

Some of those prompts are hilarious. I am going to save them and doodle for fun. Thank you for this fun post and I look forward to following the event :)