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KAREN: Allison Knight is an award winning author at Champagne Books Group. She's traveled around the world gathering research, but there is nothing quite like family history to inspire a fantastic tale. Let's give Allison a warm welcome!

ALLISON KNIGHT: I love history. I always have. Which I guess is why I write Historical Romance - mostly. My poor husband has had to take me all over the country to view houses and places that date to the 1800's of before. I even convinced him we had to go to Alaska, and the Yukon territory because there was so much history there. (I think he enjoyed that trip as much as I did . He sure got some great pictures.)

This love of history started a long time ago. My dad and mother both talked a lot about those relative who lived years before. I can remember my mother talking about playing with her grandpa, a violinist who played for the Yankee officers during their meals, during the War between the States. Then of course there were the tales of how the farm my grandparents operated had been part of the underground railroad before that war. But this story telling didn't end with my parents. I seems the whole family liked to tell tales.
When I was barely into my teens, my grandfather, a great story teller, assembled all of his grandchildren present at the time and sat us down in a circle around his recliner, and told us all about how he was born in a log cabin, with snow coming in through the cracks between the logs. He also talked about his grandfather, a teacher, and how the man traveled from one house (yep, he went to people's houses) and the children from miles around would come to learn in that house.

 I love this part. He was paid $1.00 a week, a huge salary for a teacher at the time, given room and board and that was it. Imagine teaching five or fifteen children, all different ages and skills, living in someone else's house for a month or two for a dollar a week. I guess because I taught school for years, I just can't see how he did it. But according to Grandpa, he was in big demand.

This love of history must run in the family, because my sister is a genealogist. Due to her research, we discovered that most of one group of my dad's family was killed at Ruggles Station in Ohio in the 1800's by the Iroquois Indians. My great (not sure about how many greats) grandmother and her brother were taken hostage. My grandmother had a deformed right arm. Her hand was at her elbow. She had no forearm. Because of her condition, the Indians thought her blessed by the spirits and she wasn't touched, in fact she was revered and was able to save her brother. The Indians traded her and her brother in the Detroit trade after she was captured, both of them unharmed. Not so the other captives.

So, I guess I could say the 1800's have always fascinated me. The differences between the United States, a struggling country early in the century and the English, offer another kind of fascination. Imagine yourself, a young American girl, a teacher wouldn't you know, with her independent attitude, having to go to England, to meet a half brother she didn't know she had. And then to find out this half brother, who's not a bad sort, plans to marry her off. I just had to make that the basis of my latest historical romance "Lynbrook's Lady."

I've tried Contemporary romance and while I enjoy writing in the present, I miss the research. The hours I waste, well maybe waste is the wrong word, looking up a bit of this or that for a novel has occupied an awful lot of my writing time. But, I've found out so many interesting things... For example, did you know that plaster casts for broken bones were tried back during the Civil war? I didn't but I discovered that bit of trivia looking for something else one day. So you never know...

 If you have relatives who like to talk about the good ole' days, or the really old days, listen up. You never know what you might find out. Like my poor great, great (a question mark on how many greats) grandfather got a whole dollar a week for teaching how many subjects to how many kids, with what kind of skills. Just a fascinating tidbit. Listen up for you may learn one even better than mine.


Betrayed and distrustful,beautiful Philadelphian, Abby Moore sails to England, marriage the last thing on her mind. A decent match is not for her, not with her secret. Waiting for her half brother, the Earl of Carrington, she finds herself in a compromising situation. Despite the attraction she feels for the Earl of Lynbrook, she discovers herself with a marriage proposal she can’t accept. In fact, she’ll do about anything to get out of the match and she says so.

Bradford St. James, the Earl of Lynbrook, doesn’t want this marriage. Even when he hears Abby denounce him, honor says he must marry. Although she tempts him like no other woman he’s met, he’ll say his vows then hide her away at his northern estate. But when accidents threaten his life, he begins to wonder just what Abby is willing to do to get rid of him.

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Award winning author, Allison Knight claims she's married to the world's best husband because he works promotes and edits all her projects. The mother of four children and a retired  high school teacher, she moved from the frigid north to warmer climes. She has published twenty romances for both NY and digital  publishers. Her first contemporary romance from Champagne Books, Inc. is now available.  She is currently working on a medieval romance set in England, the fourth in a series about a Welsh family caught up in those times of turmoil.

Because she can never quite step out of teaching mode, she blogs often sharing the knowledge she gained writing and publishing in the romance genre.

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Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks you so much for being a guest here today. What family tales you have, both interesting and horrifying.

Your new release has me intrigued. Lovely cover, too.
Did you have a say in what the cover would look like? Is it all you imagined it would be?

Allison Knight said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for having me. I have all kinds of family stories to tell. I just mentioned a couple. There are the four horse thieves from Ireland. But that's for another time.

In answer to your question, I do well with the words, but my ability to visualize the cover is non-existent I could have a lot of say in the cover if I wanted, but I've learned. Champagne's cover artists are great. Just let 'em know what the story's about and they take it from there. Thank goodness.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love to hear about the four horse thieves from Ireland. I'll have to have you back here for more! What a family you have! lol