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Maeve Greyson is the winner of the Ebook copy of Spy Catcher!! Congratulations!!

KAREN: Let's welcome bestselling author, Lindsay Downs! He's here today to share two excerpts from Spy Catcher! Enjoy!!

LINDSAY: It’s always interesting in a romance how the hero and heroine meet. This is especially true in regencies where, by chance or design, their paths cross. In my debut regency with Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP)releasing on July 30 I’ve decided to change up the usual face to face meeting. As you will see from the two excerpts they catch a glimpse of each other from a distance. I should point out Lord Gerrard has a reputation as a rakehell.

***GIVEAWAY: I’ll be giving away an eBook copy, Kindle or Nook, to one commenter so don’t forget to leave your email address.

While acting as chaperone to Lady Aleece at a house party, little does lady’s maid Debbi realize how her life will change.

Not prepared to fall in love nor see a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, Debbi’s world begins to turn upside down.

After several attempts on her life, and a run-in with yet another look-alike, she uncovers her true heritage, as the unknown daughter of a countess. Having been raised and trained as a lady's maid, but educated alongside her employer, Debbi begins to wonder in which world she truly belongs.
Only when her new love's life is threatened does Debbie claim her rightful place and do what’s necessary to save him.

Excerpt One:
As the carriage gently rocked to a stop, Debbi was surprised when, not a footman as dictated but Mr. Thomas swung open the door. Patiently, she waited while he assisted his love out. She started to slide over to climb out unaided when he offer her his hand.

“Allow my assistance, Miss Overstreet.”

She felt her face warm when he called her by her new name. Quickly, she marshaled her thoughts, “Thank you sir,” she said settling her hand in his big, strong one.

“Please, Miss Overstreet, I insist you call me Thomas, as I have so requested from Lady Aleece.”
“If that be the case, then call me Debbi.” She paused, glancing around for the Earl and Countess but only saw Susan and Jeffrey approaching.

As they got close Debbi gave the appropriate curtsy according to their rank. Rising, she clasped her hands in front of her while Aleece warmly greeted them.

She tried not to act surprised when Susan stepped over and embraced her as she’d done with Aleece.
“Miss Overstreet, what a pleasure to finally meet you. Aleece has told me all about you, and I know we’ll get along famously.” She paused and turned to her brother. “Now let me introduce you to Jeff, but don’t worry— he may look dangerous but he’s harmless. His fiancĂ©e sees to that.”

After she was introduced to him, Debbi stepped back to survey her surroundings. Many times she’d come to house parties but always stayed in whatever coach was assigned and would enter the mansion by the servants entrance, making sure the trunks got to the appropriate rooms. This would be the first time she’d cross the threshold through the main doorway.

Without warning a shiver coursed down her spine, which unfortunately brought Aleece’s attention.

“Are you all right? It’s just like walking through any door. Take a deep breath,” she whispered.

“I don’t think it’s that, Lady Aleece. I fear I feel eyes on me, and I don’t know if it’s good or what,” she replied in a hushed tone.

Stepping back from the small group Debbi peered around, letting her gaze carry up to a window overlooking the forecourt. There she spied the reason for the unnerved feeling, the most dashingly handsome man she’d ever seen in her life. Even more, the sight of his appearance before he hid was exactly as she’d envisioned.

Taller than her, with pitch-black hair and broad shoulders, the brief sight of him set Debbie’s heart to fluttering. It was his lips deadly to a woman’s heart in the way he smiled down at her which unnerved her. Before he ducked behind a curtain she noticed he was dressed in a Bath superfine coat with a crisp white shirt and his cravat tied in the latest style.

Excerpt Two:

Later, curious to the sounds outside William stood staring out the window of his room which overlooked the forecourt. What interested him wasn’t so much the ducal seal on the traveling carriage door which was opened by Thomas, but the second of the two ladies who he assisted out.

The first he knew to be Lady Aleece, only child of the Duke and Duchess of Carlisle. The second young lady, if he were to hazard a guess, appeared to be much of the same age as the lady.

“This couldn’t possibly be the companion Thomas was talking about. She’s much too young and pretty.”

From the angle he was watching them greeted by Whitchurch’s offspring, it would appear the other woman was known to them as well.

With the skill of an artist he studied her. Slim but not too as the traveling gown gracing her form hugged every curves suggested. From under her fashionable bonnet he observed wisps of blonde hair tossed about by the gentle breeze.

He wondered what colour her eyes were. Would they be blue, green, hazel or brown? With her lips, so pleasingly full and turned up slightly at the corners, he wagered passion would fill her beautiful orbs when kissed. Something he wagered he’d be doing before week’s end.

He watched as she glanced around her surroundings and when he saw her raise her head to take in the front of the mansion he ducked behind the heavy dark blue curtain. Once done he felt foolish for hiding from a woman, something he’d never done.

Thus, he knew the effect, even from a distance, this goddess had on him.

About the Author:

What does it take to be a bestselling author? Determination, skill, talent, luck or taking a risk with a venture into a totally new genre. For me it was a little of some and a lot of the others.
In 2008 when I got two books published I thought it was due to skill; little did I know it was more luck than anything. Over the next three years I wrote, submitted, got rejected. I then did what I tell everyone who asks; I wrote some more. I didn’t give up.
More on a dare than anything I tried my hand at a regency, one of the most difficult genres because of the rules, which I might add I broke almost every one. Within two days of its release the book was on a best seller list and stayed there for two months.
Turns out it is all of the aforementioned.
After two failed marriages, one from divorce while with the other died unexpectedly I decided upon retirement to move. That opportunity came in September 2012 when I migrated to Texas.
For me, as a multipublished author, it was one of the best things I’ve done to date. Now, every day I can write, creating stories to take my readers to places they can only dream about.
I’m also a member of the Published Authors Network (PAN) by the Romance Writers of America (RWA).
Where you can find the Author:


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Thank you for having my guest on your blog today.

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Thanks so much for sharing your new release with us!

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Enjoyed the excerpts! Nice to meet you Lindsay. Will this be part of a series?

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I'm in the process of writing the sequel to this book.

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Terrific excerpts. Thank you so much for sharing them!

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Loved the excerpts. I love to get lost in a regency at the end of a long day. Best of luck to you (but I really doubt you'll need it.) :-)

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Hi Lindsay and Karen!
Lindsay, I love how you took a chance in both writing and life, and found some unexpected benefits! Yay! Fantastic excerpts and can't wait to read more!

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@Maeve Greyson Maeve,
Luck is always a good thing to have.

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@LaVerne Clark
Risk produces sometimes the best results.

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Congrats to Maeve Greyson for winning an eBook come of Spy Catcher