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KAREN: Lilly Gayle and I are doing the switch-a-roo today. I'm at her blog and she's at mine. :) 
Lilly is a fellow author of paranormal tales at The Wild Rose Press!  Please give her a warm welcome.  Of course comments and questions are always welcomed!!

****CONTEST: Lilly will be giving a way a PDF copy of Out of the Darkness, the first book in her Darkness series to one lucky commenter!

LILLY: When I wrote my first vampire romance, Out of the Darkness, I did a lot of research on vampire legends. I wanted to stick as closely to the original legend of Vlad the Impaler as possible. I also wanted to make vampirism a virus to allow for a possible cure and redemption of my vampire hero, Vincent.
In the first book, Vincent's friend and fellow vampire, Gerard intrigued me and after several readers asked if he'd get his own story, I decided to write the second book in the series.

Embrace the Darkness released on Amazon in March as part of the KDP Select program. On April 23- 25, it will be available for free before it's official release in both ebook and print on June 21.

In Embrace the Darkness, I expand on the original myths and origins from Out of the Darkness and follow an old vampire legend that originated in Mesopotamia around 4000 B.C.

The ancient Sumerians ruled Mesopotamia. Their culture established the earliest cities and state religions. But war, death and disease was rampant. Young men died in the prime of their life, suddenly and unexpectedly on the battlefield or from diseases caused by war and destruction. Legend claimed that by dying under such extreme circumstance, the spirits became conscious in the grave, their desire to live so strong they rose up from the grave. And from there, I created the vampire legend I explore more thoroughly in Embrace the Darkness.

An experimental vaccine gives vampire Gerard Delaroache hope for the first time in two
centuries--until two people are brutally murdered, and he suspects a conspiracy between vampires and mortals. To solve the crime, he must put his trust in a beautiful detective. But is former soldier and MP turned detective, Amber Buckley, a threat to his existence? Or the answer to his prayers?

Amber Buckley and her partner are assigned to do follow up interviews in the Lifeblood of America slayings. Amber believes she and Reid are just new eyes on a cold case.  That is until she meets Gerard Delaroache. Something about him teases long-buried memories Amber would rather not chase. However, the two join together, falling into more than resolution of a murder case. It seems Amber has some dark secrets of her own.

To find their way into the light, Amber and Gerard must first EMBRACE THE DARKNESS

He rolled his eyes and huffed. “Stop pretending ignorance. You know what I am.”

“A vampire. Really?” She wanted to scoff, but a chill shivered over her skin. He wasn’t dead. And she’d shot him.

Maybe he was wearing Kevlar. But wouldn’t Kevlar show through that tight-fitting shirt?
Perhaps not. Still, there had to be a logical explanation.

Ignoring the warning bells clanging inside her skull, she shoved the Glock back in its holster and reached for the beer she’d deposited on the counter. She took another long, hard pull on the bottle, hoping to douse irrational thoughts.

Gerard inhaled sharply. His eyes devoured her.

Despite renewed fear, she managed to set the bottle back on the counter without dropping it.

He’s not a vampire. He’s not a vampire. He’s not a vampire.

“I’d give anything to drink beer again,” he said in a reverent voice.

Amber nearly laughed aloud. Her shoulders sagged. Gerard Delaroche wasn’t a vampire, and he didn’t want to drink her blood. He wanted a beer. Like a normal guy.

Hell, he probably was normal. She was the one off her rocker.

“Want one?” She forced herself to meet his intense stare.

He smiled. “Can’t. Vampire. Remember?”

Like that was something a girl could forget. It wasn’t every day a hot guy claimed to be a vampire.

Hell, maybe he was a vampire. The man could stop bullets with his chest.

He took a hesitant step closer. She stiffened and took another cautious swallow of beer.

He stopped three feet away. Good. Sexy and crazy was a dangerous combination.

About the Author:

Lilly Gayle is the mother of two grown daughters and lives in North Carolina with her husband. When not writing or working as a mammogapher, she spends time with her husband at the beach. She writes historical and paranormal romance.  Embrace the Darkness is the sequel to her 2010 release, Out of the Darkness.

Contact Lilly at:

Buy link for Out of the Darkness 

Buy link for Embrace the Darkness


Calisa Rhose said... Best Blogger Tips

Heheh That's a funny excerpt, Lilly. I love a touch of humor in my reading. I think I have Out of the Darkness (need to confirm) so I definitely have to get the second book too. :) Congrats on your release!

Niecey Roy - Romance Author said... Best Blogger Tips

I have always been obsessed with vampires, from an early age. Let me just say, do not let your tweens read Anne Rice... I was a very paranoid, scared of the dark kid, ha! Loved the excerpt!

Lilly Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Calisa. If you're like me, your ereader is filled with books you just haven't found the time to read yet.

Lilly Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

Niecy, my girls are grown, but I would never have let them read Anne Rice or MY books (had I been published then) when they were tweens or teens. lol! At a book signing once, a mother wanted to buy Out of the Darkness for her fourteen year old. I told her it was like an R rated movie and might not be suitable for her teen. She put the book down and thanked me. Then she picked up a book mark and said she didn't read paranormal but she read historicals, which I also write. I might have lost a sale, but I hope I gained a fan for my historicals.

Sandra Dailey said... Best Blogger Tips

Terrific excerpt, Lilly! I've got to have this book. Choose quickly. If I don't win it I'll have to buy it. When will the next one be out?

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

@Calisa Rhose So glad you could stop by and check out her excerpt. Both books sound fantastic. Of course, I'm adding it to my list. Love vampire tales!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Sandra and Niecey,

Thanks for stopping by for visit!!

My Kindle is full of books I haven't had time to read, too. lol
One day...

Lilly Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

Out of the Darkness released in 2010. Embrace the Darkness is available now on Kindle and officially releases June 21, 2013. I know. Three years is a long time between sequels. I didn't know when I wrote the first one that there would be a second one. But Gerard just had to have his story. Now, a couple of other characters are bugging me to write their stories. I just hope it doesn't take another 3 years!

Susan Macatee said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds great, Lilly, and I loved the excerpt!

Best of luck with it!

R. E. Mullins said... Best Blogger Tips

My 27 year old son was curious about my book (spicy) but didn't think he could handle love scenes written by his mother. I made him a bookmark with page numbers he'd want to avoid. We were both happier. Love me a good sexy vampire but not where my kids are concerned even though they are all adults now.

Katrina Gillian said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Lilly,

I love vampire stories. Will there be more books in the series? How many?

Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips


Enjoyed your post. I like your book cover for Embrace the Darkness.

Lilly Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips
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Lilly Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

So many great comments. Thank you all for stopping by. R.E., love the bookmark idea! My daughter's are grown and they've read most of my books but we don't discuss certain chapters. lol! Katrina, I hadn't planned on writing a series, but my characters had other ideas. So, I'm hoping to write three more books. I just need to write faster!

bn100 said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice excerpt

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

rbooth43 said... Best Blogger Tips

No need to add me in the contest. I have read Out of the Darkness and It's sequel Embrace The Darkness, both books are very suspenseful, romantic, spell-binding vampire sagas with a twist. I recommend both reads! Lilly. I am working on the review now!

Lilly Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow! Thanks Becky. Can't wait to see what you have to say about Embrace the Darkness!! And thanks to everyone else who stopped by yesterday. Now, I wonder who will win a copy of Out of the Darkness?

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


So nice of you to let us know how much you enjoyed Lilly's books. :)

Lilly Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats, Sandra Dailey! Your name was chosen for a PDF copy of Out of the Darkness. Enjoy!