Monday, January 7, 2013

Rethink Your Pretzel by Karen Michelle Nutt

Rethink Your Pretzel is plastered on the package of Pretzel Crisps and I couldn't agree more.
First of all, I’m a big fan of pretzels: plain crunchy pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, soft pretzels, and my personal favorite is chocolate covered pretzels.

This Friday, while browsing CVS’s half-off Christmas items, I came across a snack size bag of Pretzel Crisps, a product by Snack Factory. They were dipped in dark chocolate and peppermint. Well of course I had to try them.

Oh my, they were delicious! You could eat them straight out of the bag, but they tasted fantastic frozen, too.

This snack was irresistibly crunchy and the velvety chocolate melted in my mouth. The sprinkles on top were mini peppermint candies and that just added to the scrumptious taste. It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. I wish I had bought more bags. Then again…maybe it was good thing I didn’t. lol

So have you come across a snack that you couldn’t resist? Please do share. Also take the poll below.

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Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

I like something sweet after I eat. Anything chocolate is always good.

I love the peppermint mocha at Starbucks.