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WICKED HAUNT-O-WEEN with Sarah Madison


Karen: Introducing Sarah Madison. Her post is Pg 13, but she pens erotic M/M tales. BEWARE: You won't find sparkly vampires here. 

***CONTEST: She's offering a autographed, print copy of Going for Gold (USA only) or Digital book from her backlist (Worldwide). Read on and find out how to enter.  Contest ends: Oct. 10th at 12:01 am PST. 

SARAH : This is a short piece involving the characters Tate and Alex from my M/M paranormal novel, Crying for the Moon from Dreamspinner Press.  There are some mild spoilers for the novel, so you might want to read that first!  This story takes place a few weeks after the end of Crying for the Moon but before A Walk on the Wild Side (which contains major spoilers for the novel).  I hope you enjoy it!  I’m planning a sequel to Alex and Tate’s story, as well as Nick and Peter’s backstory on how they met and the origins of Nick’s pack. Writing this today reminded me how much I love these guys!

I don’t do Halloween by Sarah Madison

“What do you mean, you don’t believe in Halloween?” Even though his back was turned to Tate, Alex could hear the incredulity in his voice.  “It’s not a like thing you believe in, like Santa Claus or Tinkerbell.”
Maintaining his position at the stove, where he was checking the consistency of the spaghetti for dinner, Alex said mildly, “I wouldn’t bring up Tinkerbell if I were you. That’s one bad-ass bitch.  All fairies are, but she’s the worst of the bunch.”

His sharp hearing took in Tate’s sudden intake of air.  He smiled to himself.  He knew Tate was trying to figure out if Alex was jerking his chain or not.

Unbidden, an image of Tate wearing a collar and nothing else, down on his hands and knees while Alex tugged on his chain and caused him to crawl forward, came to mind. Damn.  That was kind of hot.  He’d have to mention it to Tate and see what he said. So far, Tate had proven himself to be a generous and adventurous lover. Alex wasn’t sure where this new control kink was coming from, but it might be fun to explore.

Probably because you know Tate can kill you.  There weren’t many things on the planet that could kill Alex.  The knowledge that Tate was even more dangerous than himself was a little unnerving at times.  And paradoxically a major turn on too.

He lifted the lid on the bolognaise simmering on the back burner and stirred it slowly. The smell of the bubbling meat sauce, thick with onions and mushrooms, didn’t trigger his appetite. No, it was the memory of lying in bed with Tate the night before, the scent of his blood lush and decadent as it trickled down his neck in a thin line.  Alex could almost taste it as he recalled dragging his tongue across Tate’s skin, Tate lying with his eyes half-closed in sleepy satisfaction as Alex took his fill.
It was enough to make him regret inviting Nick’s pack over for dinner.  If he’d had his way, he’d leave supper to burn on the stove while he dragged Tate by the wrist upstairs.  Hell, they might not even make it that far. A little pang of concern slid through him. Maybe it was too soon for more blood play. Even though Tate seemed energized when Alex took his blood, unlike most of Alex’s former
lovers, there had to be limits to how often Alex could feed on him.

“You’re making that up that crap about Tinkerbell.  You know how gullible I am when it comes to that stuff.” Tate slid his arms around Alex’s waist and rested his chin on Alex’s shoulder so he could watch the dinner-making process.  “You’re trying to distract me.”

“Who’s trying to distract whom?” Alex tipped his head sideways and half-closed his eyes when Tate began to nuzzle the back of his neck.  He let himself relax into Tate’s hold. Alex’s family hadn’t been big into hugging. No one in the Life really was keen on touching unless sex or feeding was involved—and there was little difference between the two for most Vampires.  Tate had taught Alex what it meant to have a lover who thought about your needs—and Alex had never known how starved he’d been for touch until he’d met Tate.

Tate, so sensual he made walking into the room a sexual act.

Alex opened his eyes fully and smacked Tate’s hand as he reached across to filch a mushroom off the counter. “I didn’t say I didn’t believe in Halloween,” he corrected.  “I said I don’t do it.”

Tate stepped aside to pop the mushroom in his mouth, leaning on the edge of the stove to smile at Alex.  “Same diff, right?”  He licked his fingers. He stopped when Alex raised an eyebrow at him, his grin turning sheepish.  “Force of habit,” he said smoothly.  “Anyway, why no Halloween?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I’d have thought Halloween would be fun for you. The one night you could really be yourself without anyone noticing.”

Alex replaced the lid on the pot and laid down the spoon, folding his arms across his chest. “Really?  What would you have me go as?  Count Dracula?”

“It would be fun.” Tate’s grin was infectious. “I’d love to see you all decked out in fancy dress, with one of those black capes with the high collars and the red satin lining.  You’d be awesome.”

“As long as you don’t expect me to sparkle.” Alex’s voice was dry. He thought about the times that he and Victor had done just that—dressed in the traditional garb of Victor’s family, walking the streets among Halloween revelers and choosing a victim together from among the unsuspecting people just out having fun.  It made him sick to remember those times, to recall how he thought that was simply the way to be.  Until he knew better. Until he left the Life behind and built a life here for himself.  With Tate.

“You know, I’d kind of like to see you break bad just a little,” Speculation made Tate’s eyes narrow slightly.  “You’re always so self-contained.”

“Not always,” Alex said. He thought back to the two of them in bed together the night before, and how Tate could draw exquisite pleasure out of him with his touch—even to the point of making the normally silent Alex cry out with the sheer immensity of what he was feeling, unable to contain the sound within him as Tate took him higher and higher.

“Not always,” Tate agreed, the curl of his mouth suggesting he, too, was remembering the night before. “But you have to admit, most of the time; you’ve got it pretty well buttoned down.”

“‘Don’t make me angry’,” Alex quoted. “‘You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

“You could go as David Banner for Halloween.” Tate was pleased with his suggestion.  “C’mon, we could have a party.”

“Who would we invite? It’s not like we could ask the neighborhood.” Sometimes Alex wished they could. Wished that he and Tate could just live like a normal couple, inviting friends over for good food and a glass of wine, some conversation about who was running for mayor, or the predicted hard winter to come.

“Well, we’ve got Nick’s pack coming tonight. We’d invite them, of course.” 

There was that. Unexpected as it was, Alex did have friends now.  Largely due to Tate. 
Alex went to the counter and picked up the bottle of wine Tate had chosen for the evening, glancing at the label before picking up the corkscrew.  A Malbec tonight.  Alex trusted Tate’s taste in wine—he was good with things like that. “We can’t hold a party up here at Halloween—too close to the full moon this year.” He was surprised at the regret in his voice.

“Crap.  That means Nick and the others will be here anyway, in order to hunt safely.  And we’ll have to stay tucked inside the house.”

“There are worse things.” Alex pulled the cork out of the bottle and got out some glasses.  He smiled a little when he remembered how the first night he’d tried to host a dinner, he hadn’t even had any dishes.

“You could get dressed up for me anyway.” Tate raised a hopeful eyebrow. A slow smile stole over his face when Alex locked eye contact with him. “C’mon.” His voice wheedled, almost purring. 

“You know you want to do it.”

“Do what?” Alex said. He set down the glasses and moved deliberately toward Tate, stopping just a few inches away from him.

“Say it.” Tate dropped his chin, looking out at Alex through the thatch of his titian hair, biting his lower lip briefly.

Alex moved suddenly, pushing Tate back against the wall by the stove.  There was initial resistance at first; he felt the coil of muscle underneath Tate’s ratty brown sweatshirt, and the corded tension in his arms, but Tate let Alex pin his hands by his head.  “I vant to drink your blod.” Alex murmured in his best Dracula accent.

“Oh God,” Tate whispered, pupils dilating fully. “That’s so damn hot.”

The next thing Alex knew, the two of them were kissing each other fiercely, pulling at clothing to find bare skin, nails digging in here, hips grinding against each other there. A flailing movement on Tate’s part knocked the wooden spoon that Alex had been using off the stove, where it fell with a clatter.  Tomato sauce spattered where it hit the floor.  They both looked at it briefly, and then back into each other’s eyes. The sight of the splattered sauce reminded Alex of blood, and he groaned into Tate’s ear, nipping it sharply.

“That’s it.” Tate pushed him back abruptly.

Alex blinked, uncertain what he’d done wrong.  To his surprise, Tate slapped off the burners on the stove as though he was angry, turning off all the heat to the food.  He grabbed Alex by the wrist and dragged him toward the kitchen door.

“But what about Nick and the others?  They’re going to be here any minute.”  Alex stumbled behind Tate, half laughing as Tate pulled him up the stairs.

“They’re werewolves. They’ll find the food and eat without us.  Right now, I want to make you lose control.”

The look Tate shot Alex over his shoulder promised all sorts of good things, and suddenly Halloween wasn’t such a bad holiday after all anymore.

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When Sarah Madison is not out chasing down horses or transporting copperheads to a safe distance, she is writing stories about hot men in hot water—paranormal, sci-fi, mystery, adventure. You can find out more about her books at

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Great story with Tate and Alex! While I would love reading more about them, I think I'd like to read the sequel to Unspeakable Words the most.

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