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Wicked Haunt-o-ween with Nicole Austin

**This post is pg 13, but FATAL SUBMISSION IS AN EROTIC/HORROR/BDSM TALE. Do proceed with caution.

KAREN: Nicole Austin is an Ellora's Cave author of hot, steamy and also chilling paranormal tales. She's here to share her latest release FATAL SUBMISSION with a behind the scenes look.

CONTEST: Get your Trick-or-Treat bags ready, Nicole is giving away a $25 Amazon Card And an ebook copy of FATAL SUBMISSIONS away to one lucky commenter. CONTEST ENDS: OCT. 11TH AT 12:01 AM PST.  READ ON FOR THE DETAILS.

NICOLE AUSTIN: Do you like stories that are not just smokin’ hot but also scary enough to have cold chills racing along your spine? Stories that will keep you up late reading with all the lights on? Want to take a walk on the dark side in the wicked world of Dominance and submission? Well then Fatal Submission by Nicole Austin is the book for you!

While Fatal Submission features some rather frightening elements, above all it is a romance with a sexy dominant hero and a HEA. Brenna Zinn and Eve Savage came up with this great idea for erotic horror stories then dragged me (not quite kicking and screaming) in for the torture…er, challenge. My love for horror stories and all things that go bump in the night gave me the crazy idea that writing erotic horror should come naturally. Heck, I grew up devouring books by Stephen King and Dean Koontz so it was a no brainer, right? Boy was I ever wrong. But (yes there’s always one of those) I am glad I took a risk because I love how this hot yet chilling story turned out.

Keep an eye out for Brenna Zinn’s book, Rise of the Dom, at Ellora’s Cave this fall. While the two Dom of the Dead stories are related and both involve the same villain each book stands on its own.
Comment on this post and you will be entered for a chance to win a download of Fatal Submission along with a $25 Amazon gift card. Good luck! CONTEST ENDS: OCT. 11TH AT 12:01 PST. The lucky winner will be posted in the comments of this post  on the 12th.

Blurb for Fatal Submission:
Claire Hanson is a submissive in need of a Dom. Finding one in rural Illinois in 1981 is no easy feat but her requirements are simple. Forget complicated limit lists, take charge and give her lots of hot, sweaty sex. On edge, body humming with arousal, Claire aches to have her desires sated. And ruggedly handsome Dominant Mason Burke is the man she wants. But for Mason work comes first and Claire’s tired of waiting.

Mason’s loss is Dr. Carl Skinner’s lucky break. The bonus—Carl’s a rich, drop-dead gorgeous Dom with a real dungeon in his basement. Getting what you want isn’t always a good thing and the game takes a drastic turn Claire never saw coming. According to the Dungeon Master’s victims who still haunt his torture chamber, submission has fatal consequences and she’s running out of time.

***Warning Chilling Excerpt from Fatal Submission:
Rivers of tears turned black from excessive eye makeup combined with streams of mucous to leave dark streaks over blotchy cheeks. Dried blood stained her swollen lower lip where sharp teeth had bitten through tender flesh. The flush of reluctant arousal tinted her skin pink and her eyes were dilated, only a thin ring of blue surrounding the large black pupils.


With his help, she’d surpassed society’s ridiculous standards of beauty to become a true work of art. He set aside the whip and took a moment to gather his keepsakes, which would make a splendid addition to his treasure trove, the subjects of his collection now reaching double digits.

“You struggle so hard to resist the inevitable. Even now the heat of the lash spreads fluidly through your flesh to gather in your pelvis.” Turning the screw on the nipple tree, he increased the tug on the tender buds, carefully watching her response—the undeniable sharpening of arousal.

“P-please…let me go. I won’t t-tell anyone. I won’t call the police.”

He sighed heavily. Without fail, they never recognized his genius, instead believing him stupid. This one wouldn’t know superior intelligence if it bit her in the ass.
Time for the final lesson in submission. Turning to his worktable, he picked up his favorite tool. 
Fatal Submission is available from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. *buy link*


Kathy L. said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG!! That is scary and exciting all at the same time. I wanted to keep reading. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???

Deb said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh a very halloweenish, the suspense is killing me if I don't win I will be buying for sure.

Thanks for the chance to win and introducing me to a great spooky read.

Melanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh, this looks so scary and good! I can't wait to read it!


Amy S. said... Best Blogger Tips

That sounds great and a little suspenseful. Just in time for Halloween.

LisaRayns said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome excerpt - Happy Halloween!


Kathie Harvey said... Best Blogger Tips

Smokin' hot and so scary chills run up and down your spine? Bring it on, sounds great!

chey said... Best Blogger Tips

Great excerpt!

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Barbara Mountjoy said... Best Blogger Tips

All the Halloweenie goodnesses for sure! Can't wait to read this one.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought the excerpt was chilling, too!

elaing8 said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds like a book for me :) Can't wait to read it.

Booksrforever123 said... Best Blogger Tips

okay-I want to know how this is going to go forward. Is the guy going to far? I gotta know.
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Shadow said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice excerpt! Sounds so good! I cant wait to read more! You have my attention! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome hop!

Nicole Austin said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed the snippet. Turning an erotic horror into a love story wasn't easy but I'm thrilled with the results!

Shannon Ro said... Best Blogger Tips

Scary and sexy, sounds like an intersting combo. Thanks for sharing

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bn100 said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on the book! Very nice excerpt.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great excerpt, but what an ending , yuo left us with.It Is scary, but it is book for me.
Happy Halloween!!

orelukjp0 said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved the excerpt. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the wonderful contest.

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Susan Shapley said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad to see that you write books that are not only very sensual, but are also filled with an eerie grotesqueness that ramp up the tension/conflict to an extreme level. Apparently, you don't write pale little sweet romances, the kind that put me to sleep...I can't wait to read one of your books for the first time!
Susan Shapley

Katrina Gillian said... Best Blogger Tips

This really scared me. Wow!

Thanks for the wonderful offer to win a copy and find out what happens next!

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Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my,

I read this was chilling... really scary!

If I read this, I'm not sure if I can read it alone. lol Thanks for the chance to win. :)

stephanie bowyer said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds like a great read!

Jean MP said... Best Blogger Tips

Really sounds like a great story.
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Nicole Austin said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks everyone! Writing erotic horror is definitely not for the faint of heart. And definitely no pale sweet romances from me, Susan.:D

Nicole Austin said... Best Blogger Tips

On the date the contest ends I'll be at the RomantiCon conference. I'll post a winner when I get back home on the 15th or 16th. Good luck everyone!

keatonkat said... Best Blogger Tips

Geeze, hate to imagine what his favorite tool might be...


flchen1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh MY! Thank you for the peek, Nicole--yikes!!!! ;p

Hope you had an amazing time at Romanticon!

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Nicole Austin said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks everyone! I had my son draw a name and the contest winner is Kathy L. Congrats, Kathy. I'll get your prizes to you ASAP. :D