Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wicked Haunt-o-ween with Mariah Lynne- The Love Gypsy is in...

The CONTEST is closed. The winner is Sue B. CONGRATULATIONS!! 

KAREN: Mariah Lynne is an author at The Wild Rose Press. Her time travel tale, THE LOVE GYPSY is sure to be a real treat you won't want to miss. 

****CONTEST: Mariah is giving away a Love Gypsy Pen and magnet to one lucky person. 
(Sorry, USA residents only)  See how you can add these lovely gifts to your trick-or-treat bag. Contest Ends: Oct 21st at midnight PST. Mariah will post the winner's name in the comments. Good Luck!!
Now for your treat: Mariah Lynne's Halloween FLASH FICTION!
Willow adjusted her tall black hat. Looking out the window at the full harvest moon, she lit a candle whispering, “Come to me.”

The lights flickered.

“Who goes there?”

The rustling of satin and the sound of slow heavy footsteps made her turn.

He stepped out of the shadows, black cape drawn over his right shoulder.

“My Count. You answered my incantation.”

His eyes mesmerized her.

“Come to me now, my amorous witch.”

Feeling his magnetism, Willow closed her eyes. He wrapped his long arms around her waist. She leaned back exposing her neck to his longings. He dug his teeth deep into her pearl white neck like he would never let go.

Willow giggled. “Dan, stop. We’ll be late for the Stone’s party.”

***CONTEST: ANSWER THE QUESTIONS TO BE ENTERED TO WIN THE LOVE GYPSY PEN AND MAGNET. Don't forget to leave your email so Lynne may contact you if you should win.  
***Questions: Would you like to time travel to the future or to the past? Why?

Blurb for The Love Gypsy :
Florida homicide detective Brianna Breeze can't seem to catch a man unless she handcuffs him. So her best friend decides to take matters into her own hands and tricks Brianna into seeing the Love Gypsy, a time traveler's friend noted for her extraordinary matchmaking skills.

When a tall, muscular man wearing jeans, a black leather jacket, and slicked-back 50s hair bursts in on her first visit, Brianna is bewitched. Despite the gypsy's warning not to get involved with him, Brianna can't get him out of her mind—even though she, more than anyone, knows the pitfalls of romancing a stranger.

A present-day murder, a mysterious vintage car registered in the distant past, and a smoking gun complicate the puzzle. Brianna doesn't know if her lover from the past is a murderer or a savior, but she's willing to risk time travel to find out.
Purchase The Love Gypsy at: The Wild Rose Press 

About the Author:
Writing in paradise! What could be better than that? A native of Montclair, N.J., I graduated from The Montclair Kimberley Academy and Syracuse University with a degree in English Education. While at Syracuse, I served as Vice Chairman of The Student Union. After graduation, I married my college sweetheart and taught junior high school English for a few years. I then worked for a daily newspaper as a proof reader in the newsroom. We decided to move to Florida while we were young enough to enjoy all the beaches had to offer. When we discovered Ft. Myers Beach, Estero Island, with its seven miles of white sand beaches and blue green Gulf waters, we knew it would be our home.

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Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks so much for joining us for this celebration!!

I would rather time travel to the past, but only for a visit. lol I want a ticket home again. I like my conveniences too much. :)

Jean MP said... Best Blogger Tips

Very intriguing blurb, sounds like a great story.
I would rather travel to the past, especially the wild west, really fascinating time, but I would like to be able to come back after a time rather addicted to running water and electricity!
skpetal at hotmail dot com

katsrus said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved your flash fiction. Your book sounds really good. Really nice cover. I would want to go back into time just so I could get to know my grandparents. So what they were really like. Thanks for the giveaway.
Sue B

Shadow said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! Your story sounds great! Id love to travel back to the Victorian days, just to attend a masked ball. lol It would be so fun dressing in those dresses and those pretty masks. Id have so much fun! Thank you!

bn100 said... Best Blogger Tips

The book sounds good. I'd like to travel to the past to see certain historical events.


desitheblonde said... Best Blogger Tips

i believe in spirit and then i love to see the old way of the west i love to be salon girl or a cow girl
and run the town

Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Your book sounds interesting.

Time travel--
I would time travel back to England during the Regency era.

cnickol at verizon dot net

Katrina Gillian said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Mariah,

Time travel? I would time travel to the future and check out what's new.

katrinagillian at yahoo dot com

dusty katt said... Best Blogger Tips

I would go to the future and find out the lottery numbers or what stocks are doing really well. Lame I know, but I'm really broke. :p

Mariah Lynne said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry I took so long but I had to wait for my dog Max, a true canine magician, to put on his black satin cape and focus on his job at hand in anticipation of selecting a winner. I printed the comments, cut them into strips, and placed them in front of him on the floor. He moved his fuzzy paw slowly placing it down on Sue B's. Congratulations Sue! I'd like to thank everyone who posted a comment and Karen for making this Halloween fun for her readers and for those of us who participated!

katsrus said... Best Blogger Tips

Wohoo! Thank you so much! And thank your doggie for picking my name.
Sue B

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations, Sue!!

Thank you Mariah for joining us for this Halloween event!!