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Wicked Haunt-o-ween: Kimila Bowling and Things Unseen

The Contest is closed. The Winner is Katrina Gillian! Congratulations!!
Karen: Kimila Bowling is an author at The Wild Rose Press. She enjoys reading as much as she enjoys writing. Her debut book, PACK OF LIES has it all. Alpha males, a daring heroine and secret that could destroy it all.</

CONTEST: Kimila will be giving away an Ebook copy of this incredible book to one lucky commenter. Don't miss out! CONTEST ENDS ON OCT. 31 at 12:00am PST. The winner will be posted on Nov. 1st in the comments.
Now for some Halloween fun. Kimila's poem of Things Unseen.
THINGS UNSEEN by Kimilia Bowling

Do you believe in things unseen In ghosts and goblins, in Halloween In werewolves and witches Or wishes made true by tossing coins in a well?
In phantoms and banshees
And zombies that eat
Living people they catch
And have for a treat?

In magic and demons
And ghouls that moan low
In voodoo and devils
That live down below?

In shifters and visions
Black magic and haunts
Illusions and monsters
And spirits that taunt?

In sorcerers and poltergeists
And things that won't die
Apparitions and wizards
And gargoyles that fly?

The boogeyman and evil
Incantations or a jinx
Witchcraft, possessions
And potions you drink?

If no is your answer
Then ponder on this
Just because you can't see them
Doesn't mean they can't exist.

You can't see the wind
Only things that it blows
Or love in your heart
Only feel that it grows.

So, heed my next warning
'Cause you never know
If what touches your back
Is friend or is foe!

Happy Halloween,
Kimila Bowling

Book Blurb

For as long as Rae Taylor can remember, she's felt others' emotions as if they were her own. With the untimely death of her grandmother, she leaves the city and returns to the quiet town of New Haven, hoping emotions won't interfere while she mourns her loss.

Gage Archer has also returned home to New Haven and to the pack he left behind. Luke Bainer views Gage as a threat to both his growing alpha position and his attraction to Rae. Developing feelings for a woman outside the pack can be dangerous. Where Gage will do anything to keep Rae safe, Luke has other ideas.

As Rae struggles to control her special talent, no one is aware her gift is linked to a secret. A secret that could destroy Rae and the pack.

Karen: Check out the trailer. It's intense!!


Please visit Kimila Bowling at her Website for news and updates!

I live in Southeast Missouri where I write full time. Pack of Lies, my first novel, was released September of 2012. I've been known to buy a pair of shoes then shop for an outfit to match. Eating out makes more sense to me than cooking because I'd prefer someone else cleanup the mess. I believe Mae West was born way before her time, and it's always a Diet Coke instead of coffee that gets me up and going.


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Thanks so much for joining us today. Loved the poem! And your books sounds fantastic. :)

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I enjoyed the poem. Congratulations on your new release. It sounds really good.

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I like shifter tales. I'm a big fan of Teen Wolf!

Please enter me in the drawing.

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Nice poem and cover.


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Hi, Kamila, enjoyed your Halloween poem.

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Your book sounds great!! Love the cover too! And nice poem! Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween!!

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WOW I LIKE both and then i do beleive in the after lice

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Congratulations! Good for you. I totally agree with you about Mae West.

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Katrina Gillian is the winner!


Thanks again for joining us for Wicked Haunt-o-ween!!