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Happily Ever After... Laurey Buckland's gives the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...

KAREN: We have Laurey Buckland from Nottinghamshire, UK with us today. Her Debut book, A GIRL'S GUIDE TO FAIRY TALES, hit the bookshelves this JUNE 12, 2012. Laurey is here to tell us about this fantastic book. Let's give her a warm welcome. Take it away Laurey!

My name is Laurey Buckland and I am a reporter at a local paper in Nottinghamshire, UK. 
I am 27-years-old and have just published my first ebook - A Girl's Guide to Fairy Tales.
While readers on this site will be fans of the paranormal and the other worldly, I hope you are not too disappointed to hear my novel is set in the real world, about real women but with a fairytale twist.
Fairy tales are timeless, reflecting universal themes of social class, love, money, appearance, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between – otherwise known as real life. So although there is no magic, no Fairy Godmothers to put things right or handsome princes to rescue damsels in distress, I instead focus on the journey my characters undertake to discover that elusive happily ever afters, which I believe every person on this planet seeks, whether they realise it or not.

But what is a happily ever after and what form does it take? That is what I wanted to explore and show how different those happy endings can be for different people. After all, life would be dull if we all wanted the same thing.

At 27-years-old, I have had more than a decade of listening to countless stories from my girlfriends regarding love, life, work, sex, bad dates and good relationships, as well as having a few of my own stories to share. I wanted my characters to become ‘every women,’ with facets and traits readers could relate to. I wanted them to see their friends in the characters - and perhaps event relate to the situations they find themselves in. 
Therefore for daydreamer Maddie, obsessive compulsive Clare, over dramatic Isobel and happy-go-lucky Sophie, life is more a world of tragic than magic. For Maddie it’s a constant battle against the monotony of a job she hates while her heart aches to be somewhere else, for Clare it’s a perpetual struggle to vanquish her teenage insecurities and to see herself for the woman she really is, for Isobel it’s a refusal to reveal her true self for fear it’s not what everyone imagined her to be and for Sophie it’s a willingness to believe in a rumour that threatens to poison her perfect relationship.

But with the love and support of their friends and a little bit of luck, the girls soon realise that happy ever afters are not just reserved for fairy tale fiction – as long as they start believing in them.

If you decide to read A Girl's Guide to Fairy Tales, whether you are a chick lit fan or not, I hope you enjoy and perhaps find fragments of yourself in the characters I have come to love over the last year.
You can purchase Laurey's books at:
The book is also available on ibooks
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KAREN: Laurey, thanks you for sharing with us today. I wish you the very best!!

Readers, what was your favourite fairy tale growing up? Why?



Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Laurey,

I wanted to welcome you and thank you for sharing your new release with the readers.

I wish you the very best success!

LisaRayns said... Best Blogger Tips

It's so nice to meet you Laurey! The book sounds very interesting and I like the cover. Best of luck with your first release!

Chrisbails said... Best Blogger Tips

Favorite fairy tale has always been Cinderella. I always hoped that when I got older that I would meet my Prince Charming and live happily ever after. This book sounds great, definatley want to read. Laurey is a new author for me and always looking for new reads.
christinebails at yahoo dot com

Jerrie Alexander said... Best Blogger Tips

Laurey, I love the story idea and the book sounds interesting!

Good luck with its release.

Kathryn Knight said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice to meet you, the book sounds great!

Maddy said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the cover and the premise. Reminds me of something I used to read to my daughter called "Don't bet on the Prince." BEst of luck.

Laurey Buckland said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for the lovely welcome and best wishes. Doing anything for the first time is nerve-racking so it's always uplifting to hear kind words!