Monday, June 25, 2012

Does Rebecca J. Clark Eat the Frog or Not?

Karen: My special guest today is Rebecca J. Clark. When she's not whipping someone into shape, she's spinning romance tales for The Wild Rose Press. Let's give her a warm welcome. Please feel free to ask her questions or leave her a comment. 


In my new release, DELIVER THE MOON, my heroine, Louisa, is somewhat of a control freak. She likes everything just right, and heaven help her if something—or someone—comes along to upset the balance of her tidy little world. Like her ex-husband.

I’m not sure, but I bet Louisa is a fan of To Do lists. And unlike me, I bet she actually remembers to check her list throughout the day. And also unlike me, I bet she actually completes most every item on that list.

I am a To Do list whore. In fact, I’m list whore in general. In fact, I’m just a... Wait. I digress.

I make lists for everything. Grocery lists. Playlists for my iPod. Books I want to read. Movies I want to see. Destinations I want to visit. Recipes I want to try. Recipes I’ve already tried. My day job (personal trainer) consists of following lists each day (each client has a list of exercises we follow).

And, of course, the To Do list.

This is where everything goes very, very wrong for me. It’s not that I don’t make my To Do list. I do. Daily. Right when I get up. But then I forget to refer to it for the rest of the day. Every once in a while, I’ll get into a To Do list kick, and be really good every day about checking my list every couple of hours or so, or whenever I have a free moment. But that kick lasts about as long as my hardwood floors stay dog-hair-free.

I’ve read books about To Do lists. Chalene Johnson (of Beach Body Turbokick fame) has a fabulous new book called PUSH, that’s about changing your life in 30 days. All based on following a To Do list. It’s a great plan. If I followed it. She even has a free 30-day course on goal-setting ( – I watched it every day. Until about Day 17. Then I stopped. Guess I forgot to put it on Day 18’s To Do list.

I’ve read Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog. Mark Twain suggested if you eat a live frog first thing every day, nothing worse will happen to you that day. I’m sure he’s right. Tracy coined the term “eat that frog” to mean doing the toughest thing on your To Do list first, then the rest of your day will likely fall into place.

I try to eat that frog every day. Really I do. Maybe if I added a bit of hot sauce, it would be more appealing...?

What about you? Are you a list maker? Do you actually DO what’s on your To Do list? Do you eat that frog?

DELIVER THE MOON is available now:

About the Author:
Rebecca J. Clark has wanted to write romance novels since she read her first Harlequin Romance at age 11. When she’s not writing, she works as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor, where she teaches Pilates, Zumba® and yoga. She makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of 25 years, two kids, a German Shepherd beast who loves to chase her two cats who plot to kill the dog, two rats that come when they’re called, and a gecko. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys reading, watching Criminal Minds reruns on TV, and doing absolutely nothing.


Rebecca J. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for having me today, Karen. The blog looks great.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks so much for being a guest on my blog. I'm glad you like the view. :)

I'm great at making lists, but I tend to misplace them. lol Of course, it doesn't stop me from continuing to write the next one.

Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Rebecca. It's nice to meet you.

Lists? I make list for grocery shopping. I also make list of the books in a series so I make sure I don't buy the same book twice. :)

Calisa Rhose said... Best Blogger Tips

I make lists. Then I forget which notebook they are written in after item 3 is completed. My frog lives a long and happy day.

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Karen, I lose my to-do lists, too. LOL.

To-do lists really help when I'm moderately busy but when I'm buried, lists overwhelm me. Like now. Sigh.

Rebecca J. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

Karen, I'm the same way with lists. I either lose them or forget to look at them again. But I sure love writing them.

Rebecca J. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Cathy, nice to meet you too. :)

But do you divide your grocery list by the aisles in the store? That's what I do. Sounds anal, I know, but it saves me a ton of time.

Ah, book series. I don't know how many times I've bought the same book twice.

Rebecca J. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

Calisa, my frog is a happy camper most days too. :)

Rebecca J. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

Jacquie--so great to see you.

I'm the say way when I'm busy. Making a list just stresses me out more. It should be the other way around, eh?


Nancy Jardine said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there, ladies! I make lists, but obviously don't keep to them since one of my list items is KEEP UP WITH LOOPS!

Sandra Dailey said... Best Blogger Tips

Do I make to-do lists? I'm an over organized, obsessive compulsive, Virgo. I have lists taped up all over the house, (very neatly). I never lose my daily to-do lists because I never put them down. I even make lists for other people. My family has offered to send me on an extended vacation to Siberia.

Sandra Dailey said... Best Blogger Tips

An example of how I make my grocery list:
1-a list of who will be home for each meal.
2-A menu for each meal.
3-list needed groceries:
b-vegetables & fruits
c-other side dishes
e-paper products
f-cleaning products
Get the idea?

Rebecca J. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

Nancy, that's on my list, too. And I'm woefully behind. Woefully.

Rebecca J. Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

Sandra, you need to come live at my house for a while so your organizational skills can rub off on me. If I could have just a TAD of that, I'd be quite happy.