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Celebrate Valentine’s Day? No Thanks.

Karen: The guest author today is Katherine Grey. She resides in upstate NY with her family. In August 2011, her tale IMPETUOUS debuted at The Wild Rose Press. For those who love steamy encounters, intrigue, danger, and adventure, this story is for you. Also, look for her new tale, THE MUSE soon to be released in the Love Letter Line at TWRP.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day? No Thanks.
By Katherine Grey

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Whenever I admit this to other women, they look at me like I’m some alien creature they’ve never seen before. 

I’d rather get nothing or do nothing special on Valentine’s Day and have my honey give me flowers or do something special on any other random day just because he wanted to surprise me or for no reason at all rather than receive something he felt compelled to give me because of a date on the calendar.

To me, feeling like you have to give someone a gift, take them dinner, or buy them flowers or you’ll be on the sh*t list for weeks isn’t really showing how much you love someone. You’re spending the money etc because it’s expected and to avoid an argument not because you want to do those things.

Every year I know women who look forward to Valentine’s Day with the same anticipation as they do Christmas. They eagerly wait to see what gift or gifts their significant others will give them for the holiday. They expect flowers, candy, and/or a special dinner in addition to the gift(s).

If the celebration of the holiday doesn’t live up to their expectations or standards, their spouses or boyfriends spend the next few days (or weeks) in the dog house.  They make those guys miserable because they didn’t spend enough or do enough to show their love.

I’m not saying all females are like this, but I have to say seeing how these women act certainly colors my view, making me more cynical about the holiday than I should be.  This past Tuesday I worked the day job, spent time with my mother, and read a good book.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Okay, it was a little out of the ordinary as I didn’t do anything writing related that day.

For those of you who celebrated Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a great day and for those of you who didn’t, I hope you had a great day too.  And remember, it really is just another day on the calendar. :o)

by Katherine Grey

Mateo de Montayas, an impoverished Spanish count, comes to England to recover a stolen family heirloom and to satisfy his hunger for revenge against the man who destroyed his family. Arriving in London, he learns his hated enemy died three years before but has left behind a daughter. What better way to retrieve the heirloom and exact revenge than to use her to his advantage?
Teresa Darlington will do anything to keep scandal away from her frail mother and prove her father wasn't a thief, even risk her reputation in a race to find the missing heirloom before the Count does. But she didn't count on falling in love with the man determined to ruin her family. Can she find the heirloom before he does and protect her family, or will her heart lead her in a different direction?

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hotcha12 said... Best Blogger Tips


Joanne Stewart said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post, Katherine. I'm married to a man who isn't very romantic, but does little things all the time. So he doesn't give me flowers much anymore. Instead, he plants them in the front garden. He does dishes and laundry without being asked simply because he can see I'm stressed. This Valentine's we took an excuse to go out and have lunch together, which we don't normally do. We tend to forget ourselves. And we bought candy for everybody because we need an excuse to buy a big box of chocolates. lol But otherwise, we don't really celebrate either and it doesn't bother me. I agree that we need to show our loved ones that they're special every day. Not just one day a year.

Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Your Valentine's Day sounded really nice, Joanne. I love that your husband doesn't give you flowers but plants them in the garden. Instead of having them die in a few days, you have blossoms for so much longer.

Cheryl Pierson said... Best Blogger Tips

When I was growing up ( in the 60's) my dad always bought me, my two sisters and my mother each a beautiful box of Valentine candy and a card. I think it meant so much to my mom because she was a child of the Great Depression and that was a luxury -- plus, we each got our own box, so she had one to herself. LOL My husband is not such a romantic, but early on in our marriage I told him about the tradition my dad had started. Now, no matter what, I always get a beautiful card, if nothing else, and since our anniversary is Feb. 10 we usually go out to celebrate anniversary and Valentine's Day in one evening. This year, our kids sent us roses for anniversary and Valentine's Day -- it meant a lot, since that is the first time they have ever done that and I know it was very hard for them to come up with the money, but they wanted to do something thoughtful. But I think Joanne's husband has the absolute right idea!
Great post!

Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful tradition your father started. And how nice that your husband carries it on in his own way. What great kids you have to gather the money to purchase roses for your anniversary and Valentine's Day.

While I didn't do anything special to celebrate the holiday, my nephew did stop by and gave me a box of chocolates. It was the first time he'd ever done this. He and I are very close. He calls me his "other mother" and I tell him he's my son I'll never have. So in a way, I guess I did celebrate Valentine's. The chocolates were completely unexpected which made them mean more than if I had expected something.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day other than with a chocolate bar or some kind of treat. I'm find with that. I don't like crowds and have no wish to spend hours waiting at a restaurant to be seated. I nice dinner at home is perfect. :)

My birthday and my son's birthday are around Valentine's day. Too many gifts to buy in one month. lol

Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't like crowds either, Karen. I agree a nice dinner at home is so much better than waiting forever for a table and then feeling rushed through your meal so they can seat more people. Of course the chocolate bar is always good.

Thank you for having me as your guest. :o)

Calisa Rhose said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Karen and Katherine!

I do celebrate it but only because I know hubs will. If he chose not to get me anything I'd be fine with that for much the reason you don't. It's not a do or die date for me, just a fun one I know I'll get a surprise on because of the man I married, not because he has to. Does that make sense?

Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

It does make sense, Calisa. It's nice that he gives you a gift because he wants to, not because he feels he has to. Thanks for stopping by.

hotcha12 said... Best Blogger Tips