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Undercover Prince and the Secret Service Cinderella

The Contest is Closed. The winner is SARAH MCNEAL!   Congratulations!!

Sherry Gloag is joining us from England to share your romantic tale about an adventurous Prince and his unlikely Cinderella. Let's give her a warm welcome!

***Sherry is giving away an e-book copy of FROM NOW UNTIL FOREVER. So read on and find out how you may be crowned the winner!
KAREN: Let’s start with you telling the readers a little about yourself. (short bio)
SHERRY: I’m a transplanted Scot living in the beautiful English county of Norfolk, not very far away from the Queens Sandringham Estate.  The Wild Rose press released my debut novel, The Brat in October 2010 and Astraea Press will release my fifth story His Chosen Bride in time for Valentine’s Day this year.

I have tinkered with writing for almost as long as I can remember and had my first serious attempt confiscated by one of the teachers, and never saw it again!
‘Life’ got in the way of any further serious attempts at writing until the late 1990’s, but it was 2006 when I started writing The Brat.  Other than writing I love reading, enjoy gardening, and walking, and forget the time when I’m involved with my crystal craft work.

KAREN: From Now Until Forever is your new release. Tell us a little about the story. What inspired you to write this tale?
SHERRY:From Now Until Forever started out, just after the British ‘royal wedding’ as a short 1500 word short story, which when I put it through the wonderful critique group I belong to, the other members all ‘wanted more’.  At the same time another friend pointed me in the direction of a publisher seeking short 5k word stories, so I had a go.  Before sending it off, I asked a friend of mine to give it the ‘once over.’  Her response?  “If it’s rejected, I want it, but you’ll have to get it up to 15k words.”  Well, ‘yikes’ was my initial response; my next was, actually these characters deserve more.  So, when it was rejected in its 5k format, I set to work.  And the rest, as they say ‘is history’.

KAREN: Prince Liam is the hero of the story. What is he like? What is his first impression when he meets Melanie Babcot, the heroine of the story?
SHERRY:While Prince Liam is one of the good guys, he’s rebelled against family duties and commitments which edged out his own goals and interests and finally leaves home to travel the world incognito.  His father, the king of a small, wealthy European country instructs Melanie Babcott, one of his security staff, to keep up with his son wherever he goes.  It is not until Liam reaches Scotland that he and Melanie ‘meet’ for the first time; and he has only one intention in mind.  To learn what happens next, you’ll have to but the story J

KAREN: Tell us about Melanie. What does she think of Prince Liam?
SHERRY:Melanie has always had a ‘thing’ for Liam, but knows only too well her job and her background would exclude any chance of a future for her with the prince.  But then life has a way of throwing unexpected curves in your path, doesn’t it?  And believe me hers is not an easy one.

KAREN: What are your current projects and works in progress?
SHERRY:As you may have gather from my earlier comments, From Now Until forever, morphed several times before it became the novella it is today, and when I finished it, and even after it was published, I had no intention of writing another Gasquet prince story.  But there you go, ‘life’ threw another curveball, at me this time, and hey presto, Prince Henri, the eldest prince and heir to his father’s throne demanded I write his story too.  So His Chosen Bride has just completed final edits and should be released by Astraea Press in time for Valentine’s Day.  During the writing of His Chosen Bride the royal twins decided to get in on the act, so I have two more stories to write for this series, *that started out as a single book*!  I am also working on a Regency novel I began back in 2008.  I know how it will end, now, but not sure yet how to get there.

KAREN: Tell the readers where they can find you:
     SHERRY: My website is:
KAREN: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?
SHERRY:Writing is almost ‘magical’ to me, and I often get lost in what is happening to my characters. I love hearing from my readers.

KAREN: ***CONTEST: Now for the chance to win a pdf copy of: FROM NOW UNTIL FOREVER. Who's your favorite prince and why? Fairytale or real, it doesn't matter. Don't forget to leave your email so Sherry may contact you if you should win! Good Luck!!
Contest ends on Sat. Feb. 12th at 12:00 pm PST.

Purchase From Now Until Forever AT:
      Blurb – From Now Until Forever 
For Prince Liam, families meant bad news, unwanted commitments, and the loss of his personal freedom.  Love spawned white picket fences, slippers at the hearth with a wife and kids making demands, so why did those images disappear when he met Melanie Babcot?
Melanie Babcot fought hard to escape the horrors of her youth and vowed to remain single and free, so when paid to protect Prince Liam from insurgents why did her personal pledge fly out the window?
Liam Fitzwilliam Gasquet stared in amazement at the blooming patch of red milliseconds before the pain exploded in his arm. Some trigger-happy idiot had fired in his direction. Indignation didn’t have time to take root before another bullet kicked the dust at his feet.  
Not ‘trigger-happy’.
The rebels had found the fourth and youngest son of Jean-Phillipe Gasquet, ruler of the tiny kingdom adjacent to the Swiss border. When had they discovered his whereabouts?
With a reluctant sigh, he faced the truth of it. They hadn’t ‘found’ him at all. They’d followed him.


Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks so much for joining us. Your book sounds really good.

If I were to choose a favorite prince, it would be Prince Henry in Ever After-- Well because Dougray Scott is so cute. lol

I wish you the very best with your new release!

VampedChik said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sherry! Your a new author for me. Your book sounds great so I will definitely be checking it out. :) EEk my fav. prince.. hm.. I have to go with probably the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. At first you didn't like him because he was all growly and mean but you fell in love with him like Belle did for who he became. That and Belle was always my fav. disney princess. I also have to agree with Prince Henry from Ever After. Adorable!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Sarah J. McNeal said... Best Blogger Tips

This book sounds like a fantastic story. I like Liam already.
Ya know, I was amazed when I read that one of your teachers confiscated your story. That just beats all.
My favorite prince is Prince Harry. He is not only handsome and charming, but he's daring, heroic and caring. He would make the perfect hero.
I wish you every success, Sherry.

starcriter at yahoo dot com

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Pamela Fryer said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds really awesome. I love modern day fairytales.

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

I am a total Royal Watcher from the States' side of the pond, so a Royal story is right up my alley.

Hmnn? To choose a favorite prince...that's a tough one.

I'm going to go real and not fairly tale... I do adore William...he seems so down to earth for a future king, but that Harry is just a bundle of fun, and so darn stinkin' cute and charming to top it off. (Luckily both of those boys got more Diana than Charles in them!)

So, I guess for me it's a tie. (Is that cheating?!)


Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm going to go with an old favorite: Cinderella's Prince Charming.

This is my favorite fairytale. :)

Your story sounds perfect.

cnickol at verizon dot net

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

Karen, thank you so much for having me here today. I love meeting new friends.
Thanks to for your good wishes, and your great choice of favourite prince:-)

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

Good to meet you too9, Vampire Chick. I am having great fun discovering everyones' favourite prince :-). I'm delighted to know you like the sound of FNUF

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

:-) Sarah J. McNeal - I wasn't too chuffed about it either at the time, but it just made me more determined that one day I'd get a book published! Sure it took a while, but life has a way of 'getting in the way!' LOL
Thanks for your kind words and comment.

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

:-) hotcha12, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. It's great to meet new friends.

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

Debra St. John my second book in the series comes out in time for Valentine's Day and am busy working on the third, which will, hopefully, be based round the Jubilee, so please :-), keep 'watching this space'.

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

Pamela Fryer :-) Thanks for coming by and your comments. I have another 'royal' story coming out in time for Valentine's day, and am busy on the nenxt one. So please keep an eye oout for them.

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

:-) Cathy, that prince has a llot to answer for, doesn't he? LOL. Thanks for coming by.

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hotcha12 said... Best Blogger Tips


Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

linda/hotcha I hope you enjoy it when you get it. :-)

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hotcha12 said... Best Blogger Tips


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sherry,
Great interview & the excerpt is eyecatching. I'd have to say my favorite Prince would have to be the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He was taught a harsh lesson about bad manners/behavior by a Faeiry and became a better man and Prince for it.

Mindy :)

Sherry Gloag said... Best Blogger Tips

My apologies for the delay is posting the winner of From Now Until Forever.

Using the winner is

Sarah J. McNeal

Thankyou to everyone who joined me here and left a comment. I appreciate your comapny.
And than you too, Karen for inviting me over. I've enjoyed the visit :-)

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations, Sarah!!

Thank you readers for coming by.

I wish you the very best!!