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Our Guest Author Today is Terry Spear

Terry Spear is the award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval historical romantic suspense, Heart of the Wolf named in Publishers Weekly's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR, NOR Reader Choice for BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE.

She currently has written a werewolf series based on real wolves, a vampire romance, two Highland medieval romances and now a western time-travel ghostly romance! I had a chance to review A Ghost Of A Chance At Love. Murder, Mystery, a ghost and a handsome cowboy--what more can you ask for in a time travel adventure that keeps you on the edge of you seat? Let's give Terry Spear a warm welcome.

***CONTEST: TERRY WILL BE GIVING AWAY A PRINT COPY OF A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE. Make sure to read how you may be entered in the drawing to win!

When a Dream Becomes a Reality


Terry Spear

A GHOST OF A CHANCE was a book that came to me as I visited the quaint town of Salado, Texas. The old world feel. The ghostly tales that surround some of the buildings still in existence. The change that is inevitable year after year. Not only in the centuries past, but in the present also.

When my mother and I visited even before I moved back to Texas, we’d make our special jaunts to Salado before Christmas and sometime in the spring before it got too hot, buy knick-knacks for our gardens, special gimmy-gaws (as my mother used to call them) to decorate our homes, unique gifts for family and friends for birthdays and Christmas.

Like the past and how much it had changed—the Salado College no longer being part of the landscape when it was a big deal in the time the story was set (at least in the past), and the saloon that had been a post office and now a gift shop, to the Shady Villa Inn that become the Stagecoach Inn, and having bathrooms in the rooms, too--well, some change is definitely necessary.

But we loved the quaint gift shops that drew us each year—Sir Wigglesworth that had so many lovely gifts that were unique, not just the same old stuff picked up at the Dallas Trade Center. And the shop that had a myriad of fun stuff, but mostly the garden trinkets and ornate ornaments we loved to buy to add to our gardens. Like the saloon of the past, they’re all gone. Gone. And nothing has taken the place of them to entice the shopper to return.

Sad. Really. Some of those shops were housed in old buildings that had real charm.

Now tons of shops exist, many set up in blocky cheap modern buildings, no charm, nothing special, no landscaping to entice the visitor, no special design to fit in with the quaint old village. Just the same old thing sold from store to store.

One shop though, has some different Texas gifts from local artists where we fell in love with lop-eared cast iron rabbits that we had to take home with us. My mother and I often had twin collections because our tastes were so similar. And one of our favorite places to visit was a sandwich shop surrounded by a courtyard and old buildings filled with clothes and gifts where we’d have lunch. And another, a spice and gift shop where we’d stop to have a cold fancy iced tea after a long hot walk under the intermittent shade of lovely ancient live oaks. And sometimes we’d enjoy a slice of pie at the Stagecoach Inn. A new Christmas shop opened in a charming old Victorian home that we made our last visit to as we headed out of town each trip.

But when is too much change…too much? Roll back the years a decade and find the quaintness all over again. Or a century and a half and it’s scary!

Oh yeah, things have improved from the beginning when the residents had to draw their water from wells or the creek. Definitely progress. But think of it—no indoor plumbing? Outhouses?

Yeah. Well, love can overcome all. Don’t you think?

But what if your world in the present is as dangerous as your world in the past? What do you do?

If you have a hunk of a cowboy waiting for you in the past, well…then what would you do?

My only regret is that I finally have A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE available two years after my mother died. I longed to write about a woman who somehow becomes tied to the past with one visit that changes her life forever. A ghostly tale of love and romance, a jaunt to the past, and a return to the present, only to discover that no matter where she is, her life is in danger. And the love of her life from the past isn't letting her go, no matter what.

I haven't been back to Salado since my mother died. But a part of me will always remember the special times we shared, and the fun she had in reading what I had written back then, and being part of the whole process. The Stagecoach Inn where I set the story wanted me to come and do a signing, and I plan to when the book is in print, which should be soon. But it'll be hard for me to do so without my mother to share in the experience.

I dedicate the book to her for always being there for me.

And I hope that you might take a chance at A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE!

Thanks so much, Karen, for having me here today.

***CONTEST: To be entered to win a print copy of A Ghost of a Chance at Love, answer my questions. So easy! Questions: If you had a chance to travel back in time to Salado, Texas, what would you wish to do or see? Could a man you fall in love with make you give up all the wonderful things we have today to live with him in the past? (***Make sure to leave your email address so Terry may contact you if you should win!)

Thanks to everyone who drops by and says hi!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for having me here today, Karen! I'm off to work in a little bit, but will drop by and say hi later!

diva donna said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Ladies, I'd always wanted to go back to my old resort town of Nissawa, Mn where I spent wonderful summers, I'd love to see it, when it was wild and untamed. So, why not the old rowdy western town of Salado, TX when hunky, dusty cowboys, tied up their horses, and walked down the street in chaps to wet there whistles in the local bar and dancehall, with piano music playing. I think I'd be probably working, there. I've had dreams of me in dance hall clothes. Or maybe I'd be Miss Kitty and own the place. I'd like to ride a stagecoach and maybe arrive as a mail order bride. Sign me up for A chance a "A Ghost of a Chance"

Chrisbails said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Ladies. I would love to go back in time and see what it would be like to grow up and see how different it is from now. I would love to see how times are different then they are now. I think old western/cowboy towns would be fun. I would love to see the saloons/dance halls, the clothes are so cool. I would love to dress in petticoats and the big dresses. I love horses and would love to ride. I love watching movies with the saloons and dancing girls. I would love to be a dancing girl. I think love can make anyone give up certain things. If I did not have children and was single I think that I would do almost anything for the man I love(nothing too illegal).haha.
You are a new author for me and would love to win and read this book. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Terry and Karen,

Westerns are my all time favorites! I'd love a chance to read your ghostly adventure.

What a beautiful cover, too.
As for your question, Terry. I would really, really love this guy to give up all the conveniences of this century. lol What would I want to see? I like to bake and wouldn't mind finding out a few recipes and seeing how they prepared and cooked everything.

You've written some historical romances, too. What are those titles. Historical romances are a passion of mine. too. :)

Please enter me in the contest. Thanks so much. cnickol at verizon dot net

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Good morning, Terry. I am thrilled to have you here. I'm a big time fan of all your books!

Good morning, Readers!! Happy Monday!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Diva Donna,

You're courageous-- mail order bride. I guess writing letters and agreeing to meet to marry is something like the modern online dating. lol I wish you luck on the contest.

This is a wonderful tale!!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


You'll love Terry's stories!

Good Luck!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Hey girl! Good Morning!

Check out any of Terry's stories, you won't be disappointed.

I'm with you on staying in the past. I would have to really love the guy, too. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I have no idea what I would want to see or do in the Salado, Texas of the past...I had never heard of it before. I guess I would be happy just seeing the day-to-day life: the cowboys, the wooden sidewalks, the cowboys, the clothing and did I mention, the cowboys? And while I was there, if I fell in love with some man(hopefully a cowboy!), I would be willing to give up everything the future holds for him.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said... Best Blogger Tips

LOl, Donna! A dance hall girl, eh? You could be running the joint! A mail order bride, now, there's a thought!!! Hmm, I'm thinking!

Christine, nothing too illegal? LOL See, you would fit perfectly, back in time! My heroine doesn't know how to ride a horse, so you already have her beat there!

Hi, Cathy! I imagine it would be difficult to bake on those old cast iron stoves, but boy they had some great recipes and I'm sure you could do it!

Like you, I LOVE historicals. So I also have out Winning the Highlander's Heart and The Accidental Highland Hero. I've written some others also, but just need to revise. And I started a Highlander time travel too. You're right--it is a beautiful cover! Thanks!

And Patsy, you wouldn't want to find any cowboys in the past, would you??? LOL Cute comments!

Did you see 310 to Yuma? Loved it! And just saw Cowboys and Aliens! I loved the hero's chaps. Supposedly they were to protect the hero's pants, but I think they had another purpose, to get a woman's attention. Hmmm-hmm!

Thanks for keeping up with the post today, Karen! I'm on lunch break and will drop by after work again!

Love knows no boundaries....

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


I love Cowboy and Aliens! And the hero's chaps does draw your attention. lol

Mel Teshco said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Terry and Karen,

great interview!

I seriously can only imagine your pain on losing your mother, I'm just so very happy that you had these wonderful memories =)

I'd love to visit the town you spoke of and bask in its old world charm - in the way men always opened the door for a woman and treated them with courtesy at all times. The clothes, the food, the scents and sights - would be wonderful!

desitheblonde said... Best Blogger Tips

well since i am in mo i think i would like to go back to the 1800 and see how the people did survive because we have so many old place that are haunted here and then the graves are around with the stone

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, Karen, front and back!!! :)

Thanks, Mel. I was so glad that I was able to move close to her so that we could share so many special times together. She'd make me go with her when I wanted only to write! And I was so glad we had the experiences that I can continue to cherish!

Absolutely the politeness, opening doors, tipping the hat brim in greeting, etc. Yes, those were niceties we could still do with today!

desitheblonde, yes! The old history is fascinating!

SiNn said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome post the book sounds awesom

honestly id love to visita saloon or an old grocery store ride a horse see the un populated land all of that would be awesome and deff ride on a stage coach

and honestly if the man if ell for was from that tiem period instead of my own id give up everything because for me once im in love they r everything

ty for the chance ur books rock

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree, SiNn! One of these days I'd like to ride the stagecoach in town!

Cate Masters said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a poignant post, Terry. I'm sure your mom will be with you in spirit at the booksigning.
I always wished I could go back to the 1800s and see unspoiled wilderness, even with all its dangers. As you said, there are dangers in the present too. But if you have love, you have everything. :) Best of luck with your release!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much, Cate!! I think there would be this fish out of water feel, but then...well, when you meet that person that you really belong with, and you return to what you thought had all you needed and find that it doesn't, not without that person in your life...time and place don't mean as much at all. :)Thanks again!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said... Best Blogger Tips

Cathy's the winner! Thanks so much, ladies, for stopping by and commenting! Dreaming of the Wolf tour is coming in December if you're looking for a hot wolf romance! :)

And thanks so much to Karen for having me!!!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations, Cathy!!

And you're very welcome, Terry! I love having you here. :)

For those who haven't checked out Terry's wolf series, they're fantastic. The stories are stand alone so you don't have to start with the first. Just dive right in, they're all great.

Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much!! I can't wait to read it!