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Powers of Authorities by Bianca Swan

Bianca Swan believes in the power of love and pens tantalizing, erotic paranormal tales that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next. In Celestial Sin, she brings to life a hot sexy angel and the woman who loves him. Bianca is here today to give us an exclusive behind the scenes of how her story took flight. Enter the world of angels and the duties within the Triad.

Powers of Authorities by Bianca Swan
The "Powers" collaborate, in power and authority, with the Principalities (Rulers). The Powers are the Middle Triad shared with the Dominations and the Virtues. The Highest Triad consists of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. In the Lowest Triad, you find the Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

The Powers are the bearers of conscience, the keepers of history and warrior angels created to be completely loyal to God. It is said that no Power has ever fallen from grace, but another theory states that Satan was the Chief of the Powers before he fell from grace. The duty of these angels is to oversee the distribution of power among humankind. The Chief of their Order is Cam-ael, who bears scrutiny as he exemplifies that wavering path between good and evil. His name means “He who sees God.”
Yet in his darker mode he is identified as a Duke of Hell.

In Celestial Sin, Cam-ael is the hero and a good guy. The Fallen have again attacked and the Second War in Heaven has begun. The angel is wounded in battle and plummets to earth and into the arms of a woman. For the first time in his existence, he is tempted by yearnings he considered the province of Man.

Early on Essie McBane set her standards high and waited for true love. She never expected the answer to her prayer to literally fall from heaven in the shape of a warrior angel with chestnut curls and a heavenly body. As much as she'd love to teach the divine creature a thing or two about sex and lust, can she be responsible for leading him into temptation?
Sinfully handsome Cam-ael, an angel , is wounded in the second war between heaven and hell and plummets into Essie’s arms. But Cam knows he must return eventually, no matter how much he likes the material pleasures of earth. Not to mention those he's found with Essie. But when a demon locates his hiding place and his mortal feelings for Essie, will Cam learn the true meaning of the word sacrifice?

Reluctantly, Cam dipped his wings in the pond. He’d promised not to read her mind, but she was broadcasting on such a strong frequency he couldn’t help hearing her thoughts.
Now, big boy, strut out naked.
He gave Essie her wish, emerging from the water fully erect. He didn’t try to hide anything as water and cold glazed his skin.
She inhaled slowly, her lips parted. Her expression robbed him of breath. The phenomenon of unintentionally hearing her thoughts must occur in intense situations—and they were both emotionally and physically charged. Cam felt like he was ionized.
Essie peeled her gaze off his shaft and looked into his eyes. “I thought angels were
supposed to be androgynous.”
“No.” His grin tasted wicked, and he knew that mischief sparkled in his eyes. “We come fully equipped.” He shook the hair back from his face. “That’s the hell of it. I’m not supposed to use it.”
WORDS THAT SPARKLE REVIEWS: The love story between Cam and Essie is very heartfelt. The way Bianca Swan spins a tale of two star-crossed lovers willing to kill (and in Cam’s case, give up Heaven) for each other is beautiful. The idea that both angels and demons are among us at all times is a very interesting spin on the entire idea of Revelations. There are some very interesting action scenes thrown in as well, between the forces of good and evil, making this story about more than just sex with a Heavenly being (hot as he might be!). Reviewed by Onyx
Available at: The Wild Rose Press
Please visit Bianca at for a free read, an erotic romance called The Gatekeepers Cottage, and a blurb, trailer and excerpt from Hot Spanish Nights, the story of one HOT bullfighter and a Virginia socialite. Also,


Beth Trissel said... Best Blogger Tips

Fascinating post. Love all the great info. I don't normally read erotica, but Bianca is an extraordinary writer and this is an intriguing read.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


I agree. I don't usually read erotica either, but Bianca pens such an intriguing story that you want to know more.

Thanks for coming by. :)

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Bianca!

I'm so glad you could be here today and share this tale with us. Love angel lore!!

Vonnie Davis said... Best Blogger Tips

Very interesting post. So much to learn; so little time.

We were in Paris, sitting at a sidewalk cafe across the street from the Pompedieu Museum when a motorcycle crept past, its jean-clad rider bearing beautiful white angel wings that nearly dragged on the pavement. I sat there slack-jawed. Calvin looked at me and quipped, "Hell's angel?"

Mary Ricksen said... Best Blogger Tips

Bianca, you give new meaning to the word Angel.
I'll never look up at the sky with the same feeling again. I'll be looking for angels!

Bianca Swan said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Karen for having me as a guest! I'm very happy to be featured on your lovely blog, especially by the author of the Warriors of the Light series!

Bianca Swan said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Mary and Beth! I enjoyed writing this story, really got into the hero. Beth, especially thanks for the sweet compliment. It means even more coming from such a talented writer.

Bianca Swan said... Best Blogger Tips

Vonnie, that's a great story about the angel on a motorcycle and your husband's quick wit.

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen and Bianca,

Bianca, I love the world you've created. And I love angels as heroes. It's so different from lots of the paranormal out there these days.

Bianca Swan said... Best Blogger Tips

Debra, angel stories are building a wave. Not many authors do their research. Our own Karen did! I'm so proud to be on her blog.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Man, my internet connection went out mid-day. I was going through withdraws. lol


Wow, that must have been a sight. lol

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Thanks so much for coming by and saying hi.


Does put a whole new spin on angels. :)

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


It's so good to see you here. Thanks for popping in and saying hi.

Move over Vampires, Fallen Angels are here to stay. lol

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks so much. You're a doll. I'm thrilled to have you here!!

Kari Thomas said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the world you've built, Bianca! And WHOA ---love that HOT excerpt! I dont read erotica either ----BUT Im wanting to read this one! LOL!

Wishing you great sales!

hugs, Kari Thomas,