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Interview with Lisa Grace

Lisa Grace is here today to tell us about her fascinating new Young Adult, Angel Series. The critiques have called her writing "brilliant with an unique twist. Suspense drips of the pages of her her books." I have to say her blurbs have caught my attention.

Let's give her a warm welcome. Feel free to ask her questions or just say hello. She's also giving away an iPad2. Read on and find out how you can be entered to win.

Thank you Karen for having me on your blog and sharing my books with your readers.

Why don't begin by telling the readers a little bit about yourself.

I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I love reading, and rehabbing wild animals. I’ve successfully released woodpeckers, squirrels and gopher tortoises. An opossum however, ended up becoming a pet.

I volunteered for a year and a half at a Crisis Pregnancy Center before it closed its doors from lack of funds. I’m married to my husband Todd, and we have a seven and five/sixths year-old-daughter. LOL, that five/sixths is very important; why she’s almost eight!

Johnny is an angel. What is that like? Why has he decided to help Megan?

Johnny actually answers to God and to God alone. At times in the book, this is very frustrating for Megan the heroine. Johnny cannot interfere with the human gift of free will. While she can always count on God, that doesn’t mean Johnny is at her beck and call. Sometimes she feels abandoned, because help doesn’t always come from expected sources. I included lots of surprises in my books.

Tell us about the villain of the story, the fallen angel Judas. What’s his plan and why has he drawn Megan and her family into his battle?

Judas wants to destroy all humans in an unsaved state. He’s very much into mental torture. He works through temptation. He wants to make you love him first, and then destroy you. He works through deception and lies. He targets Megan because she can “see” the supernatural world, the angels, demons, and other Biblical creatures that will be introduced as the series progresses. He wants to pull her away from God, make her love him, and then destroy her.

How much of your story is based on biblical references and how much research has gone into creating your series?

My supernatural world is based 100% on what we know of it and how it operates in the Holy Scriptures. For my eBooks I have Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky, a Messianic Rabbi who believes Christ Jesus is the Messiah, review all of my eBooks for theological correctness before I publish them. I try to stay away from denominational differences. Just the basic message, you are either saved or unsaved, and depending on that, you will face one of two fates when you die.

Research is fun yet sobering, I don’t want to get any of it wrong. There are so many made up supernatural worlds in fiction, I thought it would be a breath of fresh air if I stuck with what I believe are the “real” supernatural creatures in this world.

Free will in humans, as a gift from God, the right to choose His gift of salvation and eternal life--or not--is a huge part of my novels.

What inspired you to write your series?

One of the girls in a Bible school class I taught was a huge Twilight fan and wanted to be a vampire and live forever. It made me wonder how many kids felt the same way. I wanted to make the supernatural world that is all around us real for them. My tag line is, “The difference between vampires and angels? Angels are real.” As a Christian, I want my readers getting a close connection to God their Creator and Savior. I wanted to make salvation real for them.

How many books do you have planned for the series? Does the reader need to read the books in order?

I have nine books planned for the series. It starts with summer camp before Megan starts her sophomore year of high school. I plan to take the series all the way through high school. While I put in a little refresher sentence before introducing each character in Book 2, I would recommend starting with Book 1. I mean, come on, I priced it at 99 cents. It’s a bargain. I did price my books low so teens can afford them. I plan to keep all my eBooks cheaper than 2.99, unless Amazon or some future publisher forces me to raise the price.

What do you find rewarding about writing?

When I was five, I wanted to write Star Trek scripts, so I asked for a typewriter (Yeah, I’m that old). I’ve always written stories. I write for my own enjoyment. I decided to try to get something published when I realized I wasn’t getting any younger. I guess you could say publication was on my bucket list. Strategic Publishing offered me a nice contract for the hardcover, so I took it, and did a twenty-city Barnes and Noble book tour. Then the CBS Early Morning Show asked me to be on the week the second Twilight movie came out, and AOL named my series the Christian alternative to Twilight.

Even though sales are great, we are in the top-twenty and this week in the top-ten for teen fiction on Amazon (you can check out the link to the page on my website), I couldn’t get a decent paperback book contract, so I’m self-publishing the eBooks until I get a better offer or possibly forever.

What are your current projects?

I have Angel in the Ice, Book 3 set to release November 1st. I’m also writing the first in another series called Feudal Land, which will follow the life of a thirteen-year-old Christian survivalist as she sees America fall apart in a futuristic world where I mix the end of the world before Christ’s return/rapture with the tribulation. It will be kind of steam punk, because of course, electronics won’t work (EMP blasts and all that).

There will be the supernatural element in that series at work too, but I don’t want to give too much away.

I will also be releasing my first adult history-mystery The 15th Star. It’s about the real-life Star Spangled Banner, which is missing its 15th star. I wrote a fictional account of who I believe received the star and why. My first readers describe it as 1776 meets National Treasure, but of course it takes place from around 1812- 1817. I plan to release it on November 15th. It’s written; but it’s in the editing stage.

I have two other books on the planning board where I’m working on plotting them out and doing the research. Society of the D. E. A. D. where a college-age protagonist who can see angels and demons is called in to rid churches and communities of their evil presence. This series also has an unexpected twist that won’t be revealed until the end of Book 1. I also have a second book in my adult history-mystery series tentatively called The Pirate Bloody Graham.

Where can readers find you?

You can talk with me at or see me at where you can register as an “angel friend” on my website and you are automatically entered to win an iPad2 when we hit 10,000 downloads.

Thanks again Karen for allowing me to share with your readers.

Short Synopsis for Angel in the Shadows, Book 1

Megan Laughlin, a fifteen-year-old sophomore in high school has the gift of seeing angels and demons. Megan then attracts the attention of Judas, an evil angel, who wants to destroy her, her classmates and loved ones. Megan must deal with being a target of Judas and still handle all the problems of a normal teenage girl. She manages to save some teens from over-dosing at a rave, confronts damaging gossip and watches her best friend make a life altering decision. Meanwhile, Megan feels helpless as Judas manages to destroy two classmates and sets out to seduce or destroy Megan in the process. Can Megan save others while being a target herself?

Short Synopsis for Angel in the Storm, Book 2

Fifteen-year-old Megan's younger brother Max has been kidnapped by Judas, an evil angel, who has sold him to a human trafficking ring working out of New Orleans. Judas is determined to destroy Max’s soul.

Framed for Max's murder, Megan, along with the help of Johnny who is a good angel, and her friends, must stay one step ahead of the police and an approaching hurricane in an attempt to save Max before it's too late.

In his ultimate quest to conquer Megan, Judas leaves a trail of death and offers her an impossible choice. Will Megan sacrifice herself for those she loves?

Thanks so much for sharing your books with us, Lisa. They sound fascinating. I can't wait to read them.

To purchase your own copy of Lisa's books, here's a direct link.

Lisa Grace's Amazon Author Page

For a Autographed copy of Angel in the Shadows, Book One:


Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


I wanted to thank you for joining us today and telling the readers about your wonderful new series for young teens.

I had the chance to read book one of the series and enjoyed the supernatural world you created where angels good and bad walk among us along with the threat of losing one's soul is very real.

This book may not be for everyone with the strong religious overtones, but the tale delves into peer pressure teenagers face every day in high school. I liked how you stressed the teen has the free will to make the choice to do right or wrong.

Readers, I do have to warn there is a cliff hanger. The good news, the 2nd book in the series is available now. I would say this story is a great read for 12-15 years of age.

This book dealt with drugs, sex, and how damaging rumors can affect a person. What do you have planned for the next books in the series?

Lisa Grace said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen,
Thank you Karen for reviewing my books and running the author interview.
Angel in the Storm, Book 2 deals with faith in incredibly bad circumstances, child trafficking, and falsely being accused of murder.
Judas, the evil angel, asks Megan to make an impossible choice.
In Angel in the Ice, Book 3 Megan faces the consequences of the choice she made in Book 2.
A battle over drug addiction is fought, and the teens must again face temptation head-on through their own free will while fighting the evil angel Judas and his minions to prevent him from destroying as many unbelievers as he can.
The action in Book 3 takes place during a Christmas break Ski vacation while a blizzard and ensuing avalanche threaten the survival of the teens.

Jacqueline Seewald said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Lisa and Karen,

As I write YA as well as adult fiction, I found the discussion of your novel particularly interesting. It's great to read about a paranormal novel for teens that encourages positive value.


Jacqueline Seewald

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks so much for coming by. It's wonderful to know there are books out there that encourages good morals and positive ways to deal with situations young teen must deal with in school.

P.L. Parker said... Best Blogger Tips

Interesting! I guess I always considered angels the good guys until I saw Legion!

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, a series of nine books. That's ambitious! And with a second series as well. Have you scheduled all your releases yet?