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Interview with Jacquie Rogers

I'm thrilled to have Jacquie Rogers here with us today. Her Faery Special Romances won the NOR Award for Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance 2007.

She's pen imaginary worlds of cowboys, dragons, faeries, and even mules. Whatever the adventure, you're sure to have a laugh. Let's give her a warm welcome.

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Good morning, Jacquie. In your own words, why don't you tell the readers a little about yourself:

I’m from a farming community on Owyhee County, Idaho. We lived on a dairy farm but also grew alfalfa, grains, corn, and sugar beets. I thought farm life was pretty boring so my daydreams were in the wild west amidst gunslingers, range wars, and saloons.

Didn’t want to be a writer, though. My heart’s desire was to be a television baseball announcer. Mom told me girls couldn’t do that, so I decided to be a foreign correspondent, mainly to get out of Dodge. I didn’t actually want to write about things, just travel. Well that didn’t work out, and after a variety of positions in retail, politics, and health care, I ended up being a programmer. Computer programming is the best reason I can think of to write fantastical stories. And there you have it. J

Much Ado About Marshals is your new release. What inspired you to write this highly entertaining western?

I love exploring the whole idea of who a character really is. Most of my books are a journey of self-discovery—maybe the conception we have of ourselves, the one we developed because of other people’s expectations that have come to be our own, isn’t really right for us.

In the case of Cole, he has never expected to be anything other than a cattleman. His idea of success was to own a ranch, which he does in the beginning of the book, so he thinks his journey to success is to help his brother get settled in that ranch, buy another ranch for himself, and make both ranches profitable. But then Daisy happens …

Daisy Gardner is the heroine. Tell the readers a little about Daisy. What’s she like? What is her first impression when she meets Cole for the first time?

Daisy is a pistol and has always befuddled her parents. They’ve done their very best to mold her into a lady, but she has other aspirations. She loves to read, and her favorite series is the Honey Beaulieu, Lady Detective series. She’s so much into these books that her own secret desire is to become a detective, too.

Cole is unconscious when she first sees him, and her first impression is superficial—how he looks. Of course this is a romance novel so he’s devastatingly handsome. J Since she’s the one who urged the city council to hire a town marshal, and because her motivation for hiring a marshal is to marry him so she could be a detective, she’s very happy to have a handsome marshal in town. Now all she has to do is drag him to the altar somehow or other.

Cole Richards is the handsome hero. Tell the readers a little about him. What is his first impression when he meets Daisy for the first time?

Cole was shot in the leg while preventing his sidekick, Bosco, from robbing a bank. Bosco managed to get him out of the bank and onto his horse, where they set off toward their Sinker Creek ranch. But Cole lost too much blood and passed out, so Bosco took him to the nearest town for medical treatment.

When Cole regains consciousness, the first thing he sees is the lovely Daisy. He thinks he’s dead and she’s an angel—for about five seconds. Then he finds out she’s mistaken him for the new marshal, and immediately thereafter it’s revealed that Daisy’s sister is the one who shot him.

Now he’s in quite a pickle. If he says who he really is, he and Bosco will be hanged for bank robbery, but if he’s quiet, then he’ll be sworn in as marshal under false pretenses. Being an honest man to the point of altruism, deception doesn’t set well. It’s his only choice, though, whether he likes it or not, because while he might give himself up, he will never betray Bosco.

Your tales always have a bit of humor added in for good flavor. This tale reminded me of Support Your Local Sheriff and Support Your Local Gunfighter. I loved these humorous westerns. I could even see a young James Gardner talking up the role as Cole Richards. Are there any old time westerns that have inspired you?

This is sort of a Cat Ballou in reverse. Remember Kid Shelleen/ Silvernose and the drunk horse? I also love the old western comedies, television and movies. Waterhole #3 is hysterical, and I can’t get enough of The Apple Dumpling Gang. The tone and pacing of Much Ado About Marshals are very similar to those movies—a brisk clip, and drama is used to set up the comedy. Most romances use at least some comedy relief, but my books are the other way around.

James Garner? More about him later.

Who created your wonderful book cover? How much say did you have in the design?

I had complete control of cover design. Mélange Publishing gives you enough rope to hang yourself first time out. LOL

Deborah Macgillivray ( is the cover designer. She’s so very talented—not just covers but she writes great books, too. I sent her a blurb and a bunch of graphics, she sent me back her concept (not having read the book, but just knowing me and how I write), and voila! we had a great cover.

The cover model is Kyle Walker, and I did the photoshoot with the help of my husband, who was great at helping me get the lights aimed correctly. Kyle was very patient with me. This was the first shoot I’ve done since college and I’m not even gonna tell you how long ago that was. Anyway, I had to relearn and remember a whole lot of stuff.

Kyle had never modeled before but I couldn’t have found anyone more cooperative. If I asked for angry, he gave me angry. His best expression was puzzled, and all those pictures crack me up every time I look at them. Anyway, he has agreed to model for the next book in the Much Ado series, Much Ado About Madams. That Cover will have a female model as well, so a little different look. I’ve also hooked up with another photographer so together we should come up with some cool shots.

You’ve recently started a new blog, Romancing The West with Jacquie Rogers. What inspired you to start this blog and what do you write about? (Don’t forget to supply the link.)

I could make up something or I could tell the truth. Hmmm. Okay, I’ll tell the truth.

I was showing my friend how to set up a blog. She was concerned that the name for her blog had already been chosen, and I wanted to show her how blogger dealt with that so her worries would be allayed. So I typed in the first thing I could think of, “romancingthewest” and guess what? I now had a blog associated with my email address. My friend asked me what I planned to do with it and, just like that, I told her I was going to use it to raise awareness for westerns and western historical romance.

Within two days, I had all the slots booked for July, August, and September. So there you have it. I hope everyone will drop by and take a look: Romancing The West has an interview with a western author and an excerpt from the featured book every Monday, and on Thursdays we have an interesting article on some aspect of western life. Nearly all the authors give one commenter a free book. It has been quite a popular blog so far and I’m a bit amazed by the whole thing.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

My next fiction release will be Faery Hot Dragon. I need to get my rear in gear on that one. It’s a novella set in the Idaho Sawtooth mountain range, and has dragon shifters, faeries, elves, and an assortment of animals, including an arthritic cougar who is addicted to catnip. Then of course is Much Ado About Madams, which will be released before the end of the year, at least in ebook. A third book, Much Ado

About Rustlers, is in the works. I have another series of novellas in the works for 2013 that takes place on the railroads of Colorado in 1883. This is where James Garner and Maverick come in. You’ll have to wait to hear more about this. :ornery grin:

Non-fiction: Nail It! The Secret to Building an Effective Fiction Writer’s Platform: Level 1: Laying the Foundation, is currently out in ebook and will be in print any day now. I co-wrote it with my 1st Turning Point partner, Ann Charles. We have another book nearly ready called Growing Your Audience: A Workbook for Published, Unpublished, and Under-published Writers. I have so many irons in the fire that GYA has sort of taken the backseat, but now that summer vacations are over, we’ll be working on getting that one published, as well as writing the next four books in the Nail It! series.

Tell the readers where they can find you:




Google +:

Romancing The West:

1st Turning Point:


Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Thank you, Karen, for inviting me to your blog today. You do a fantastic job of creating interesting content here and you do great interviews. Also, I’d like to remind your readers that you are also a 1st Turning Point columnist and you have a column coming up soon, so stop by and take a look:

Contest: I invite everyone to comment—one commenter will win a coupon for a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals. Be sure to include your email address with your comment or we’ll have to draw another name. (Contest ends on August 27th at 12:01 PM PST and Winner will be announced on Sunday.)

Also, anyone who posts a review of Much Ado About Marshals on, Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads will receive a sneak peek of Much Ado About Madams. Just send a message to jacquierogers @ (without the spaces) and tell me where you posted and the address to which you want me to send the excerpt.






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Diane Craver said... Best Blogger Tips

Great interview, ladies - I enjoyed learning more about you, Jacquie.

I didn't know Deborah M.
designed covers - your latest is awesome. You chose a great cover model and did a wonderful photography job.

Hope you have mega book sales!

DR. NORM said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! What a great interview. The questions provoked good answers and the answers were interesting. So, Jacquie you wanted to be a 'foreign correspondent?' Well, you just never know. :)

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Diane and Dr. Norm,

Thanks for popping in for a visit this morning. Jacquie is one interesting person. The questions were easy. :)

Nightingale said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the titles! I'm sure I'd enjoy your books Jacquie.

John Klawitter said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a very effective and good looking trailer. It's a great project and my prediction is you will sell wagonloads of books.
John K.

Jacki C. said... Best Blogger Tips

The book looks great - and I really like the cover. I've admired Deborah's cover work before.

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Diane. Deborah Macgillivray has designed over 200 covers so this is old hat for her. She's really good at it, although I hate to ask her to do them because she also writes really great books, so I don't want to distract her. :)

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Norman, yes. Keyword there is "foreign" as in get out of Dodge. LOL. It actually never occured to me that I'd have to write in order to do that job. Not kidding. And I still had hopes about being a baseball announcer.

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Karen, thanks for hosting me at your blog today. You have a really nice blog and website. :)

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Nightingale, I hope you do. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

John, I'm glad you like the book video. I used your advice that you gave me last year on another project, although this year I understood it a little better. I tried really hard to get the tone and the characters' dilemmas in there, and not much else.

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Jacki C., thanks, I'm glad you like the cover. I was a bit hesitant doing the photography myself, but the need to have fun won out over good sense. And of course I knew that Deborah could make something good out of just about any picture.

Sarah J. McNeal said... Best Blogger Tips

Great interview.
I read Much Ado About Marshals and loved it. I wish you every success, Jacquie.

Judith Laik said... Best Blogger Tips

Great interview, Karen & Jacquie! Jacquie, your personality shines through, in your books and your interview!

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much, Sarah. You're such a sweetheart! :)

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Judy. Good to see you here! And my books are always so much better because of you, so thanks for that.

Patsy said... Best Blogger Tips

I can hardly wait to read your books.

Lisa Alexander Griffin said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved the interview, Jacquie, and would love a chance to win "Much Ado About Marshals."

Janice said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm impressed that you took your own photos and I loved the book trailer too. :)

kate kindle said... Best Blogger Tips

Great interview. Like your straight-faced humor, Jacquie.

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Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Patsy. I'm glad you dropped in.

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Lisa. Best of luck to you with your books, and thanks for commenting today.

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Janice, I used to be a photographeras--not sure how good but I sure loved doing it, so I had a blast at the photoshoot, and Kyle was really patient with me. Great guy. As for the book video, I wanted it to be short and have the same pacing as the book, so I'm glad you liked it. Thanks!

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

hotcha12, I'm glad you're enjoying Cole and Daisy. They gave me quite a run for my money. LOL. I hope you like the next one, too. (Note: she won last week's Romancing The West drawing so she just now received Much Ado About Marshals.)

Vivian Davis said... Best Blogger Tips

hat a fun interview. I'm not usually a fan of westerns, but I love romantic comedy and I have got to check out your books. Great interview! :)

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Vivian. :) I hope you enjoy MAAM. The characters always make me smile. Thanks for stopping by!

Richard Prosch said... Best Blogger Tips

Nicely done, well said. I really like the idea of the character who's achieved all he wanted in his young life, only to find there's more to it. Great!

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Patsy, thanks for visiting Karen and me today. I hope you enjoy the book, and the rest of the series, too!

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Richard, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's always interesting to shift a character's world and see how they deal with it. In the case of Cole, he wasn't all that cooperative, but he caught on after a while. :)

Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen,

I always enjoy the interviews.


I just love westerns. I would love to win this one! A good looking cowboy, romance and and laughter, where do I sign me up?

cnickol at verizon dot net

Jacquie Rogers said... Best Blogger Tips

Cathy, you're already in the drawing. Good luck! And thanks so much for stopping in.

SiNn said... Best Blogger Tips

aweosme interview this book sounds awesome! and i do love that cover

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


I'm glad you had a chance to stop by and say hi. I had a chance to read Jacquie's book and it's really good. You'll be glad you read it. :)

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Congratulations!! You're going to love this story!!

desitheblonde said... Best Blogger Tips

well i did not get in the contest but i love the pic wow can i have him for night hint hint
and then the blurb is great