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Powers of Authorities by Bianca Swan

Bianca Swan believes in the power of love and pens tantalizing, erotic paranormal tales that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next. In Celestial Sin, she brings to life a hot sexy angel and the woman who loves him. Bianca is here today to give us an exclusive behind the scenes of how her story took flight. Enter the world of angels and the duties within the Triad.

Powers of Authorities by Bianca Swan
The "Powers" collaborate, in power and authority, with the Principalities (Rulers). The Powers are the Middle Triad shared with the Dominations and the Virtues. The Highest Triad consists of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. In the Lowest Triad, you find the Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

The Powers are the bearers of conscience, the keepers of history and warrior angels created to be completely loyal to God. It is said that no Power has ever fallen from grace, but another theory states that Satan was the Chief of the Powers before he fell from grace. The duty of these angels is to oversee the distribution of power among humankind. The Chief of their Order is Cam-ael, who bears scrutiny as he exemplifies that wavering path between good and evil. His name means “He who sees God.”
Yet in his darker mode he is identified as a Duke of Hell.

In Celestial Sin, Cam-ael is the hero and a good guy. The Fallen have again attacked and the Second War in Heaven has begun. The angel is wounded in battle and plummets to earth and into the arms of a woman. For the first time in his existence, he is tempted by yearnings he considered the province of Man.

Early on Essie McBane set her standards high and waited for true love. She never expected the answer to her prayer to literally fall from heaven in the shape of a warrior angel with chestnut curls and a heavenly body. As much as she'd love to teach the divine creature a thing or two about sex and lust, can she be responsible for leading him into temptation?
Sinfully handsome Cam-ael, an angel , is wounded in the second war between heaven and hell and plummets into Essie’s arms. But Cam knows he must return eventually, no matter how much he likes the material pleasures of earth. Not to mention those he's found with Essie. But when a demon locates his hiding place and his mortal feelings for Essie, will Cam learn the true meaning of the word sacrifice?

Reluctantly, Cam dipped his wings in the pond. He’d promised not to read her mind, but she was broadcasting on such a strong frequency he couldn’t help hearing her thoughts.
Now, big boy, strut out naked.
He gave Essie her wish, emerging from the water fully erect. He didn’t try to hide anything as water and cold glazed his skin.
She inhaled slowly, her lips parted. Her expression robbed him of breath. The phenomenon of unintentionally hearing her thoughts must occur in intense situations—and they were both emotionally and physically charged. Cam felt like he was ionized.
Essie peeled her gaze off his shaft and looked into his eyes. “I thought angels were
supposed to be androgynous.”
“No.” His grin tasted wicked, and he knew that mischief sparkled in his eyes. “We come fully equipped.” He shook the hair back from his face. “That’s the hell of it. I’m not supposed to use it.”
WORDS THAT SPARKLE REVIEWS: The love story between Cam and Essie is very heartfelt. The way Bianca Swan spins a tale of two star-crossed lovers willing to kill (and in Cam’s case, give up Heaven) for each other is beautiful. The idea that both angels and demons are among us at all times is a very interesting spin on the entire idea of Revelations. There are some very interesting action scenes thrown in as well, between the forces of good and evil, making this story about more than just sex with a Heavenly being (hot as he might be!). Reviewed by Onyx
Available at: The Wild Rose Press
Please visit Bianca at for a free read, an erotic romance called The Gatekeepers Cottage, and a blurb, trailer and excerpt from Hot Spanish Nights, the story of one HOT bullfighter and a Virginia socialite. Also,

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Interview with Jacquie Rogers

I'm thrilled to have Jacquie Rogers here with us today. Her Faery Special Romances won the NOR Award for Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance 2007.

She's pen imaginary worlds of cowboys, dragons, faeries, and even mules. Whatever the adventure, you're sure to have a laugh. Let's give her a warm welcome.

***Contest: Be sure to read how you can be entered to win a coupon for a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals.

Good morning, Jacquie. In your own words, why don't you tell the readers a little about yourself:

I’m from a farming community on Owyhee County, Idaho. We lived on a dairy farm but also grew alfalfa, grains, corn, and sugar beets. I thought farm life was pretty boring so my daydreams were in the wild west amidst gunslingers, range wars, and saloons.

Didn’t want to be a writer, though. My heart’s desire was to be a television baseball announcer. Mom told me girls couldn’t do that, so I decided to be a foreign correspondent, mainly to get out of Dodge. I didn’t actually want to write about things, just travel. Well that didn’t work out, and after a variety of positions in retail, politics, and health care, I ended up being a programmer. Computer programming is the best reason I can think of to write fantastical stories. And there you have it. J

Much Ado About Marshals is your new release. What inspired you to write this highly entertaining western?

I love exploring the whole idea of who a character really is. Most of my books are a journey of self-discovery—maybe the conception we have of ourselves, the one we developed because of other people’s expectations that have come to be our own, isn’t really right for us.

In the case of Cole, he has never expected to be anything other than a cattleman. His idea of success was to own a ranch, which he does in the beginning of the book, so he thinks his journey to success is to help his brother get settled in that ranch, buy another ranch for himself, and make both ranches profitable. But then Daisy happens …

Daisy Gardner is the heroine. Tell the readers a little about Daisy. What’s she like? What is her first impression when she meets Cole for the first time?

Daisy is a pistol and has always befuddled her parents. They’ve done their very best to mold her into a lady, but she has other aspirations. She loves to read, and her favorite series is the Honey Beaulieu, Lady Detective series. She’s so much into these books that her own secret desire is to become a detective, too.

Cole is unconscious when she first sees him, and her first impression is superficial—how he looks. Of course this is a romance novel so he’s devastatingly handsome. J Since she’s the one who urged the city council to hire a town marshal, and because her motivation for hiring a marshal is to marry him so she could be a detective, she’s very happy to have a handsome marshal in town. Now all she has to do is drag him to the altar somehow or other.

Cole Richards is the handsome hero. Tell the readers a little about him. What is his first impression when he meets Daisy for the first time?

Cole was shot in the leg while preventing his sidekick, Bosco, from robbing a bank. Bosco managed to get him out of the bank and onto his horse, where they set off toward their Sinker Creek ranch. But Cole lost too much blood and passed out, so Bosco took him to the nearest town for medical treatment.

When Cole regains consciousness, the first thing he sees is the lovely Daisy. He thinks he’s dead and she’s an angel—for about five seconds. Then he finds out she’s mistaken him for the new marshal, and immediately thereafter it’s revealed that Daisy’s sister is the one who shot him.

Now he’s in quite a pickle. If he says who he really is, he and Bosco will be hanged for bank robbery, but if he’s quiet, then he’ll be sworn in as marshal under false pretenses. Being an honest man to the point of altruism, deception doesn’t set well. It’s his only choice, though, whether he likes it or not, because while he might give himself up, he will never betray Bosco.

Your tales always have a bit of humor added in for good flavor. This tale reminded me of Support Your Local Sheriff and Support Your Local Gunfighter. I loved these humorous westerns. I could even see a young James Gardner talking up the role as Cole Richards. Are there any old time westerns that have inspired you?

This is sort of a Cat Ballou in reverse. Remember Kid Shelleen/ Silvernose and the drunk horse? I also love the old western comedies, television and movies. Waterhole #3 is hysterical, and I can’t get enough of The Apple Dumpling Gang. The tone and pacing of Much Ado About Marshals are very similar to those movies—a brisk clip, and drama is used to set up the comedy. Most romances use at least some comedy relief, but my books are the other way around.

James Garner? More about him later.

Who created your wonderful book cover? How much say did you have in the design?

I had complete control of cover design. Mélange Publishing gives you enough rope to hang yourself first time out. LOL

Deborah Macgillivray ( is the cover designer. She’s so very talented—not just covers but she writes great books, too. I sent her a blurb and a bunch of graphics, she sent me back her concept (not having read the book, but just knowing me and how I write), and voila! we had a great cover.

The cover model is Kyle Walker, and I did the photoshoot with the help of my husband, who was great at helping me get the lights aimed correctly. Kyle was very patient with me. This was the first shoot I’ve done since college and I’m not even gonna tell you how long ago that was. Anyway, I had to relearn and remember a whole lot of stuff.

Kyle had never modeled before but I couldn’t have found anyone more cooperative. If I asked for angry, he gave me angry. His best expression was puzzled, and all those pictures crack me up every time I look at them. Anyway, he has agreed to model for the next book in the Much Ado series, Much Ado About Madams. That Cover will have a female model as well, so a little different look. I’ve also hooked up with another photographer so together we should come up with some cool shots.

You’ve recently started a new blog, Romancing The West with Jacquie Rogers. What inspired you to start this blog and what do you write about? (Don’t forget to supply the link.)

I could make up something or I could tell the truth. Hmmm. Okay, I’ll tell the truth.

I was showing my friend how to set up a blog. She was concerned that the name for her blog had already been chosen, and I wanted to show her how blogger dealt with that so her worries would be allayed. So I typed in the first thing I could think of, “romancingthewest” and guess what? I now had a blog associated with my email address. My friend asked me what I planned to do with it and, just like that, I told her I was going to use it to raise awareness for westerns and western historical romance.

Within two days, I had all the slots booked for July, August, and September. So there you have it. I hope everyone will drop by and take a look: Romancing The West has an interview with a western author and an excerpt from the featured book every Monday, and on Thursdays we have an interesting article on some aspect of western life. Nearly all the authors give one commenter a free book. It has been quite a popular blog so far and I’m a bit amazed by the whole thing.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

My next fiction release will be Faery Hot Dragon. I need to get my rear in gear on that one. It’s a novella set in the Idaho Sawtooth mountain range, and has dragon shifters, faeries, elves, and an assortment of animals, including an arthritic cougar who is addicted to catnip. Then of course is Much Ado About Madams, which will be released before the end of the year, at least in ebook. A third book, Much Ado

About Rustlers, is in the works. I have another series of novellas in the works for 2013 that takes place on the railroads of Colorado in 1883. This is where James Garner and Maverick come in. You’ll have to wait to hear more about this. :ornery grin:

Non-fiction: Nail It! The Secret to Building an Effective Fiction Writer’s Platform: Level 1: Laying the Foundation, is currently out in ebook and will be in print any day now. I co-wrote it with my 1st Turning Point partner, Ann Charles. We have another book nearly ready called Growing Your Audience: A Workbook for Published, Unpublished, and Under-published Writers. I have so many irons in the fire that GYA has sort of taken the backseat, but now that summer vacations are over, we’ll be working on getting that one published, as well as writing the next four books in the Nail It! series.

Tell the readers where they can find you:




Google +:

Romancing The West:

1st Turning Point:


Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Thank you, Karen, for inviting me to your blog today. You do a fantastic job of creating interesting content here and you do great interviews. Also, I’d like to remind your readers that you are also a 1st Turning Point columnist and you have a column coming up soon, so stop by and take a look:

Contest: I invite everyone to comment—one commenter will win a coupon for a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals. Be sure to include your email address with your comment or we’ll have to draw another name. (Contest ends on August 27th at 12:01 PM PST and Winner will be announced on Sunday.)

Also, anyone who posts a review of Much Ado About Marshals on, Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads will receive a sneak peek of Much Ado About Madams. Just send a message to jacquierogers @ (without the spaces) and tell me where you posted and the address to which you want me to send the excerpt.






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Enter The Wolf Man by Mariposa Cruz

Mariposa Cruz is an author at The Wild Rose Press. As a kid, she loved to watch monster movies on Saturday afternoons and wanted to tell those stories from a woman’s perspective. She's all grown up now and she's made her wish come true with her paranormal romance, Howl.

Mariposa is here today to talk about those wonderful werewolf movies that inspired her.

Enter The Wolf Man by Mariposa Cruz

“Every man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night

May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”

The Wolf Man (1941)

Even with its debut following the attack on Pearl Harbor, The Wolf Man ( Universal Pictures’ 2nd werewolf movie, became one of the largest grossing movies of the season. The film had a budget of approximately $180,000 and a working title of Destiny. While fate was key to the plot, audiences were captivated by romantic tension between the nobleman, Larry Talbot and Gwen Conliffe, an antique dealer’s daughter.

The screen writer, Curt Sidomak, wrote the werewolf poem, recited by the villagers throughout the film. The Wolf Man established much of the werewolf lore that would appear in later novels and movies such as:

· A werewolf bite dooms the victim to become a werewolf

· Werewolves can only be killed by silver

· Werewolves revert to human form upon death

Due to the popularity of the Wolf Man, Universal had Lon Chaney Jr. ( portray Larry Talbot in four more films, including Abbott &Costello Meet Frankenstein (1943). Chaney’s acting debut was at age 6 months as a stage prop in his father’s vaudeville act. With a career that spanned nearly four decades and included more than 150 film credits, Chaney Jr. was the only actor to play, the Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster and the Mummy.

Fun Facts:

The “wolf” Larry Talbot fights was Lon Chaney Jr.’s own German Shepherd.

Chaney Jr. liked to sneak up on his leading lady, Evelyn Ankers, in full make-up and startle her.

Shooting for The Wolf Man lasted from October 27 to November 25, 1941. The movie was released December 12, 1941.

I believe these classic films helped establish horror as a genre in its own right. For a modern werewolf tale told from a woman’s point of view, check out Howl.

As if Kate Owens doesn't have enough problems as a struggling single mom and paralegal, a brutal animal attack outside her office plunges her into turmoil. At work, she is attracted to her rescuer, Jack Walker, an attorney wary of commitment. Every morning after the attack she awakes drenched in blood beside the body of a mangled stray. Kate's days become a battle to maintain control while her nights are a disturbing blur of dreams. Will Kate's nightly madness harm her young daughter? Lone wolf attorney, Jack Walker understands the reason for his paralegal's exhaustion and haunted demeanor. Jack has pursued the beast since law school graduation and he knows the creature's relentless thirst for revenge. Can Jack save Kate from her attacker and her own savage nature?

Howl is available from The Wild Rose Press:

If you love shifters, monster movies and romance visit Mariposa’s Musings:

Mariposa, thank you so much for sharing with us today!

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Seriously Viewed: Eli: Warriors for the Light

Seriously Viewed: Eli: Warriors for the Light: "Content: 8 Presentation: 8.5 Total: 16.5 To Purchase  Review: This was a trailer that while short (less than one minute) it gave just en..."

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Interview with Lisa Grace

Lisa Grace is here today to tell us about her fascinating new Young Adult, Angel Series. The critiques have called her writing "brilliant with an unique twist. Suspense drips of the pages of her her books." I have to say her blurbs have caught my attention.

Let's give her a warm welcome. Feel free to ask her questions or just say hello. She's also giving away an iPad2. Read on and find out how you can be entered to win.

Thank you Karen for having me on your blog and sharing my books with your readers.

Why don't begin by telling the readers a little bit about yourself.

I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I love reading, and rehabbing wild animals. I’ve successfully released woodpeckers, squirrels and gopher tortoises. An opossum however, ended up becoming a pet.

I volunteered for a year and a half at a Crisis Pregnancy Center before it closed its doors from lack of funds. I’m married to my husband Todd, and we have a seven and five/sixths year-old-daughter. LOL, that five/sixths is very important; why she’s almost eight!

Johnny is an angel. What is that like? Why has he decided to help Megan?

Johnny actually answers to God and to God alone. At times in the book, this is very frustrating for Megan the heroine. Johnny cannot interfere with the human gift of free will. While she can always count on God, that doesn’t mean Johnny is at her beck and call. Sometimes she feels abandoned, because help doesn’t always come from expected sources. I included lots of surprises in my books.

Tell us about the villain of the story, the fallen angel Judas. What’s his plan and why has he drawn Megan and her family into his battle?

Judas wants to destroy all humans in an unsaved state. He’s very much into mental torture. He works through temptation. He wants to make you love him first, and then destroy you. He works through deception and lies. He targets Megan because she can “see” the supernatural world, the angels, demons, and other Biblical creatures that will be introduced as the series progresses. He wants to pull her away from God, make her love him, and then destroy her.

How much of your story is based on biblical references and how much research has gone into creating your series?

My supernatural world is based 100% on what we know of it and how it operates in the Holy Scriptures. For my eBooks I have Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky, a Messianic Rabbi who believes Christ Jesus is the Messiah, review all of my eBooks for theological correctness before I publish them. I try to stay away from denominational differences. Just the basic message, you are either saved or unsaved, and depending on that, you will face one of two fates when you die.

Research is fun yet sobering, I don’t want to get any of it wrong. There are so many made up supernatural worlds in fiction, I thought it would be a breath of fresh air if I stuck with what I believe are the “real” supernatural creatures in this world.

Free will in humans, as a gift from God, the right to choose His gift of salvation and eternal life--or not--is a huge part of my novels.

What inspired you to write your series?

One of the girls in a Bible school class I taught was a huge Twilight fan and wanted to be a vampire and live forever. It made me wonder how many kids felt the same way. I wanted to make the supernatural world that is all around us real for them. My tag line is, “The difference between vampires and angels? Angels are real.” As a Christian, I want my readers getting a close connection to God their Creator and Savior. I wanted to make salvation real for them.

How many books do you have planned for the series? Does the reader need to read the books in order?

I have nine books planned for the series. It starts with summer camp before Megan starts her sophomore year of high school. I plan to take the series all the way through high school. While I put in a little refresher sentence before introducing each character in Book 2, I would recommend starting with Book 1. I mean, come on, I priced it at 99 cents. It’s a bargain. I did price my books low so teens can afford them. I plan to keep all my eBooks cheaper than 2.99, unless Amazon or some future publisher forces me to raise the price.

What do you find rewarding about writing?

When I was five, I wanted to write Star Trek scripts, so I asked for a typewriter (Yeah, I’m that old). I’ve always written stories. I write for my own enjoyment. I decided to try to get something published when I realized I wasn’t getting any younger. I guess you could say publication was on my bucket list. Strategic Publishing offered me a nice contract for the hardcover, so I took it, and did a twenty-city Barnes and Noble book tour. Then the CBS Early Morning Show asked me to be on the week the second Twilight movie came out, and AOL named my series the Christian alternative to Twilight.

Even though sales are great, we are in the top-twenty and this week in the top-ten for teen fiction on Amazon (you can check out the link to the page on my website), I couldn’t get a decent paperback book contract, so I’m self-publishing the eBooks until I get a better offer or possibly forever.

What are your current projects?

I have Angel in the Ice, Book 3 set to release November 1st. I’m also writing the first in another series called Feudal Land, which will follow the life of a thirteen-year-old Christian survivalist as she sees America fall apart in a futuristic world where I mix the end of the world before Christ’s return/rapture with the tribulation. It will be kind of steam punk, because of course, electronics won’t work (EMP blasts and all that).

There will be the supernatural element in that series at work too, but I don’t want to give too much away.

I will also be releasing my first adult history-mystery The 15th Star. It’s about the real-life Star Spangled Banner, which is missing its 15th star. I wrote a fictional account of who I believe received the star and why. My first readers describe it as 1776 meets National Treasure, but of course it takes place from around 1812- 1817. I plan to release it on November 15th. It’s written; but it’s in the editing stage.

I have two other books on the planning board where I’m working on plotting them out and doing the research. Society of the D. E. A. D. where a college-age protagonist who can see angels and demons is called in to rid churches and communities of their evil presence. This series also has an unexpected twist that won’t be revealed until the end of Book 1. I also have a second book in my adult history-mystery series tentatively called The Pirate Bloody Graham.

Where can readers find you?

You can talk with me at or see me at where you can register as an “angel friend” on my website and you are automatically entered to win an iPad2 when we hit 10,000 downloads.

Thanks again Karen for allowing me to share with your readers.

Short Synopsis for Angel in the Shadows, Book 1

Megan Laughlin, a fifteen-year-old sophomore in high school has the gift of seeing angels and demons. Megan then attracts the attention of Judas, an evil angel, who wants to destroy her, her classmates and loved ones. Megan must deal with being a target of Judas and still handle all the problems of a normal teenage girl. She manages to save some teens from over-dosing at a rave, confronts damaging gossip and watches her best friend make a life altering decision. Meanwhile, Megan feels helpless as Judas manages to destroy two classmates and sets out to seduce or destroy Megan in the process. Can Megan save others while being a target herself?

Short Synopsis for Angel in the Storm, Book 2

Fifteen-year-old Megan's younger brother Max has been kidnapped by Judas, an evil angel, who has sold him to a human trafficking ring working out of New Orleans. Judas is determined to destroy Max’s soul.

Framed for Max's murder, Megan, along with the help of Johnny who is a good angel, and her friends, must stay one step ahead of the police and an approaching hurricane in an attempt to save Max before it's too late.

In his ultimate quest to conquer Megan, Judas leaves a trail of death and offers her an impossible choice. Will Megan sacrifice herself for those she loves?

Thanks so much for sharing your books with us, Lisa. They sound fascinating. I can't wait to read them.

To purchase your own copy of Lisa's books, here's a direct link.

Lisa Grace's Amazon Author Page

For a Autographed copy of Angel in the Shadows, Book One: