Monday, June 27, 2011

Come Chat with Us!!

On Tuesday, June 28th, please join Victory Tales Press Chat at:

CoffeeTime Romance on June 28th at 9 p.m. EST.

Western Trail Blazers and Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing Authors will be there, too!!
We will be offering Reader's Choice of an ebook from our VTP site to 3 different winners. We will also be giving away one print book - reader's choice from the anthologies.

Tell all your friends and groups please. The more the merrier!!

***You might want to log into their Chat System so you can be familiar with the system. It is easy to use and quick. Then you will be set for the Chat that evening. To get to the chat on this link:

Romance, Historical, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure, Action, Horror, and all the varieties of Western reading you could wish for will be presented by Western Trail Blazer authors.


We are a select group of authors joining together for the purpose of publishing romance based anthologies. Our readers will always find a M/F couple, interesting situations, and if not a happy-ever-after, at least a happy-for-now somewhere in the tale.


The publishing company's work is especially designed for those who love to kick back at the end of a hard day and escape from their problems and worries for a while with a great read.


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