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Romance, Historical, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure, Action, Horror, and all the varieties of Western reading you could wish for will be presented by Western Trail Blazer authors.


We are a select group of authors joining together for the purpose of publishing romance based anthologies. Our readers will always find a M/F couple, interesting situations, and if not a happy-ever-after, at least a happy-for-now somewhere in the tale.


The publishing company's work is especially designed for those who love to kick back at the end of a hard day and escape from their problems and worries for a while with a great read.


The Lore of Lavender by Cate Masters

Karen: Cate Masters is the author of compelling romantic tales that are sure to warm your heart. She's here today to share her interesting research about Lavender. This intriguing article gives a whole new meaning to love and fae magic. Take it away, Cate.


Funny how reading a short article in a woman’s magazine can lead to writing a 90,000-word paranormal romance novel! But that’s what happened. An article about a woman who opened a bed and breakfast and grew lavender to use in special recipes piqued my interest about the flower. So naturally, I researched it.

And researched it! Lavender has an amazing trove of lore and legend, beginning with Adam and Eve, who supposedly took lavender with them after they were banished from the Garden of Eden. The flower’s mentioned in the Bible, so some believed it to be a charm against evil. Maidens in many cultures used lavender to dream of their true love. When braided into a bride’s hair, lavender’s supposed to help her retain her sacred female power.

There are lots of recipes for cooking with lavender too. Besides adding a floral flavor to dishes, it also has medicinal uses – people use it on anything from a bug bite to acne. For recipes using lavender, watch my blog:

What also intrigued me about lavender is the legend that it attracts the fae. These fairies bestow healing and protection, plus help to overcome emotional blocks. The perfect ingredient for a paranormal romance. :) So The Magic of Lavender was born.

The Magic of Lavender is the first book in The Goddess Connection series, which says: Every woman should embrace her inner goddess. What’s your connection? I have several more novels in this series in mind to follow. In each, the heroine will be somehow connected to a goddess. Her lifelong quirks will become strengths once she finds her true place in the world, and accepts herself for who she really is.

It’s available from Smashwords: and Amazon:

You can find more info, including the, Casting Call (who I envisioned in these roles), and read the first chapter, at:



Jocelyn Gibson forgot about the realm of magic. But it never forgot her. Gram always told her: don’t ignore your magical gifts, it will insult the family. But Joss didn’t realize her gifts included channeling the energy of powerful ley lines. Or that her family included a goddess. Family connections come in handy when the Lord of the Underworld kidnaps local vet Eric Hendricks. He’s an amazing lover, but Joss didn’t know she loved him until too late. With a little help from the Goddess Iris, Joss defends the new life she’s forged, and helps save the town of Boiling Springs from destruction. Once Eric escapes Hell, can she stop loving him to keep him safe?


When her grandmother entered, fully dressed, Joss went to her. “Morning. Coffee’s on in the kitchen.”

Gram hugged her. “Jocelyn, are you all right? You had an eventful evening.”

To say the least. Gathering the votive candles, she spoke as if distracted by her work. “I’m fine.”

Standing slowly, Lydia’s blood-red nails clenched the air. “I’ve never seen so many fae invade a home at once.”

Neither had Joss. When she was a girl, swarms of glowing beings would flicker in the blades of grass, or leaves of trees. Sometimes flit to her window. But come inside? Only on occasions of rare importance. “Aunt Lydia—”

Her aunt came toward her. “The sign was very clear.”

Evading the interrogation, Joss wrestled a wing-back chair to the center of the carpet. “I can’t let myself believe in bad luck.” Safer to make her own luck through hard work than rely on luck bestowed by supposedly mythological creatures.

Gram stepped closer. “They’ve come back, Jocelyn. I’m not surprised, really, that you found their favor again, given our family history.”

Lydia added, “But you must treat them with respect.”

How could she admit she’d hoped they’d return? That in planting a field of lavender in the spring, she’d hoped to encourage them to stay?

Nor could she admit last night’s dream to her aunt. Like the lights, it had happened once before. The same night as before.

Long after saying goodnight to Gram and Lydia, Joss stood at her bedroom window and imagined a field of purple waltzing with the breeze beneath the stars. The image stayed with her as she settled into bed. It coaxed her to sleep, but grew more vivid with the lights out.

In her dream, the evening star shone more brightly than usual, and led her to the stone bridge. The silhouette of a man beckoned beyond the lavender field. She crossed the bridge into the lavender, and its blooms caressed her legs as she walked. Instead of its scented oils soothing her skin, it excited her. The thought of meeting him excited her too. Dusk deepened quickly, and she couldn’t see his face as he leaned down to kiss her. Pressing against him, her body fit snugly against his curves. He took her down into the lavender, filled her body and soul, with the stars glimmering so bright and low, they mingled with the violet blooms. He was so tender, yet strong. His caresses so loving, he brought her to heights she never imagined, and only after she was fulfilled did he allow himself release. Afterward, he rolled onto his back and pulled her close, his skin warm against hers. His voice rumbled through his chest. “Who needs fireworks with so many fireflies?” The reverberations made her fingers tremble, and she closed her eyes to listen to him breathing.

She’d awakened in a luscious afterglow, but bothered she had no clue who he was, or when she’d find him. Or what he’d meant about fireworks. In the dream, she knew exactly what he meant, but now...

Thanks so much for having me on your beautiful blog, Karen!

Cate Masters likes romance with a dash of magic and mayhem! Multipublished in contemporary to historical, sweet to erotic, fantasy/dark fantasy to speculative, she sometimes mashes genres. Reviewers have described her stories as “so compelling, I did not want to put it down,” and “such romantic tales that really touch your soul.”

When not spending time with her family, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company. Look for her at, and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.

Cate loves to hear from readers. Email her at: cate.masters AT

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The Authors of "A Historical Collection"

3 Blogs, 3 Prizes, 3 Chances to win!

The authors of Victory Tales Press are celebrating their one year anniversary so make sure to follow the links. :) Just leave a comment or a question and you'll be entered to win. :) Stop by all 3 blogs, for a more chances to win! (***One print copy and 2 e-books will be given away. Three drawings. Three chances to win!)

Karen Michelle Nutt: I'm thrilled to be a part of the Victory Tales Press. We're a group of authors joining together to publish romance based anthologies. Today, I would like to tell you about A Historical Collection Anthology and introduce you to the other authors who contributed to this wonderful collection of historical romances. Take it away gals.

Pierson: Hi Karen, and thanks so much for having us all here today. I'm a native of Oklahoma. I live in the Oklahoma City metro area with my husband. The mother of two grown children, and pet-sitter on occasion, I am always busy. A romance author who loves to read, I also teaches novel writing classes and am the co-owner of West Winds Media, an editing/teaching business for writers. I write short stories that have appeared in VICTORY TALES PRESS anthologies as well as anthologies compiled by Adams Media and Chicken Soup.

Kate Kindle: This past year with Victory Tales Press has been very enjoyable and rewarding for me. I've written four novellas/shorts for VTP. By the way, Victory Tales Press is now celebrating its one year anniversary. The most exciting news for me has been the eBook and print publication of my novel, Angel's Requiem. I hope you will purchase A Historical Collection: Sweet/Sensual, for the relaxation and inspiration that only a collection of short stories can offer.
As for my background, I've been a journalist and teacher, a mother who has raised four children, and the wife of a husband who shares my interests in playing Irish music, and enjoying the cultural pleasures in New York City.

Miriam Newman: Fantasy poetry driven by myths and legends has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have published in poetry before catching the romance writing bug. I bring that background to my writing along with a lifelong addiction to horses, an 18 year career in various areas of psychiatric social services and many trips to Ireland, where I nurture my muse. My published works range from contemporary fantasy romance to fantasy historical, futuristic, science fiction and historical romance. Currently I live in rural Pennsylvania with a “motley crew” of rescue animals.
Karen Michelle Nutt: As a multi-published author, I spin tales for Tease PublishingLLC, The Wild Rose Press, Highland Press, RJV Publishing, Victory Tales Press and Western Trail Blazers.

I live in California with my husband, three fascinating children, fo
ur dogs, and three cats. Jack, my Chihuahua/Yorkshire terrier is my writing buddy and sits long hours with me at the computer. Whether your reading fancy is paranormal, historical or time travel, all my stories capture the rich array of emotions that accompany the most fabulous human phenomena—falling in love.

***What inspired you to write your story for A Historical Collection?

Cheryl Pierson author of Jason's Angel: I normally write my historicals in the old west setting of Indian Territory, but because we have Indian blood on both sides of my family, I decided to do something a bit different with JASON’S ANGEL. During Andrew Jackson’s presidency, he enforced the Cherokee Removal from Georgia and many other states (because gold had been found in Taladega). He ordered the Cherokees moved west to Indian Territory on what became known as The Trail of Tears. Although many of the Cherokees lived just as the whites lived, in plantation houses, some of them with slaves of their own, and had their own government, this removal was anything but voluntary. I began to wonder…what if some of the Cherokees stayed behind? Jason’s mother was married to a Scotsman. That might offer her some protection, being married to a white man, but it couldn’t stop the hard feelings of the neighbors that wanted them gone. I gave Jason a tragic past—a mother and father who were murdered when Jason and his little brother, Eli, were only children. They go to live with their father’s brother, so they’re safe from the Removal. Because their father is Scottish, their last name is McCain, but they carry the Cherokee coloring of their mother. When the Civil War comes along, Jason decides to fight for the Union, although he’s a born and bred Georgian. Eli leaves his uncle’s inhospitable home and follows Jason to battle. When they’re both severely wounded, a Confederate angel comes to take them to her home where they might be properly cared for.
Miriam Newman author of Deirdre : Just about the time Rebecca Vickery asked me to write a short story for her Historical Anthology, I had been thinking of the poetry I wrote for forty years before I ever published a romance. Some of that poetry was very romantic and much of it was based on the Irish Bardic poetry of my childhood. The echo of that style can be heard in the works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, W. B. Yeats and Dylan Thomas, but the earliest written Bardic poetry dates back to about the 6th century, and the oral traditions of bards greatly pre-date that. The “Tain Bo Cuailnge”—the Cattle Raid of Cooley—falls into that category and is mentioned in my story, “Deirdre.” Much of the Bardic writing would hardly be recognizable to modern readers as poetry, comprised as it was of long genealogical records and nearly journalistic accounts of deeds of lords and ancestors. The ancient tale of Deirdre of the Sorrows, with which I was raised, falls roughly into that category and I had begun to wonder if I would like to undertake my own rendering of the ancient tale. Rebecca’s email came right at that time and a new project was born.

Kate Kindle author of A Tale from the Red Chest : What inspired me was summers in Pennsylvania coal country where some of my ancestors live. These were very happy times among colorful, warm and ambitious people. A few years ago, years after visiting my folks there, my family and me went down the Lackawanna County coal mine, now closed. I experienced the life of a miner. I was glad Rebecca Vickery asked us to do an historical story so I could do The Tale From the Red Chest.

Karen Michelle Nutt author of The Devil's Wolf: At a Scottish Festival I came across a book about the reivers and was intrigued to find out more about the border families. Many of the reivers had colorful names such as Archie Fire-the-Braes, Out-With-the-Sword, and Cleave-the-Crune. I created a few colorful names for my tale: Two-Left-Feet and the Devil's Wolf seemed an appropriate name for the hero of this tale.

***Was your story based on a true life event and how much research did you need to do?
Cheryl: All my stories are based on historical things that have happened. This one didn’t need a lot of research because being born and raised in Oklahoma, we are taught about the Removal and Trail of Tears through all school grades as part of our Oklahoma history. My great grandfather was Scotch-Irish, and I have a great grandmother who was Cherokee, and another great grandfather who was Choctaw. So my stories are a mixture of history and true life events and people.
Miriam Newman: No, it wasn’t. Most of the research I needed was already in my head

Kate Kindle: I did hours of reading on the web, in addition to an onsite visit to the coal mines. Yes, this is a fact-based story.

Karen Michelle Nutt:
They Along the Scotland and England borders, the lawless period of reivers organized their family groups to steal from their neighboring clansmen.The
Maxwells were the strongest family in the Scottish West March until the Johnstones reduced their power in the sixteenth century. The feud between the Johnstones and the Maxwells was the longest and the bloodiest in history.

***What are your hero and heroine’s first impressions of each other?

Cheryl: Sabrina is a volunteer nurse in a Confederate hospital. She is appalled at the treatment of wounded Union prisoner Jason McCain. If she doesn’t bring him home with her where he will get the treatment he needs, he will surely die. When Jason comes to, through his fevered haze, he thinks Sabrina is an angel.

Miriam: As in so many tales of this type, they were nearly magically drawn to one another and love was instant—a deeply fatal attraction.

Kate: First impression? Hmmm. Well, Maddy and Jack were lifelong best friends. She admired his courage. He liked her for her friendship and concern for him when he was a young boy in the mines. Later, of course, his innate courage and spunk, and his good looks, made him the alpha male whom Maddy realizes she has fallen in love with. As for Jack, he realized Maddy was a beauty now, and his warmth for her became desire.

Karen : At a Scottish Festival I came across a book about the reivers and was intrigued to find out more about the border families. Many of the reivers had colorful names such as Archie Fire-the-Braes, Out-With-the-Sword, and Cleave-the-Crune. I created a few colorful names for my tale: Two-Left-Feet and the Devil's Wolf seemed an appropriate name for the hero of this tale.

***Tell the readers where they can find you:

Cheryl Pierson: Website:

E-mail: I love to hear from readers and other writers!

Miriam Newman:
At my website, and at both my

Kate Kindle: You are welcome to visit at my blog: You can find my print book, Angel's Requiem: Amazon

Karen Michelle Nutt: Website:

Blog: Here at KMN Books Blogspot

I hope you enjoyed meeting the authors of A Historical Collection.

Don't forget to stop by to read Kate Kindle's interview with Rebecca Vickery and Laura Shinn and to wish them continued growth and excitement with their company, Victory Tales Press. Kate's Blog:
The Western Saga Authors are at my website to chat about ghost towns and favorite westerns, we'd love to have you come by:
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My Love Affair with Mr. Coffee

Contest: Vote for Your Favorite Coffee Lover Blurb

Coffee and Writers-- Come by Amie Louellen's blog and read about the passionate love affair I've had with Mr. Coffee. lol Read the other author's joy of coffee, too.
Don't forget to vote on the best coffee lovers' blurb. There's a chance for you to win a prize, too.

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Interview with Miranda Stowe

Miranda Stowe is here today to tell us about her tantalizing new release, Caught in Heat. Let's give her a warm welcome!

***Contest: Miranda will be giving away an e-book copy of Caught in Heat. Read on and find out how you can win!

Why don't you tell the readers a little about yourself :

I’m a pretty dull girl that lives in the middle of a corn field, across the road from a cow pasture, in Kansas with my husband and daughter. To keep from going crazy of boredom, I write steamy erotic romance of the paranormal, contemporary, and suspense variety. It helps pass the time!

Without giving too much away, tell the readers about your new release, Caught in Heat. How did you come up with the idea for the story? Do you follow any shifter legends? Give us the back story.

Tag line : When her first mating heat hits, only one man can appease the ache. And that pretty much says it all!

I don’t really follow in Shifter legends, sorry. The idea for this story came from an assortment of stories I’ve read.

In Stroke of Midnight by Sherrilyn Kenyon, the shifter heroine goes into heat the shifter hero sniffs her out. I thought that was one of the most titillating scenes I’d ever read. Years later, I still wanted to read more of them like that…so I wrote one.

The shifter hunters ideas came from one of my critique partner’s stories. I loved that concept too. So I mixed and matched, and changed things, and asked what if, until I had a shifter falling in love with a hunter, which I’ve never seen anywhere before. From all that, Caught in Heat was born.

Shaw Griffin is the hero of your tale who wants to take out the entire shape shifting race. Besides his obvious grudge, what kind of man is he? What is his first impression when he meets Riley Bane?

When Shaw first sees Riley, she’s in human form, so he thinks he just caught a human in his trap. But then he sees her try to shift into her animal and realizes the truth. From then on, he wants to hate her, because he hates all shifters on principle—they called his family, after all—but he’s too fascinated and ends up only wanting to love her.

He’s a pretty intense, protective guy. When he learns he’s been wrong about something some of the beliefs he’d had for for fifteen years, though, it’s a big wake up call.

Tell us a little about your heroine. Does she like humans? What is her first impression of Shaw?

Riley’s father was fully human, so she’s only half shifter herself. But she grew up in a shifter’s environment, so pretty much the only humans she knows about are hunters, like Shaw, who kill her kind. Still, it’s that human side of her that makes her seek out a haven when her heat approaches. She doesn’t want to fall prey to her animal instincts just because her hormones are a little out of whack—okay, a lot out of whack!

Since Shaw is a hunter, she’s initially afraid of him, but she’s also so desperate, it doesn’t seem to matter what he is, as long as he helps her through her misery, which is what he does.

Will this story be part of a series, if so how many books will there be and will the reader need to read them in order?

Caught in Heat is Book One in my Half-Breed Shifter series. Book Two, Dreams of Wolf, sold to Cobblestone and will be available one of these months. DOW is about the nanny to Shaw and Riley’s triplets (which are born about nine-months after Caught in Heat plays out). Someday I plan to complete stories for the triplets themselves.

Do you have a favorite reference book or favorite website?

Charotte Dillon’s Resources for Romance Writers is always a helpful place to visit.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

While ideas for Shaw and Riley’s children are forming in my head, I’m working on an erotic romantic suspense series called The Snatcher Series. Book One, Taken by a Killer, recently sold to Liquid Silver Books.

Tell the readers where they can find you:

Website & Blog :

GoodReads :



Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Thanks so much for having me here.

***Contest: Leave a comment or ask Miranda question and you'll be entered in the drawing. It's that easy!


She would not let the fever consume her. She’d prevail. She’d find the sanctuary and—

The ground under her hind leg gave way. Riley twisted to compensate and pull herself free of the hole, but sharp teeth clamped around her ankle, biting all the way to the bone.

She howled. Her earsplitting yet scratchy cry that pierced the night could no doubt be heard by every predator within a five-mile radius. Not that she cared. The agony was brutal.

As her body went into distress, she shifted into her natural shape, and the hairy paw caught in the trap turned into a smooth, human female foot. Naked, drenched in sweat, and panting, she curled into the fetal position until she could focus past the pain.

She needed to free herself and escape as quickly as possible before every curious creature in the forest found her exposed and vulnerable. And ripe for the feasting. She tried to shift back into her animal, gritting her teeth and straining, but it was useless. The pain immobilized her.

The only good thing about remaining human was that she had fingers that worked.

She reached down in the dark, fumbling for a latch to release the spring. Moaning as each move dug the razors deeper into her ankle, she patted the cold metal trap until she found a hinge. Her fingers investigated the area. When she discovered a padlock preventing her from pulling the metal jaws apart, she whimpered, fear clogging her windpipe. This was no simple animal trap. It had been specifically designed to catch and keep prey with a functioning brain and working fingers.

Prey like her.

Someone was hunting shapeshifters. And they’d caught one.

Thank you so much for being here today and sharing your new shifter story with us! Karen :)

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Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

#1 Rule for my nomination is to thank the lovely Mel Teshco for the wonderful Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! Thank You!!!

Now for part 2. All I have to do is share seven random facts about myself. Here we go:

~ I love to watch old movies
~ My first published book was a coloring book/story for a dental office. The title--what else: "Meet the Dentist"
~ I love to wear T-shirts, jeans and flip flops
~ I love animals and have a houseful to prove it. For years my birthday wish was for my parents to give me a Cheetah. (It was probably good that this birthday wish didn't come true. lol)
~ I have three children, two girls and one boy ages: 23, 19 and 17.
~I love non-fat lattes
~ My favorite color is green

Okay, now I need to pass this award onto ten deserving blog victims... I mean buddies who may or may not like to participate.
In no particular order these are:
Emma Lai:
Jennifer Jakes:
Laura Kaye:
Cate Masters:
Rebecca Vickery:
Amie Louellen:
Linda Kage:
Celia Yeary:
Terry Spear:
Kate Diablo: