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I’m at Sarah Grimm’s Blog today with the New Bad Boys in Town. Come by and say hi!! I’d love to chat. I have a sneak peek of my new Fallen Angels story too. For those who’ve been waiting for Lucca’s story, the wait is almost over.

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Interview with Debut Author Jennifer Labelle

Jennifer Labelle, author of romances with as dash of spice, is here to tell us about her debut novel, Meant to Be. The tale is sure to tug at your heart strings. Please give Jennifer a warm welcome. Feel free to leave her a comment or ask her a question. She'd love to hear from you.

Why don’t you begin by telling the readers a little about yourself.

Well, I reside in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with my husband and three beautiful children. After my third child and only daughter came along I became a stay at home mom. In my busy household I like to spend my down time engrossed in the stories that I create. I am an active reader of romance (especially historical), mystery and anything paranormal. I have an education in Addictions work and have decided to take a less stressful approach in life as I share some of my imagination with all of you.

In your new release, Meant to Be, your heroine, Jenna Baker experienced a near death experience. Without giving too much away, tell us about your heroine. How has the accident changed her life?

Jenna is a strong beautiful woman who has an amazing family and a great best friend who helps her through many tough times ahead. Starting off with a car accident, which almost results in losing her life, Jenna also has to deal with visions of an unwanted future, and has to learn how to cope with knowing what comes next in life before it actually happens. I hope readers will see that Meant To Be is ultimately a story about love, loss and new beginnings. It’s a about the triumph of family, forgiveness and an amazing love.

Tell us about husband, Tyler. What kind of man is he?

Tyler is an extremely hardworking provider. As a lawyer, he’s passionate about what he does, and loves a good argument. Jenna and Tyler have known each other since college and it was love at first sight. He loves his wife and son, but he’s torn up inside about what’s happened to her, and blames himself in a way, for saving himself and leaving her to almost die. Jenna’s recovery takes its toll while Tyler’s vulnerability gets the best of him. He’s harbouring secrets that will devastate her and as Jenna unravels the truth their life takes an unexpected journey.

What genre does your tale fall under?

Meant To Be is an erotic contemporary romance.

What do you find most rewarding about writing? What is your favorite reference book or website?

I feel very blessed to be a newly published author, and to have met so many great, established, new, and still inspiring authors on the loops and through various wonderful blogs such as this one over these last few months. Not to mention my wonderful supporters, and Meant To Be’s readers. I appreciate you all, and lately I have to say that I’ve been feeling the love with some great reviews posted and personal emails. I guess I find that the most rewarding of all. I love feedback, and it makes it all worthwhile to know someone out there loves your work as much as you do.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I have several WIP’s, here’s a sneak peek of one of my many on the go that I soon hope to publish:

Title: Deadly Consequence

Genre: Contemporary Romance

After witnessing her mother’s murder, Holly Hewitt struggles to cope. Parentless by a very young age, the only thing she longs for is acceptance and a place to call home. She’s given up hope and is left to fend for herself, until the one person she’s afraid to trust teaches her that life is worth living, and love is worth the fight to go on.

Alexander Sinclair is a young, carefree, good-looking guy who didn’t think he was looking for anything permanent in his life, especially when it came to women. Until, Holly came into his life. The beautiful, messed up vixen has him turned inside out, and longing to be with her. She’s had a hard life, and is fighting her attraction for him, but with a little persistence he’s determined to become her very own modern day hero.

This is a book about deadly consequences and the lives left behind.

Tell the readers where they can find you:

My Website:

My Facebook fan page:

You can follow me on Twitter:

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

I’m thrilled to be here today, and appreciate the support. I am a newly published author and I can’t thank all of you enough. I hope you all enjoy Meant To Be as much as I do. I had fun creating it, and look forward to many more publications in the future.


To purchase your own copy of Meant To Be:





Book Strand:

Thank you, Karen!

Jennifer, thank you so much for being here today and sharing your new release with us. I wish you much success!

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Epic Award Winner, Lynn Crain

We have with us today, Epic Award Winner, Lynn Crain. She's here today to share her journey into becoming a successful writer. Please give her a warm welcome! Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment. She'd love to hear from you.

Queen of the Three Chapters

Catchy title, huh? My name’s Lynn Crain and I’m the writer of over fifteen published books in the erotic romance and paranormal genres. My friends tell me I write the ‘weird stuff.’ This is a little look into my journey or how it all began. And it’s been long and fun and rewarding!

I’m sure those of you reading this wonder just what the heck I’m writing about. Well, like most writers my education has been long and tedious. I began writing at twelve because I felt sure I was as good as Margaret Mitchell. My first novel would be a fabulous Civil War romance with all the right characters and the right story line. But first, I need to learn about writing...after all I was only twelve.

I started many, many years ago with RWA. In 1983 to be exact. During my first few year, I learned, or thought I did, everything I could about the romance genre and how to write it. Then I entered my first Golden Heart competition and failed miserably.

So miserably that the judge there told me I couldn’t write myself out of a paper bag. At first I was sad, really sad and told myself I would never write again. But I loved writing. I had said, I had been writing since I was twelve when I sold my first poem. I didn’t want to do anything else with my life...I wanted to be a WRITER!

I allowed myself to wallow, and wallowing it was, in self pity for about twenty-four hours before I got mad. I decided then and there, I would show this person, this judge who ripped me to shreds. And I would do it the correct way. I would learn everything I could about writing and the genre of writing.

So I went to every RWA meeting and conference I could afford. I became the founding chapter president and gathered around me like minded people. I even worked for a small press publisher as I wanted to understand both sides about the business. I eventually became a member of RWA’s National Board and learned even more about the industry.

During this whole time I was entering contests. Lots of them. So much so, my chapter and those who knew I wrote started to call the Queen of the Three Chapters. And at the time, it was well deserved. I had perfected just how to put together a five page synopsis and a kick-ass first three chapters. But did I really have a book in me.

Sure, I was slowly and I mean slowly working on one but it was hit and miss. Then came the day that RWA required, heaven forbid, a full manuscript to enter the Golden Heart. Now that novel didn’t have to be pretty or anything, it just had to be done. LOL!

So, here I was, sitting in front of my old desk, wondering where to go next. Sure, I knew what to do. I understood how to get from point a to point b. It was all the stuff in the middle I worried about but if I were going to enter the Golden Heart ever again, this had to be done.

So three months out, kicking myself for not paying attention more in all those classes about the wonderful endings and saggy middles, I proceeded to complete my first book. And once it was was a labor of love...something to this day I stand by proudly. Has it seen the light of day? No, but I’m hopeful because it was the first in a series of seven called the Nevada Nights series. It’s my hope that I will complete that series one day.

Since that fateful day when I finally finished the first novel, I have written something every day toward my goal of being a full time writer. About five years ago, I was lucky enough to make the dream come true. It was after I decided to go back to school to further my education so I could get a job I might enjoy. My husband came to me and told me I could stay home to write full time if I wanted. My first thought was to say immediately yes but I had to weigh the pros and cons.

It took me about 24 hours but I knew I had it in me to make a career of writing. I work every day at this career, even sometimes writing three chapters of a book. Now, my reasons are different as I know if the story doesn’t click with me in those first three chapters, I need to start over. Those ideas get shuttled back to the idea file for use maybe at a later time.

Yet, I remember the days when the first three chapters were all I ever wrote on a novel. My advice is to not rely on just being able to write a great hook and subsequent two chapters but to hone your skill for the middle and end just as much. Yes, you may be able to sell a story based upon those three chapters and a synopsis but remember, you have to complete the book before any sale is finalized and the money gets to your bank account.

Lynn, thank you so much for being here with us today.

If you'd like to find out more about Lynn's books, please follow the links below and browse her website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

She loves hearing from her readers at





Yahoo Group:



eXtasy Books:

Loose Id:


Lynn Crain realized at an early age she wanted to write. She took the long way to that goal by doing a variety of things like nursing, geologist, technical writer and computer manager. Even though she is no longer in the medical field, Lynn has studied natural medicine and remedies for years. She is currently getting her Ph.D. in natural medicine with an emphasis on historical medicine and is still utterly fascinated with all things medical. During her free time she weaves fantasy, futuristic and paranormal tales as well as erotic stories for various publishers. She lives in the very hot southwest with her husband, son, one dog, three cats and a snake named Sandune. She is a past board member of the Romance Writers of America, past VP of EPIC and current EPPIEs Chairman for EPIC.

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Terry Spear and 10 Reasons to Indie Publish Your Work

Terry Spear is here today to talk to us about her new venture into Indie Publishing. She's the award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval historical romantic suspense, Heart of the Wolf named in Publishers Weekly's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR, NOR Reader Choice for BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE.

She currently has written ten books of the werewolf series based on real wolves, six out now with more to come, a vampire romance, two Highland medieval romances and a western time-travel ghostly romance coming in December.

She also writes true stories for adult and young adult audiences. She’s a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and has an MBA from Monmouth University and a Bachelors in Business and Distinguished Military Graduate of West Texas A & M. She also creates award-winning teddy bears, Wilde & Woolly Bears, to include personalized bears designed to commemorate authors’ books. When she’s not writing or making bears, she’s teaching online writing courses.

Let's give her a warm welcome. Feel free to ask questions!

10 Reasons I Indie Published and the Pitfalls

by Terry Spear

I never would have thought that I, who had always hoped to be NY published, would self-publish! So what finally got me started?

I was giving away stories for free that I’d pre-published with now defunct e-publishers to my newsletter members that total over 500. But then some of my readers asked if they could buy the books somewhere, anywhere. More have been asking me to write faster. Don’t I have anything else coming out sooner? And I have a whole number of completed stories that don’t fit the branding mold I’ve made for myself. I’m an eclectic reader and writer. I can’t help myself! :)

So I’d planned to do this—mainly to:

1. Fill the gap between book releases.

2. Offer short reads for a cheap price—99 cent reads for novellas, $2.99 for full length novels, as a way to maybe catch new readers who then might be interested in my other books that are already out.

3. Catch the wave, so to speak, as I hear others are making a mild or wild success of it.

4. Offer works that NY publishers won’t take a chance on.

5. Offer works that might not be in the niche I’m writing in—something new and different and fun.

6. Share with readers stories that I’ve never even submitted to the world, and hope they love.

7. Feed my own addiction of loving to write. (2 or 3 releases a year isn’t enough—I’m way ahead on deadlines—though I just sold 3 more wolf books and 3 jaguar shifter books to Sourcebooks and need to begin on the first jaguar book pronto, I’m finishing up the end of the 10th book, The Highland Wolf in Paradise, and just received editorial revisions on Dreaming of the Wolf, coming in December, due April 1)

8. Garner name recognition.

9. Learn how to do something new (still learning how to make book covers, which is too much fun—and when I have time, I’ll play around with some more video book trailers)

10. Enjoy doing it!

Writing should be fun, first and foremost. I don’t do this for the money. *sigh* I mean, if I could be like some of the big time authors, sure, I’d do it for the money! But I certainly don’t make enough to give up my day job. So it’s a way to spread my wings and offer something new and different at a reasonable price. Who knows?

Maybe sales will be so good that I will eventually get picked up by the big time. Or not.

Mainly, I want to have fun and do what I’ve always enjoyed doing—creating stories to share with the world.

The problems with self-publishing?

1. You have to edit or get someone to edit your books.

2. You have to make up covers or have someone design them for you.

3. Readers might hate your new works.

4. You have to promote them if you’re going to sell.

5. A lot of reviewers don’t want to waste their time on reviewing self-published works.

6. Many still look down on anything self published.

7. The stories might sit there and never sell.

8. An agent or editor might be wary of writers who self publish.

On the other hand, what have you got to lose?

Some authors have actually sold enough to garner agent or NY publishing contracts their sales are so high.

If you think that being published with the big boys doesn’t mean you have to promote your own works, it’s just not so.

Readers can hate your work whether it’s self published or not!

There are still a lot of reviewers out there who are willing to read your books, you just need to find them. Look at reviewers’ blogs and you’ll find even more. All it takes is a query, and a yes or no will suffice.

GIMP2 is a free way to work on photos, and I used it to make my covers. And recently, I bought some covers from Dara England, who offered some on clearance, but her others are just beautiful too at a reasonable price and later, if I sell enough, I’ll buy a couple of those. And Jimmy Thomas has sales of his photos that are great for use in book trailers and on the website or as book covers. He’s featured on my release, The Accidental Highland Hero, with Vintage Romance Publishing, and I have him on two of my indie published works—Forbidden Love and The Siren’s Lure.

As to editing, sometimes just have a couple of critique partners will help considerably. My critique group is the Rebel Romance Writers, and that’s what we are. Rebels who love to write romance.

I don’t expect to make sales of 6-7,000 books a month in about 3-4 months like some authors have done. But in two weeks, I’ve sold 175 books, and only one has been out for the whole two weeks. Two, I uploaded a day ago. Two, only a week ago. And I’ve already way exceeded my book sales for two of the titles that were previously sold through ebooks now out of business. The prices are low on the books as compared to the ebook industry standard, which as I received a B & N flyer yesterday, are getting ever higher--$11.99!!! So though $ sales are slow to accrue with low prices, it’s still a LOT better than what I did previously with some ebook publishers.

Why? Nooks and Kindles and other ebook readers are taking over the world. :) A few years back, there weren’t that many ereader readers. And now, everyone and their grandmothers are getting one. (I’m a hold out and still love reading a paperback!!!)

Still self publishing isn’t for everyone.

I’ve been asked if since I’m already a known author (it’s all relative—compared to many authors, no one knows me at all, but in the scheme of things, compared to unpublished authors, I’m much more better known)—if that is why I’m selling.

To an extent, yes. Some fans are eager to read my books in between new releases. I am getting a lot of new interest too. I already have a networking basis out there—member of twitter, facebook, myspace, Redroom for authors, blogs with other authors (Fierce Romance, Shapeshifter Romance, From the Heart, Casablanca, and others), and my own blog. I have a website, a newsletter that has surpassed 500 members and I will continue to give free reads. I guest blog, do interviews, and try to help other writers establish themselves. I go to conferences when I can, have offered quotes and reviews on some works and am on Goodreads where I share my love of reading. I’m on Linked In, and I’m sure other places I can’t even remember! I also teach online writing.

But in the end—the stories must be well loved. Because word of mouth and your fans will be the ones who help any author succeed.

I’m thrilled that I finally took the step to publish some of my works independently. And I’m excited about learning how to make better covers too! It’s like chocolate frosting on the cake.

But I also love my publishers, and I’ll continue to write for them as well. To me, this is an extra way to get some of my works out there. For some authors though, they’re becoming so successful, this is the ONLY way to write, or it’s a way for them to have finally garnered NY’s interest.

Thanks so much to Karen for having me on her blog today!

If anyone has questions about my books, or what I’ve learned about self publishing (which, granted, is all of two weeks’ experience), feel free to ask me!

Some places I can be found:

Terry, thank you so much for sharing your journey with Indie Publishing with us. You're a wonderful storyteller from your Highland Heroes to your wolves and vampires--I've loved them all. I am thrilled you'll have more titles available to read.

Here's a list of Terry's Indie Published Books:

Forbidden Love
Ebook Price: $2.99 USD. 88150 words. Fiction by Terry Spear on March 10, 2011
Huntress Alena MacLeod is given a mission: work undercover to discover a rogue vampire’s secretive work, then terminate him. Ephraim MacNeill, aka Sutton Bastrop, knows Alena is his Elizabeth MacLeod from an earlier time, and he’s determined to return to the past and right all the wrongs to end the curse placed on the love of his life before it’s too late—again.

The Trouble with Demons
Ebook Price: $2.99 USD. 65350 words. Fiction by Terry Spear on March 10, 2011
Witches and warlocks hide their true identities from the rest of the human population, while three teens with demon heritage living with human families, become unlikely companions in a race against time to deal with a demon threat to humankind in their own quirky way.

Vampiric Calling
Ebook Price: $0.99 USD. 10230 words. Fiction by Terry Spear on March 5, 2011
A vampire targets a huntress for his own, and she's torn between wanting him and knowing she should terminate him. But in the dark of night, who will win the battle?

The Siren's Lure
Ebook Price: $0.99 USD. 18590 words. Fiction by Terry Spear on February 25, 2011
A vampire wishes upon a falling star and ends up with more than he bargained for. When he attempts to rescue a woman in distress, he soon learns she's not quite human and not a huntress--or at least like any he's ever known. That's when the seduction begins--but who is seducing whom?

Goddess in Training
Ebook Price: $0.99 USD. 9080 words. Fiction by Terry Spear on February 19, 2011
In a game of the gods, librarian Lisandra, who has never been loved, is chosen to be the goddess of fertility.

Seducing the Huntress
Ebook Price: $0.99 USD. 18010 words. Fiction by Terry Spear on February 12, 2011
When the vampire takes on a dare to seduce the huntress, little does he know he’s on her terminal list already!Set in an island paradise, neither the huntress nor her prey really knows who the real rogue is and who is being made to take the fall, but will she succumb to the ancient vampire’s will before it is too late?

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Free E-book Copy of “Wanted”

western e-book week

Wanted is available in A Christmas Collection Anthology–Stimulating, but for E-book week, I’m offering “Wanted” for a free download to one lucky commenter. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, March 13th.

Join me at my Official Website for all the juicy details:

Tracy L. Ranson and Happily Ever After Endings

Tracy L. Ranson, author of historical romances across time, is here today to discuss the importance of a satisfying ending to a story. Let's give her a warm welcome. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions. She'd love to hear from you.

Take it away Tracy.

Saw that coming, didn’t ya?
By Tracy L. Ranson
Okay, it’s confession time…How many of you wait patiently for the next book from your favorite author, practically salivating and counting down the days until it comes out? I know I so do…

I used to have quite a few favorite authors but I’ve quickly narrowed them down and for one reason only: I hated the ending! I don’t know about anyone else (I hope I’m not the only goober who does this) but I seriously now read the endings in the store before buying the book. Weeeeeeelll, let me tell you why. I am not going to name the author because she has written some splendid books and they’ve been terrific but this one left me bitterly disappointed. With the awesome blurb on the back and gorgeous cover, I assumed that this book would be a great as her others. Needless to say, I was utterly shocked. Not only did the heroine die at the end but he married her sister the day of the funeral!!!! Okay, how in the hell did THAT get onto a bookshelf? I’m not going to name the title either because this book is long out of print. I ranted, I raved and I screamed. Here I am, glued to my chair way late to the night, rooting for the hero and heroine to get through all their travails, hoping for a great ending then BOOM! I’m floored. That is my biggest pet peeve in the world and I try very hard to bring closure and a happy ending to all my books. I get emails all the time telling me how a reader loved the ending. I believe after the obstacles the characters have had to fight along the way, the least they deserve is a happy ending! C’mon people!!!

In all seriousness, I give my readers the same things in I want in a good book: great plot, unforgettable characters and a wonderful ending. A lot of big name authors feel that because of who they are, they can create any story and it will sell. Not true. Romance readers are the best there are and disappoint them once, they’ll feel betrayed. I make it my mission to never disappoint my readers because without them, I’d be nothing.

You can find Tracy at:

Blurb: Married to her job cop, Christine McCall wants to find the murderer of her best friend and partner, David Williams. Pushing aside the guilt she feels at not being able to save him from death, Christine reluctantly agrees to allow Drake Haaken, owner of the BESERKER club where David had been killed, to help with the investigation. Thrust into a world that she never knew existed, Christine is torn between her human loyalty and vampire love. The choice she makes may end her life.

Ebook copy available at:

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Join us for Celebrate E-book Week!!

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Bad Wind Blowing by Peter Brandvold

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Jason Kilkenny's Gun by Kit Prate

Long Ride to Limbo by Kit Prate
Passion's Promise by Madeline Baker

Riding to Sundown by Troy D. Smith
Vulture Gold by Chuck Tyrell


Eli: Warriors for the Light by Karen Michelle Nutt

Familiar Shadows by Bert Goolsby

Following Destiny by Rebecca J. Vickery
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Your Place or Mine by D. S. Craver

Please feel free to share these links and coupon codes with your friends, family, and groups.