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Skhye Moncrief and the Importance Numerology

Karen: Let's welcome the Skhye Moncrief. She's written a fascinating post. Read on and you see what I mean. Don't forget to ask questions or just hello. Skhye would love to hear from you.

Skye: Karen asked me to blog about numerology. And I wondered how in the world to approach the subject. So, I'll just begin with my own research journey. When I first began writing my Time Guardian time-travel series, I lost my mind and decided to have an unusual mode of time travel. First, my Time Guardians travel via fairy magic, energy along the same thread as electromagnetic radiation. But there needed to be more to it. Something like... a system of calculating destinations using astrofolklore and numerology. Now, I said I lost my mind. I did.

So, how does all this astrofolklore and numerology make a man determine
where he's going to wind up traveling via fairy magic across time and space? Well, I had no idea they'd done something similar in the original Stargate movie. Or it just looks similar to me. But there's a circular portal with little symbols on the loop in the movie. And you choose the symbols that pinpoint a 3-D locality... You know what I mean. You've seen the movie. Well, my Time Guardians use Earth astrology (astronomy with stories) and the astrology from their planet of origin to determine the TIME when they will land. Then they use numerology (astrology boiled down to its basic units) to pinpoint that landing strip. Yep. It sounds a lot like what that circular portal does in Stargate. I hadn't seen that movie in years until 2010 and thought "Hell". Oh well, can't go back and do things differently. I have a series, you know. So, why did I choose numerology?

Numerology is a reflection of patterns in our world. The ancients saw the patterns and assigned them numbers. It's like hearing sounds and assigning them a symbol from the alphabet. But in numerology, every letter in the alphabet has a numerological value. So, names, birthdates, consonant sums in names, and days of the month all have values. These values give everything a certain form of resonance. Okay, you think I'm a crackpot. Really, I studied hard science forever and am only reporting what I need to know here to make the time travel work for my time guardians. ;) Once you study anthropology ad nauseum, you can blame learning unusual things on a-need-to-know basis for your characters. *snort*

Now let's think about that movie/story Dune. What's that hero's name? Mawdibe? Remember when it's spoken there's a huge surge of energy that shoots out like a wall and knocks the bad guys on their arses? That's resonance. Every letter in the alphabet and number from 1-9 has a certain power associated with it. And that power is in your name, nickname, favorite color, the sign you're born under, even the value of all the vowels summed up in your name. You have a certain vibration. Yep. I'm nuts. Okay. My characters are because my goal is to get down to the bottom of everything they think--all their goals, motivations, and conflicts in my stories.

To put resonance in a visual form you can relate to... Check out this bridge failure from the wind blowing at just the right speed and making just the right sound.
's explanation

Now, resonance in my Time Guardian series is all about the energy that my time travelers use to cross time and space. See, a simple explanation. Throw in some poetic license, and it's not so nutty a process.

But how do you use numerology to make your characters real? First of all, each character has a birthdate just like in astrology and Tarot. Numerology is just the foundation of both of those. You can use numerology to predict the future exactly the way astrology and Tarot does. Tarot is more of a method to choose the best path to deal with imminent situations. The symbolism in all three is the same--based on the numbers between 1-9. Any numbers larger than 9 are reduced to 1-9. For example, 10 would be reduced by adding 1+0=1, and 1 would be the number used for whatever reason to deduce the issue at hand. Personalities are 1-9. Some numerology books allow you to leave the numbers in their original forms through 20 or 30. That's okay. Just stick with those books to deal with the meanings of the numbers. I don't feel I'm expert enough to just ditch one system for another. And to me, the pictures in Tarot require too much memorization of a story to keep me interested in a Tarot deck enough to use it. I just stick with the base numbers.

There are a few exceptions with numbers. These are called Master Numbers. Master numbers are the base numbers 1-9 that are the the "nth" power, i.e. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. My given name at birth has two 11s and one 33. I don't fancy this good. 11 is Aries on steroids. 33 is the number of Christ--passion and obsession. So, oy! But females in a male-dominated society have the lovely perk of their given names changing upon marriage! Wahoo for me!!! Yes, as a woman in the West, your resonance changes upon marriage. And if you take on a new nickname (known name) at some point in your life, you might notice your luck changing. Seriously, my friend went from Beth to Elizabeth and her life went to Hell in a handbag. I kid you not. She lost her job. Her husband quit his job. She decided he was useless. She left him. And more... I'll stop there. I actually told her about this resonance thing. Mostly because she's the one who explained to me that she had always paid for Tarot readings with one expert but when she really wanted to get down and dirty with her near future, she went to her friend the numerology expert. She said that man could tell her more about her life than anyone on the planet, including her. ;) But she doesn't give a hoot about name resonance. *sigh* I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

Numerology has been crunched for thousands of years and is still crunched in the Old World. When someone goes to an expert to determine if their marriage to someone will work, that expert looks at numerological charts. Remember, when combining two things they mix or they don't. ;) This is really good stuff for romance authors! Okay, enough of my insane rambling. If you'd like to play with numerology in a story, my favorite books are:

Norman Shine's NUMEROLOGY

Kathleen McCormack's TAROT DECODER

The last book is for Tarot spreads. I like it best because it explains card meaning by placement both right-side up and inverted in the 13-card
Celtic Cross spread. A few other spreads are provided with basic meanings of each card's position.

My favorite Tarot deck, simply because it has no-nonsense symbolism and 1-2 words noting its most significant meaning on the front, is Lucy Cavendish's THE ORACLE TAROT. I tossed all the other decks I tried to use to understand what was going o
n with Tarot way back when... Why torture myself? And for anyone who wants to know what the purpose of Tarot cards is, read through page 7 of Rachel Pollack's THE FOREST OF SOULS. She brought everything together for this scientifically-inclined mind. :)

As for what I'm writing now, I jumped off the other side of my cliff and combined
winter solstice 2012 legends with alien abduction stories, psychics, and werewolves & vampires to create my werewolf space opera. I never liked vanilla ice cream without chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, sprinkles, caramel sauce, and whipped topping! Oh, we mustn't forget the Dr. Pepper Cherry sauce... My FERAL series is with New Concepts Publishing. Book 1, FERAL FASCINATIONS, is available now in e-format or print. Book 2, FERAL FLAW, will be released Feb. 11th! And Book 3, FERAL FEVER, will be released March 18th!

Thanks for having me over, Karen. I so love to ramble. ;) ~Skhye

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Karen: Thank yo so much for being with us today and sharing your behind the scenes of tales. It's been a real pleasure having you here again.


Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


I loved this post. You put a lot of research into this and I appreciate you sharing it with us today!

Anna Kathryn Lanier said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Skhye! Interesting post and great research. Thanks for sharing.

Miriam Newman said... Best Blogger Tips

Skhye, this is a REALLY interesting post. I don't think I have time to study one more thing in life, but if I did numerology and Tarot would be up there among the leaders.

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, everybody! Yesterday was nuts for me. Maybe it was something in the numbers? But I finally got over here...

Thanks for having me over, Karen. This topic can really get me rambling. ;)I especially like the youtube clip of that bridge! It isn't every day you can share that sweet thing. ;)

Hi, Miriam. Just get Norman Shine's NUMEROLOGY. It might make your head spin the first time you crunch numbers, but you'll be working everyone's from there on out like a pro! I think his book is a penny on I grabbed a copy at Halfpricebooks.

Thanks, AK!

P.L. Parker said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh, Skhye! You're more of a research nut than I am! Great post.

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, PL. It pays to be nutty. :) Of course, I'm waiting for the money tree to sprout in my yard.

Marie Beau said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Skhye! Another tale of runaway research? I would get so lost I would never find my way out if I did research like you, so I can understand you losing your mind. LOL

Nice to hear about what's going on in your writing. Numerology does sound really interesting. I've known people who read cards and it does nothing for me, but this....hmmmm.

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Marie. Yes, I might play with cards three times every three years. But the numbers don't change. They're very disconcerting to read. LOL It's like OMG!!! That's so true... Thanks for stopping by.

Ilona Fridl said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Skhye!
Great information. I, too, do Tarot card readings, but my deck of choice is the Ryder-Waite. My Hungarian side of the family has a history of card reading. My Grandmother had one in Hungarian.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Am I going to be tested on this post? Numbers always throw me for a loop, but your series sounds wonderful. Love fairies.
Message to Love
The Wild Rose Press

Chicks of Characterization said... Best Blogger Tips
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Chicks of Characterization said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, its amazing how much research you do!!You are like a walking encyclodpedia! I swear!

This is soooooooooooo interesting! I love everything about TAROT and numerology. Though I've never done it myself.

My mom has always been into it, but come to think of it, she hasn't done mine in many, many years.... *HINT* I may just have to get you to do my numbers!!!!!!

Great post, Skhye thanks so much for sharing!

Andrea :O)

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooooo, Ilona. YOu should write a story about your grandmother!!!

Yes, Liz. Quiz at 7 PM! ROFL

NOOOOOO, Andrea! I am not a walking encyclopedia. Really. My sister has said that all my life and it is like the most horrible thing to hear. LOL

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

And to anyone who is curious...
Fill in the form and see what numerology says about YOU for FREE!

Beth Caudill said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Skhye

Sorry to be a day late....

See that's too much effort into creating characters. This panster sees all that effort into creating names and birthdays and mentally freezes.

Although it's really cool to read about someone else doing all that work. :)

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL, Beth! Beyond the characters, there is so much more one can build. :)

Amy J Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen and Skhye,

Wow! Skhye you sure have done your research. Your interview was amazing and Karen, you did a fantastic job.

Amy Ramsey
Ramsey's Reviews

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Amy! I feared I rambled... ;) ~Skhye