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Interview with Devyn Quinn

Devyn Quinn has written a new mermaid series and she's offering to one lucky reader a chance to win a signed bundle of Siren’s Call and Siren’s Surrender. How cool is that! Read on and find out what you have to do. I promise, you won't have to grow a mermaid tail, go scuba diving and bring back a pearl or even fight off pirates. Though if you run into Jack Sparrow, no one here will mind if he joins us today. :)

So read on and enjoy!!

Devyn why don't you start out by telling us about yourself:

I live in the scenic Southwest, though I have also lived in Washington state and Arkansas, to name a few. I am a huge fan of dark gothic music & shoot-’em-up action movies. But reading is my first love and I spend too much time with history books, as well as feeding my addiction for celebrity biographies. I especially enjoy reading books on Hollywood before the 1960′s and is crazy about Marilyn Monroe, her legend and her myth.

I live with several cats, 11 ferrets, and one little single Shih Tzu doggie, Tess.

I am also the owner of several tattoos, including one based on my “Eternity” books.

As a child, I loved reading about the mythical legends of mermaids.

What inspired you to write the Dark Tides series about mermaids? Are your stories based off any of the ancient legends or have your created a completely new legend for your stories?

DQ: I was actually not so much inspired to write the Dark Tides series, as commissioned. Lindsay Nouis at NAL was looking for a dark mermaid series and I submitted a proposal, which she subsequently bought. I couldn’t use established mythos, such as Atlantis, and had to create my own from scratch.

Your upcoming release (Feb. 1st) is Siren’s Surrender. Without giving too much away, tell us what to expect.

DQ: This book picks up about a month after the events in Siren’s Call. This is Gwen, the middle sister’s book, and it deals with her feelings of alienation and the difficulty she has at being a mermaid. It also covers what it might feel like to be imprisoned for being different.

Gwen Lonike is the heroine of Siren’s Surrender.

What does she look like? What are her strengths? Her weaknesses?

DQ: LOL, Gwen is a red head and I often get smacked for stealing from The Little Mermaid, as I understand that character, too, has red hair. I honestly didn’t know, or I would have made the girls blondes! Gwen’s strengths are that she is sensible and level-headed even in the most difficult of situations. Her weakness is that she doesn’t want to be a mermaid at all.

Now that is a problem, isn't it? Poor Gwen.

Blake Whittaker is the hero of the story. Tell us about him. What does he look like? What are his strengths? Weaknesses?

DQ: Blake is one of those tall, dark hotties, LOL. He’s got commitment issues that stem back to his early abuse as a child. He also has a fear of the water. I won’t say why, but it will be hard for him to connect with a being who belongs in it!

Should we expect a romance between the hero and heroine?

DQ: Oh, definitely. The readers can expect a HEA.

Wonderful! I live for Happily-Ever-After Stories.

Do the readers need to read the Dark Tides series in order? How many books do you have planned for the series?

DQ: No, each book can stand on its own and readers can pick up what happened in previous books without having read one.

I love your books covers. They’re beautiful. Who is the cover book artist? Are the covers how you imagined them to be?

DQ: I have no say over the covers. They are provided by the publisher and I don’t know the name of the artist, though s/he is very talented!

You definitely lucked out!

What are you working on now?

DQ: I am working on Siren’s Desire, the third Dark Tides book, to release Feb 2012.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

DQ: That readers should be on the lookout for Darkness Descending, the first book in my Vampire Armageddon series. It’s due out August 2, and readers are in for one heck of a ride!

To find out more about Devyn Quinn and your wonderful stories, visit her at:

DQ: To Buy links are available on her website.


7 a.m. sharp.

Blake Whittaker stood in the lobby. At this point in the morning, sleepy-eyed people were beginning to wander through on their way to breakfast. Though small, the hotel offered a continental breakfast, complete with a smiling attendant who poured the coffee and helped patrons navigate the complexities of the waffle machine.

Considering the fact he was about to make a trip across the water, Blake had skipped eating. For one thing, he considered it an abomination to get up early and immediately begin shoveling down a meal. For the second thing, he hated boats almost as much as he did the water. During the few times he’d had the displeasure of riding in one, he’d never failed to get sick. The last thing he wanted to do was puke his guts up in front of Gwen Lonike.

It wouldn’t look professional.

So even though he was dying for a cup or two of strong hot black coffee, he’d forgo the pleasure until after he’d returned to the mainland. He planned to grab a cup at some fast-food joint.

On my way out of this hellhole, came his dark thought.

“Port Rock,” he mumbled under his breath. “Born here, raised here. Won’t look back when I leave here.”

He checked his watch again: 7:05. His tour guide was one late lady.

Blake glanced toward the front desk. A thin woman with frizzy blond hair and splotchy red skin was busy with customers. The elusive Gwen had vanished. She hadn’t been behind the desk when he’d come down from his room, ten minutes before the hour she’d agreed to meet him.

He was just about to amble over and bother the clerk when the door to the manager’s office opened.

Purse slung over one shoulder, Gwen Lonike hurried out to join him. She carried a large travel-capped coffee mug. “Sorry,” she said, blurting out her apology. “I needed a minute to wash my face and comb my hair.” She flicked a damp strand away with a distracted hand. “I’m ready when you are.”

Trying not to stare, Blake gave her a quick once-over. Though her clothes were the same as she’d worn last night, she looked fresh and crisp. A fitted white blouse hugged her breasts and narrow waist. Black slacks accentuated her long, sleekly muscled legs. Lustrous red hair cut in a modern shoulder-brushing shag framed her pert face. She wore no cosmetics. Didn’t need them, either. Nature had given her thick black lashes and full red lips, along with a smattering of cute freckles across her upturned nose. All together she looked absolutely adorable. Her only accessory was a small crystal pendant, which hung from a delicate gold chain around her neck.

A two-ton anvil could have landed on his head and he wouldn’t have noticed. Last night he’d been too tired and distracted to give her a second glance. Now he was looking closer, and he liked what he saw.

His inner temperature rising, Blake felt a shiver clamor up his spine. The fine hairs on the back of his neck stood up. His skin suddenly felt hot and too taut to stretch over his bones. There was a definite reaction going on, one he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Wow. Just wow.

He caught a whiff of the light scent she’d recently spritzed her clothing with to freshen it. The smell of crisp fresh pears almost made his mouth water. Desire sped through his brain. Though he usually didn’t get too worked up over a nice-looking female, there was something about this one that definitely set his male antennae to humming. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was, but Gwen seemed different from other women.



So are you hooked? Do you want a signed bundle of Siren’s Call and Siren’s Surrender for your very own? You do? Fantastic. All you need to do is tell Devyn why you like mermaid stories. That's it. So simple.

Please don't forget to leave your email so Devyn may contact you if you should win. Good Luck!

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Skhye Moncrief and the Importance Numerology

Karen: Let's welcome the Skhye Moncrief. She's written a fascinating post. Read on and you see what I mean. Don't forget to ask questions or just hello. Skhye would love to hear from you.

Skye: Karen asked me to blog about numerology. And I wondered how in the world to approach the subject. So, I'll just begin with my own research journey. When I first began writing my Time Guardian time-travel series, I lost my mind and decided to have an unusual mode of time travel. First, my Time Guardians travel via fairy magic, energy along the same thread as electromagnetic radiation. But there needed to be more to it. Something like... a system of calculating destinations using astrofolklore and numerology. Now, I said I lost my mind. I did.

So, how does all this astrofolklore and numerology make a man determine
where he's going to wind up traveling via fairy magic across time and space? Well, I had no idea they'd done something similar in the original Stargate movie. Or it just looks similar to me. But there's a circular portal with little symbols on the loop in the movie. And you choose the symbols that pinpoint a 3-D locality... You know what I mean. You've seen the movie. Well, my Time Guardians use Earth astrology (astronomy with stories) and the astrology from their planet of origin to determine the TIME when they will land. Then they use numerology (astrology boiled down to its basic units) to pinpoint that landing strip. Yep. It sounds a lot like what that circular portal does in Stargate. I hadn't seen that movie in years until 2010 and thought "Hell". Oh well, can't go back and do things differently. I have a series, you know. So, why did I choose numerology?

Numerology is a reflection of patterns in our world. The ancients saw the patterns and assigned them numbers. It's like hearing sounds and assigning them a symbol from the alphabet. But in numerology, every letter in the alphabet has a numerological value. So, names, birthdates, consonant sums in names, and days of the month all have values. These values give everything a certain form of resonance. Okay, you think I'm a crackpot. Really, I studied hard science forever and am only reporting what I need to know here to make the time travel work for my time guardians. ;) Once you study anthropology ad nauseum, you can blame learning unusual things on a-need-to-know basis for your characters. *snort*

Now let's think about that movie/story Dune. What's that hero's name? Mawdibe? Remember when it's spoken there's a huge surge of energy that shoots out like a wall and knocks the bad guys on their arses? That's resonance. Every letter in the alphabet and number from 1-9 has a certain power associated with it. And that power is in your name, nickname, favorite color, the sign you're born under, even the value of all the vowels summed up in your name. You have a certain vibration. Yep. I'm nuts. Okay. My characters are because my goal is to get down to the bottom of everything they think--all their goals, motivations, and conflicts in my stories.

To put resonance in a visual form you can relate to... Check out this bridge failure from the wind blowing at just the right speed and making just the right sound.
's explanation

Now, resonance in my Time Guardian series is all about the energy that my time travelers use to cross time and space. See, a simple explanation. Throw in some poetic license, and it's not so nutty a process.

But how do you use numerology to make your characters real? First of all, each character has a birthdate just like in astrology and Tarot. Numerology is just the foundation of both of those. You can use numerology to predict the future exactly the way astrology and Tarot does. Tarot is more of a method to choose the best path to deal with imminent situations. The symbolism in all three is the same--based on the numbers between 1-9. Any numbers larger than 9 are reduced to 1-9. For example, 10 would be reduced by adding 1+0=1, and 1 would be the number used for whatever reason to deduce the issue at hand. Personalities are 1-9. Some numerology books allow you to leave the numbers in their original forms through 20 or 30. That's okay. Just stick with those books to deal with the meanings of the numbers. I don't feel I'm expert enough to just ditch one system for another. And to me, the pictures in Tarot require too much memorization of a story to keep me interested in a Tarot deck enough to use it. I just stick with the base numbers.

There are a few exceptions with numbers. These are called Master Numbers. Master numbers are the base numbers 1-9 that are the the "nth" power, i.e. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. My given name at birth has two 11s and one 33. I don't fancy this good. 11 is Aries on steroids. 33 is the number of Christ--passion and obsession. So, oy! But females in a male-dominated society have the lovely perk of their given names changing upon marriage! Wahoo for me!!! Yes, as a woman in the West, your resonance changes upon marriage. And if you take on a new nickname (known name) at some point in your life, you might notice your luck changing. Seriously, my friend went from Beth to Elizabeth and her life went to Hell in a handbag. I kid you not. She lost her job. Her husband quit his job. She decided he was useless. She left him. And more... I'll stop there. I actually told her about this resonance thing. Mostly because she's the one who explained to me that she had always paid for Tarot readings with one expert but when she really wanted to get down and dirty with her near future, she went to her friend the numerology expert. She said that man could tell her more about her life than anyone on the planet, including her. ;) But she doesn't give a hoot about name resonance. *sigh* I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

Numerology has been crunched for thousands of years and is still crunched in the Old World. When someone goes to an expert to determine if their marriage to someone will work, that expert looks at numerological charts. Remember, when combining two things they mix or they don't. ;) This is really good stuff for romance authors! Okay, enough of my insane rambling. If you'd like to play with numerology in a story, my favorite books are:

Norman Shine's NUMEROLOGY

Kathleen McCormack's TAROT DECODER

The last book is for Tarot spreads. I like it best because it explains card meaning by placement both right-side up and inverted in the 13-card
Celtic Cross spread. A few other spreads are provided with basic meanings of each card's position.

My favorite Tarot deck, simply because it has no-nonsense symbolism and 1-2 words noting its most significant meaning on the front, is Lucy Cavendish's THE ORACLE TAROT. I tossed all the other decks I tried to use to understand what was going o
n with Tarot way back when... Why torture myself? And for anyone who wants to know what the purpose of Tarot cards is, read through page 7 of Rachel Pollack's THE FOREST OF SOULS. She brought everything together for this scientifically-inclined mind. :)

As for what I'm writing now, I jumped off the other side of my cliff and combined
winter solstice 2012 legends with alien abduction stories, psychics, and werewolves & vampires to create my werewolf space opera. I never liked vanilla ice cream without chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, sprinkles, caramel sauce, and whipped topping! Oh, we mustn't forget the Dr. Pepper Cherry sauce... My FERAL series is with New Concepts Publishing. Book 1, FERAL FASCINATIONS, is available now in e-format or print. Book 2, FERAL FLAW, will be released Feb. 11th! And Book 3, FERAL FEVER, will be released March 18th!

Thanks for having me over, Karen. I so love to ramble. ;) ~Skhye

Available titles:
Skhye's books on Kindle

Skhye's books at Fictionwise

Skhye's books on Nook

Skhye's books at All Romance E-books

Skhye online: &

Karen: Thank yo so much for being with us today and sharing your behind the scenes of tales. It's been a real pleasure having you here again.

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Interview with Susan Roebuck

We have today with us Susan Roebuck, author of the Perfect Score. Her story won the Nov. 2010 Reader's Choice for Best Cover, Best First Line and Best Last Line! Please give Susan a warm welcome. Feel free to leave a comment or ask her a question. She's offering two pdf copies of her book to two lucky winners, too. So read on and find out what you need to do.

Tell us about yourself:

I was born and brought up in the UK, which is where I met my husband who’s Portuguese. We came to Portugal and since then I’ve been teaching English as a Foreign Language, first of all for the British Council and latterly for the Portuguese Civil Service.

What inspired you to write Perfect Score? Why did you choose to set your story in the 1960s?

LOL, this is longer than my biography! I never set out to write Perfect Score – it wrote itself. I went on a holiday to Upstate New York and fell in love with the Catskills, and particularly with a small village not far from Woodstock. I adored the aged hippies who floated around, selling their wares in small incense (incense? ahem) scented gift-shops. Even the long-haired local golf-pro was into levitation. I adored it. So I first set Perfect Score in Woodstock (which explains the 1960s) and Alex was a singer at the Festival. Sam was a woman – yes a woman! But this character became so flawed that I just had to make him a man (sorry, gentlemen, I don’t mean that as it sounds – but a woman would never have survived in the same way Sam did). So, without an operation, Sam changed sex. And he had to work – but at what? Outdoor work was the only choice, so I had him on a farm and relocated him to the other side of the country which is famous for agriculture. There. Does that answer your question? Probably not…

I think you answered the question perfectly. Funny, how our characters take on a life of their own and dictate who they want to be :)

Tell us about Alex Finch. What does he look like? What kind of man is he? What are his strengths? His weaknesses?

Oh Alex. I loved writing his voice. He is such a ditz to start out with, wearing his sexy leather pants and white Egyptian cotton shirts, but he’s had a hard time of it too even though he lives at the other end of the economic spectrum to Sam. Alex is tall, but tends to hunch due to his insecurities. That’s why he’s got long, flowing raven black locks which he can use to cover his face. Apart from being a talented singer, song-writer, he’s also very good looking and attractive to women. However, he’s too scared, thanks to his controlling uncle, to realize his ambition and dreams. At the start he’s selfish, spoilt and inward-looking. But that’s because he’s constructed this sphere around himself where he’s safe and doesn’t have to view the real world which has dealt him a few thumps. Sam’s seemingly lack of interest in him is the last straw of disappointment that sends him spiraling towards alcoholism. Later you’ll see he’s really very observant, kind and generous but these traits only become apparent when he’s around Sam who he never gives up on and who he’s prepared to fight his worst enemy for.

Tell us about Sam Barowdale. What does he look like? What kind of man is he? What are his strengths? His weaknesses?

I had to write Sam’s part of the book in third person because no-one, not even Sam, can get into his head which is, at the best of times, in chaos. He’s shorter than Alex, probably only about five foot seven, skinny, he cuts his thick brown hair himself so that it resembles a mop. He’s wiry, though, and has true strength both of body and mind. Alex’s mother says that Sam has amber eyes and Alex says Sam’s eyes can see right into the core of a person. He’s so perceptive. He plays down his awful upbringing so it’s only touched upon in the book but we do know he ended up at twelve years old on the streets. This has led to his toughness because, although he’s small, he can take on the biggest ruffian and win. He’s such a sweetie, though. He just lives and works to keep his disabled sister in good accommodation without relying on the State. And he has a wicked sense of humor – he is extremely bright and can memorize information that he’s heard and spout it verbatim to the utter amazement of the listener who, until that moment, considered him to be a “retard”.

You touch basis about dyslexia and stuttering. How much research went into learning about both disabilities?

As I mentioned, I trained as a teacher and I saw dyslexia in its mild form. A colleague, though, did specialize in it and she gave me some pointers. It’s not certain that Sam does suffer from dyslexia because, if he does, his is a very severe form of it. If you have dyslexia, you don’t necessarily stutter. I think Sam’s stutter stems more from his caution about being with other people because he doesn’t stutter with those he loves.

Do you have a favorite reference book?

The one that really struck me was written in something like 1932! It’s “Becoming a Writer” by Dorothea Brande. It’s more an inspirational guide and some of her advice is spot on today. I especially loved her suggestion to be two people: “let the unconscious run wild and the conscious weed out what is right and wrong”.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers?

As soon as some people see that the story is about two men they immediately turn away, saying it’s not for them. But the story is more suspense than romance and, unusual for an M/M book, there’s no erotica at all. I wanted to portray their relationship as something entirely natural – there’s no doubt in the main characters’ minds that they’re homosexual and so no awful crises of doubts or identity, or even denial. I also don’t preach at all about it in the book. Their love is secondary to the story, however. I wanted to, as I say in the blurb, to show two men struggling to show their worth in a world that is full of corruption, cruelty and injustice.

Susan's blog:

To buy link:

Short Excerpt:

Chapter One: Sam

Spring 1968

The wind blew straight off the frozen prairie and rattled the ill-fitting window panes in his hut. Sam opened one eye. Five am. Don't ask him how he knew. It wasn't the owl hoot, or the coyote yip, or the creek ice splitting, or even the cattle coughing that gave it away because these noises were constant throughout the night. He just knew it was time to get up.

He rolled out from under the warmth of an old moth-eaten wolf pelt and, without bothering to light his paraffin lamp, pulled on jeans and a stiff-with-wear plaid work-shirt. He laced up scruffy, ancient leather boots before finishing it all off with a green wool jacket.

I'll block those holes with creek mud, he thought as the wind whistled through the gaps in the raw-wood plank walls. He put his shoulder to the door. Oil for that too--maybe Josh Pike had some in the barn.

He'd hardly put his left foot outside when snow seeped through a hole in the boot sole. Standing on one leg, he broke the ice in his ceramic sink, splashed the small amount of water pooled there on his face and drank a handful.

Six hours of shoveling hay and muck, he thought as his boots rang on the iced-up alkali path leading to the main yard. A Canadian goose hooted a teasing honk. Laugh all you want, birdie, Sam stuffed his hands in his pockets and hunched his shoulders. At least I'm not up to my butt in freezing water. Just my left foot. His hair blown horizontal, he bent into the biting wind and squinted through stinging hail as three yellow cow dogs rushed up the path, their tails whirling, breath white and freezing on their whiskers.

"Can't find a darn cow dog when I want one," he'd heard Josh Pike complain the previous day.

"That's because they're always with the boy," Mrs. Pike responded. "Sam."

"But I feed 'em."

"Animals love Sam because he has such a kind face, and everyone knows amber eyes make the animals feel lucky."

"Never heard such a load of horse poop in all my life," Josh Pike muttered, his eyes skimming his land.

The Pike place had pretensions to be a ranch, but Sam didn't think it quite made it. Divided into three sections: a creek, steep terrain and some disordered pastures lying in a flood plain, the property bordered the much larger Raw Pines ranch next door. Josh Pike told Sam he'd worked the land for twenty years but, as far as Sam could see, with little to show for it except the old man's love for the place which was as rigid as the winter weather: driving stinging snowstorms that stank of rusty nails. And a wind that could blow a calf over.

Three hours later, the range in the distance just visible across the frozen prairie, Sam removed his jacket, hung it on a gate post and pondered his next task.

He took a closer look at the steer lying on its side, kicking its legs and bellowing as if Sam was about to knife it. Can't have been easy forcing your darned head through the rails in the fence, he thought. He rolled his sleeves up, picked up an axe and got to work on the fence rail with several powerful swings, taking care not to jolt the animal's head.

"Cain't you smell that good air?" Josh Pike had clambered onto a section of the fence, unaware or uncaring that he was tossed up a few inches every time the axe hit the rail. He raised his weathered face to the watery sun with all the pleasure and leisure of a sunbather on a distant beach. "Have to punch the bastard to get him in the chute." He nodded at the struggling steer, his words jarring with each blow of the axe. "Yet he done put his head through the fence happy as a flea. Takes some beatin' huh?"

Sam had no breath for words, but Pike continued undeterred. "Betcha we could show them folks you worked with in Silver Creek a thing or two, eh boy? On how to run a cattle ranch. Betcha learned more up here in this month than you did in the three years you were down there. Eh?" He leaned closer to Sam, his face alight as he waited for Sam's affirmative. "Eh?"

"Near...nearly," Sam gasped, referring to the fence.

With one final massive blow, the axe-head wobbled as it finally split the fence rail. Sam kicked at the steer's rump to encourage it up and watched it skitter back to the herd, still bellowing its woes.

"You reckon you could slaughter beef?"

"If...if I have to."

The old man nodded as if satisfied with the answer. "Make some people weep. So pretty."

Sam rubbed his hand over his face. Like so many conversations in his life, this one made no sense at all. Why was the old man leaping from subject to subject like a demented grasshopper? And what was pretty? The back end of the rapidly retreating steer or a slaughtered cow?

"The view," Josh Pike explained although Sam hadn't voiced his question. The old man nodded at the distant range where the peaks were shining pink like his bald pate. "And you know little guys like us can."

Sam raised his eyes to the gun-metal grey sky above them. Can what? Sam was the first to admit that even on a good day his own mind was at best in total disarray, but it wasn't in the chaos Josh Pike's evidently was.

"Cry. Cry at the view." Josh spoke as if explaining to a first grader. "Little guys get away with it. Betcha bawled when you left your family in Silver Creek. Eh?"

Bawled? Cry? Sam stared at the farm owner in disbelief. Sure he'd been sorry to leave-Silver Creek held all he loved. But cry? Sam couldn't remember the last time he'd cried. When did he last cry? He wracked his brains.

Give away

Two PDF copies of Perfect Score will be given away to two lucky winners. Two people who give the best reasons why they want to read the the Perfect Score will win be the winners.

Thanks Karen for letting me guest-blog with you – you’re a star.

It's been a pleasure having you here.

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Interview with Angie Skelhorn

Angie Skelhorn, author of a heart-stopping novel of attraction and self discovery is here to tell us about her new release, No Reins.

Let's start by telling us about yourself.

I am the fifth child born into a farming family located in Canada. My days are spent surrounded by close friends and family. I live my year following the Celtic calendar by practising old rites, crafts and customs.

I groom horses for local owners/trainers at harness-racing tracks in the Toronto area.

Tell us about your latest release and where is it available?

Coming on the heels of my e
-book On The Edge, is No Reins, a serious coming-of-age theme and is available at

Tell us about the story without giving too much away.

Love at first sight shakes Angel to her core. No doubt her lov
e is real she up and leaves her security for life at a harness-racing track. Tensions begin to rise in her new environment. Even though she is devoted to Stephen her insecurities creep in. She finds herself going in a new direction. A direction that wasn't her. She experiences a lot of dips and dives as she tries to sustain her sanity.

The times she feels pain, fear, frustration and anger Stephen comes through for her in a very big way.

Why do you write?

I hope to inspire others that the impossible is possible.

What has been the most rewardin
g aspects of being a full-time writer?

When I first submitted to agents and publishers everybody turned me down. Away from the nay sayers I kept writing and editing. I found for the hours I wrote became a heightened form of life. For that time I escaped from real life and created a world of my own. If I had struggles I'd write them out.

In the end I was ready when preparation met opportunity. Now I'm on the verge of having the life I dreamt. I am blessed to able to do what I enjoy doing immersed in country living and harness racing.

Where can you be found on the web?

You can reach me online directly via the comments section of my blog or Also you can visit my writing life at

I also can be found on Good Reads, Author Nation, Fiction Factor Form, The Witches Voice and Facebook.

Thank you for your time.


Thank you for being here today. I wish you the best of luck with your new release.