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Interview with Cynthia Vespia

Cynthia Vespia is the author of contemporary suspense and paranormal thrillers. Let's give her a warm welcome.

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Hi Cynthia. Please tell us a little about yourself:

I started writing early on in life because I was drawn to the freedom of creating different worlds and populating them with all kinds of characters. My passion for it only got stronger in time and I decided I wanted to make it my career after reading Dean Koontz novel Intensity. I thought if I could inspire the same emotions in readers that he did to me it would be a fantastic

experience...turns out I was right. My writing is mostly contemporary suspense but I do cater to some fantasy now and then as well.

Your new paranormal thriller is Life, Death and Back. Tell us a little about this enthralling read?

Life, Death, and Back was written in the spirit of all classic thrillers and suspense novels, but it carries with it crossover appeal. The phenomena of ghosts and angels is a widely discussed topic spreading to many channels. There are many who have seen and experienced things not completely explainable. This novel is intended for them as well.

What inspired you to write the tale?

The idea to write Life, Death, and Back came from a need to delve into the mysteries of death and the afterlife. At an early age I had to overcome some tough losses to my immediate family. Dealing with such tragedy sticks with you, it becomes part of your soul, and is probably reflective in this story. The novel is a fast-paced thrill ride that asks and answers alot of questions. How will we be remembered? Who will we leave behind? What is our legacy? And most importantly how can we make a difference while we still live? Not often in life do we get second chances. We make our mistakes and must continue on, hopefully a little wiser having learned from the experience.

What unfinished business does Bryan Caleb have? Does he willingly want to take on the task?

In the wake of his death Bryan Caleb begins to realize how precious living is and how much he'd taken for granted. Now he has unfinished business. In exchange for more time on earth Bryan has been granted guardianship. Even as he struggles with his own mortality Bryan must find the compassion within himself to help guide Lisa Zane, an emotionally and spiritually drained young girl, through her troubled life to find her true purpose. For it is only with Lisa's help that Bryan can rescue his very own son from the life of crime he has fallen into before Kriticos Caleb's fate mirrors his father' death.

Tell us about Lisa Zane. What is her first impression when she meets Bryan?

She's a non-believer at first so hearing the voice of an angel or ghost somewhat scares her. Through all her pain Lisa has built walls and a tough exterior to protect herself. As she goes on and becomes more accepting of Bryan's help she starts to soften and gradually find her way back upon her path.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I love the feedback from readers. When they describe a scene or character the way I had envisioned it myself when laying it out on the page then I know I did my job well. And for me creating these stories is just like reading them for the first time myself. I have every bit of fun writing it as the reader does turning the pages because I honestly don't know what to expect next. I have a general idea going in but sometimes the story or character will take a sharp left when I was expecting to go right.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I'm doing an edit on my suspense set in Las Vegas to give it that “twist” I love interjecting into my novels. After that I'm a kid in a candy store because I've got several strong plots to choose from. It's just a matter of sitting down and getting started.

Do you have a favorite book on writing or reference book? If so, which one?

Yes, “On Writing” by Stephen King. Who else do you learn from but the master himself!

Tell the readers where they can find you:

My official website is

I'm also on Facebook under Cynthia Vespia or Author Cynthia Vespia and at

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Keep all the the great feedback coming! I love to hear from my readers.

Excerpt, too.


The first sojourn from life to death was very much the epitome of birth. Brilliant flashes of light were aglow all around bathing snapshots of memory, minute but hardly trivial.

When the ride stopped and the suspension of disbelief released him, Bryan was curious to find his own corpse stretched out at his feet. It lay on the grassy lawn in front of his office building, twenty feet from where he had initially been walking.

The corpse, his corpse, stared up at him through one wide eye. Sightless now it still echoed the feeling of shock that he had felt the very moment the vehicle had struck him.

Though he wanted to look away from the tragic scene utter terror and confusion gripped him still. Pedestrians and motorists surrounded the accident and sirens wailed in the distance. He was oblivious to it all.

All Bryan wanted to do was crawl back inside his body, stand up and say, "Hey, look at me, I'm fine. Not a scratch." Then there were strong impulses pulling him into the belief that this was just a nightmare. At any moment he was going to resp

ond with a shudder and a cold sweat but he would wake, frantic at first, until he found himself in bed next to his lovely wife, Holly.

He hadn't bothered to wake her that morning. She was radiantly aglow in her pregnancy as she slept. It was their very first child and they were overjoyed to be experiencing this miracle after only one year of marriage.

Bryan had kissed her on the cheek and gone on his way to the law firm. His place of business was another joyful experience to be able to share with Holly. Bryan was the youngest of his class to seek and sustain a substantial position within a reputable law firm. Of course it helped that his father had owned and maintained the firm since Bryan had been a boy. But now it was his own, inheriting it when his father had passed away just two years after Bryan had graduated from law school.

It was an unusually cloudy day in Stanford, but nevertheless Bryan was in an upbeat mood. Whistling as he crossed the street to his offices he had never even seen the drunk driver's vehicle coming. Perhaps he had not wanted to. As the sayi

ng goes he had been looking upon the world with rose-colored glasses up to that point. No harm could befall him, he was indestructible. Throughout life Bryan had truly felt blessed, now it was all gone. In an instant his entire life had been snuffed out. His promising future was no more. All that was left was another casualty in the war of drinking and driving. He was no longer Bryan Adam Caleb outstanding lawyer, loving husband, expectant father, and genuine nice guy. Now he was just another statistic.

But Bryan didn't understand what was happening. If he was dead, why was he still on this Earth? What happened to the other side? So many unanswered questions tore through his mind.

He refused to believe it.

As paramedics encompassed the accident scene Bryan turned and ran. His mind was in frenzy and he just needed to get away, get some space to determine what in the world was going on.

His pace quickened to the point where he felt as though he had wings and could lift off. Finally he came to a stop at the end of the block and to his surprise he was not at all fatigued. His leg muscles did not ache and he was not breathing heavy. In fact, he was not breathing at all.

Still in disbelief he went to check his pulse for some sign that he was still alive. His fingers passed straight through his arm. There was no solidity to his wrist at all. He tried two more times with nothing but the same result.

Bryan looked around frantically for help. With his head on a swivel, something above him caught his eye. Lights gleamed up in the sky like as though a great crystal was wedged between two clouds precariously placed for the sun to shine off it.

He stood awed looking at the magnificent colors waning in every direction. It brought him a smile and a sense of peace. After a moment he even thought he glimpsed his loving father's face high above beckoning him to come forward and join him.

Bryan began to imagine just how nice it would be to be at his father's side again and to see his mother again in perfect and simple bliss.

The lights shone brighter and began to descend down towards him. Bryan stood stock still as they came closer and closer. The bright glare was such that he had to close his eyes but the pleasant images still remained. He felt his feet lift off the ground and he began to rise up with the jubilation.

Many wondrous memories were encompassing him now. Simple joys he new as a boy, more substantial and rich emotions of love and faith and virtue that he'd experienced as a man. Those worlds of days long since past were uniting on a grand scale and lifting Bryan up higher and higher into ecstasy the likes of which he had never known before. But with this cataclysm of extraordinary peace came relevance and a fear.

This illuminated structure of memories was a portal allowing him access to the other side. It was the ever after, bounty and life everlasting would be soon to come. Bryan's time here on Earth had been full but was now over. But he wasn't ready to leave yet.

"No," he stated. His voice was low at first as he still clung to the tranquility of the descending portal and the majesty of what it was.

He tried hard to shake it off, feeling indifference of a strong nature. Something was wrong. He did not belong here, not now. There was too much left for him to do. He did not want to leave his unborn child fatherless. The Caleb Family Law Practice was on a steady rise; Bryan needed to leave his legacy before he left this Earth.

As his will to stay grew stronger and stronger he shouted "No!" more defiantly than before and this time it broke him away from the suction of the light.

To find out what happens, watch for the release of Life, Death, and Back coming 2010.

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***Contest: Cynthia is giving away one e-book copy of Demon Hunter: The Chosen One to one lucky person today. All you have to do is ask her a question or leave a comment and you're entered. Don't forget to include your email so Cynthia may contact you if you should win. Good Luck!

Here's a quick synopsis.

Do you know what horrors lie beyond these pages? Costa Calabrese has just uncovered the truth about his past. Some truths should never be revealed. When you learn youre the son of the worlds foremost and feared hunter of demons, lifes rules inevitably change. Now Costa has been chosen to walk in his famed father's footsteps and take up the role his bloodline demands of him...whether he wants to or not. He is a killer of killers, laying waste to the scourge of evil that threatens the existence of mankind. He is the chosen one. He is the Demon Hunter.


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Thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your new release.

Readers, grab your favorite drink and meet us back here to chat.

Aubbie said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations on the new book Cynthia. I'm happy I was able to meet you and I wish you all the best!

Jules said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Cynthia,

Congrats on the new book!

How do you feel about life after death? Do you think it exists? What is the soul and what is it made of?

Cynthia Vespia said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for having me Karen. too crazy girl!

Jules, I most definitely believe in life after death and that there is a bigger plane of existence out there somewhere. What is the soul made of? What a great question! That's something I haven't thought long about. Off the cuff I'd say it is made up of our experiences. When we are born it is a clean slate and as we go through different events in our lives we develop our soul and thus become who we are as people. What do you think?

BTW guys, please leave an email so I can contact the winner and send your prize!

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Cynthia I do love where your going with your new book and all the talk about the after life. It is one that I will be adding to my wish list.


Jules said... Best Blogger Tips

I believe that everything in the universe is made of the same basic material, the soul being no exception. I also believe that after death we return to this life to begin it again as someone else, and that the memories of our past lives are locked in the parts of our brain that we aren't using, which is quite a bit. Therefore, we are all connected, and what some might call God is the power that well possess, what connects us to one another. A power which can be channeled by each person, if they try. That explains why not only good people prosper, because the power is not dependent on morality.

Sorry, I'll jump off that soapbox now. :)

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

King's "On Writing" is on my bookshelf too!

Cynthia Vespia said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks again guys! I realize I didn't say when the contest would be over. Check back here after Thanksgiving....BLACK FRIDAY will have your winner announcement!

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Congratulations on the new book.

Shanriel said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Cynthia,

I really loved the cover to Demon Hunter and I hope to be able to get a copy. I love reviewing books for people. Shh, even my husbands LOL.

Anyways, much luck in the future...

Shanriel Rentale

Cynthia Vespia said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi guys, I'm choosing a winner today and that lucky person is...drumroll please...Shanriel! Congratulations!!

I hope everyone enjoys Life, Death, and Back.