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Victory Tales Presents their Christmas Collections!

Let's Welcome the Authors of Victory Tales Press! They're here today to share their wonderful new stories of romance in every genre from sweet to spicy. There's something here for everyone. So grab your hot cocoa or your favorite glass of wine and indulge! The authors will be popping in throughout the day, so feel free to ask them questions or just say hello. The more the merrier.

A Christmas Collection Anthology: Sweet

Christmas with Hope by Anne Patrick

Hope Erickson, a Blackhawk pilot, and Nick Cunningham, an army ranger, renew their acquaintance on the battlefields of Iraq. Will they risk their hearts to one another or does fate have other plans in store for them?

A Christmas Full of Memories by Markee Anderson

Piper Sage knows the man who enters her travel agency franchise is trouble from the moment he tells her he's the owner's son. He demands an old-fashioned Christmas, with a ready-made family…and Piper has to deliver.

Severed Hearts by Laurean Brooks

Julie Blanton's dream is realized when shy Johnny Michaels all but professes his undying love. When he enlists two days later without so much as a goodbye, her world crashes. Will these severed hearts survive?

An Unexpected Holidate by Evie Alexis

Audrey Christensen, legal secretary, is in no mood for Christmas cheer. Defense attorney, Tom Finster, generally hates the holidays. Will the duo move past all that and make a little Christmas magic of their own?

Homecoming by Cheryl Pierson

A holiday skirmish sends Union officer, Jack Durham, on an unlikely mission for a dying Confederate soldier—his enemy. Will the miracle of Christmas be able to heal his heart in the face of what awaits him?

A Christmas Collection Anthology: Sensual

Scarlet Ribbons by Cheryl Pierson

Miguel Rivera is known as El Diablo. Men avoid meeting his eyes in fear of his gun. Persuaded by a street vendor, he makes a foolish holiday purchase—two scarlet ribbons. Can a mysterious priest and the miracle of the Scarlet Ribbons set Miguel on a new path?

The Proposal by Diane Craver

Jacqueline Andrews hopes her boyfriend is giving her an engagement ring for her birthday. Her best friend, Tyler Jordan, wants Jacqueline to be happy, but not with Brad. Will Tyler's hot kisses sway her? Or is she going to marry Brad?

My Life and Times with Nickolopolus Christog Cringelenstien Clausener by Charlotte Raby

Miranda Jane, a milk bar waitress at the North Pole, looks forward to the end of her shift, but one last customer turns an ordinary work night into something magical. MJ's letter to the world answers how she became Mrs. Claus and what it's like being married to a famous elf!

Angel and the Cowboy by Celia Yeary

U.S. Marshal Max Garrison meets lovely Daniella Sommers and his life changes. Daniella has been different her entire life, with dusky skin and black hair. When Max Garrison enters her lonely world, will she learn love is all that matters?

A Christmas Collection Anthology: Stimulating

Christmas in Bayeaux by Stephanie Burkhart

The ravages of war have taken their toll on Aiden and he travels to Bayeaux, France, on a pilgrimage of sorts. Noel provides a place for him to stay and acts as his guide. Will Noel be able to help him feel again and can Aiden find what he is searching for?

Mars Needs Men by Gerald Costlow

Carla, a communication specialist, tries to help an astronaut who will be in space for another year not have an unhappy Christmas. Now she is the one with a problem. Next Christmas the astronauts will return and her secret will be revealed. She needs a Christmas miracle.

Fast Forward Love by Rita Hestand

Connie and Ed are both widowed and everyone thinks they would make a great couple. Connie is interested, but Ed seems to have an on-again, off-again attitude that rocks her self confidence and adds to her loneliness. What is wrong with her? Or is it him?

Wanted by Karen Michelle Nutt

Emma Kelly is convinced her Christmas wish has come true when outlaw JoBeth Riley is brought into town. Sheriff Jace Kelly must keep JoBeth from being broken out by the outlaw gang. JoBeth finds the Kellys a strange lot when forced to spend Christmas with them.

A Christmas Collection Anthology: Spicy

Feliz Navidad by Kit Prate

Gabriel Hawkins wants vengeance for a boy's death. The son of a powerful man is to blame, but Hawkins won't let that stop him. Will his reputation as El Angel de la Muerte (The Angel of Death) mean his own death as Christmas draws near?

Underneath the Mistletoe by C. A. Paris

Scott Helling allows his best friend, Tiffany Ashby, to talk him into playing Santa for a group of children. Tiffany has waited ages for Scott to see her in a romantic light. When circumstances force a passionate kiss underneath the mistletoe, will their relationship finally change?

White Christmas by Cheryl Pierson

Since her divorce, ER nurse, Carlie Thomas, works on Christmas. This year she’s taking a break. What she gets instead is an unexpected houseguest who needs special care after being injured in a fire. Could this Christmas spark a new, beautiful friendship…or something more?

The Hands of Time by Laura Shinn

Lady Graciela Scott is imprisoned in a snow globe after seeing Lord Kennith Whittingham die. Centuries later, she is released when Ken Montgomery finds the globe. They must find a solution to reverse the spell or she will return to the snow globe forever.

To purchase your copies of the Christmas Collections, please visit Victory Tales Press Links are available to all the major online bookstores. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Interview with Cynthia Gael

Today we have two guest authors, who write under the pen name Cynthia Gael. They've cleverly given their pen name a life, personality and chance to tell her stories in the young adult series The Balefire Chronicles. Let's give a Cynthia D. Witherspoon and K.G. McAbee aka Cynthia Gael a warm welcome!

Tell the readers about Cynthia Gael. (Bio of your ‘pen name’.)

Cynthia Gael lives in South Carolina in a small log cabin built in 1817. She writes in a loft described to her, years before she saw it, by a psychic, thus influencing her already vast interest in psychic phenomena. Her other interests include: all forms of paranormal phenomena, history, literature, the literature of history, the history of literature, and dogs. She is a firm believer in magic in all its forms, thus she believes she’s lived many times before. Cynthia often draws inspiration from these past lives, where she existed in ancient Egypt, medieval France and Victorian England, among other places and times.

Be sure to explore the Balefire Universe further in Book Two: BALEFIRE AND LODESTONE (coming soon) and visit her website at:

You’ve taken a pen name to a new level, creating an alter ego who writes for a living. What inspired you to do this?

CDW: In all honesty, because our names together are quite a mouthful. And there’s something mysterious about using a pseudonym, don’t you think? So very…1940s...

Tell us about your new series, The Balefire Chronicles. How many books are in the series so far? Please list the titles for the readers. How many do you have planned? Do you need to read them in order?

CDW: Oh, this is a great series! Mystery and magic, witches and the men who fall madly in love with them thanks to a deadly curse…what’s not to love? So far, we’ve gotten two books completed with the first one, Balefire and Moonstone available through the Gypsy Shadow Publishing website, Barnes and Noble, and The second in the series, Balefire and Lodestone, is coming out this next week, and we’re currently writing the third, Balefire and Bloodstone for National Novel Writing Month.

As far as how many we have planned, we don’t have a set number. It all depends on our ideas, and our characters, and what they tell us to write. I would say you definitely need to read them in order. After all, you can’t start a love story in the middle now, can you?

In Balefire and Moonstone, we meet Tommy Hopkins. Tell us a little about this character. Personality and what he looks like.

CDW: Tommy is our example of the classic hero. Torn between his love for Anya and his dedication to his family, he finds that the choice has already been made for him thanks to the curse placed on his ancestors. Personality wise? He’s a sweetie. He’s funny. And he’s devoted to those he loves. Looks wise? Tommy embodies the classic Witchfinder General look passed down throughout the generations. Tall, blonde, blue eyes. He’s a cutie!

Tell us about Anya Blanchett. What is her first impression after meeting Tommy? What is Tommy’s first impression of Anya?

CDW: Anya’s a Chosen One, a witch, who discovers her power is fire around the same time she meets Tommy. Sure, she grew up in a small Southern town, but due to the prejudices and fears of people, our girl is pretty isolated when she meets Tommy.

Her first impression of him isn’t about his looks. Or the money which his family has thanks to WFG. Instead, she’s afraid she will end up causing him to be isolated too. And that she’ll hurt him somehow. That said, Anya is drawn to him and does a binding spell to make him her own. Little does she know there is a much deeper magic working to force them together.

Tommy’s immediate reaction is to ignore Anya when he sees her during his first day of class at her high school because everyone else does. But then (without giving too much away) he meets her and when he gets a good look at her eyes, he is drawn towards her too.

How much research went into your series?

CDW: We research as we go. Most of the magic in the books (and the Chosen Ones) are based off pagan spells and beliefs. And there really was a Matthew Hopkins who proclaimed himself England’s Witchfinder General. We did research on him too.

As the story continues to unfold throughout the series, we do research where it is needed. Places, history, science. You name it, we’ve probably looked it up.

Do you have a favorite research book or website you’d like to share?

CDW: Google and Wikipedia are my mainstays. I don’t think I’d know anything without those two websites!

Do you cast your characters using pictures or actors to help inspire your writing?

CDW: We didn’t at first, but now that the world is growing larger by the second, we do. Check out our Character Studies page on and you’ll see what we mean. We’ve put up pictures to help our readers visualize the characters; to make the world a little more real for them.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

CDW: Right now, we’re working on the third book of The Balefire Chronicles: Balefire and Bloodstone. But we have a steampunk series of novellas we’re working on based out of the Balefire universe, and short stories, and…and…You know, there’s just too many ideas between the two of us. But we’ll get them all down someday!

Tell the readers where they can find you: (website, facebook, twitter, blogs)

CDW: Our website is, of course. But we are also on Facebook (visit our website and click on the ‘befriend us’ button at the very bottom of the homepage) and Twitter…and we have a blog, too. Its at

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

CDW: We’d like to thank all of our readers, and especially our friends in the UK! They helped Balefire and Moonstone reach #65 on’s Bestseller list for Young Adult Romances this week, and we’re so thankful to them!

Don’t forget to add the ‘to buy links’.

We’re also on and Barnes and! I didn’t add the links here simply because they are so long.

CDW: We’d love to hear more from our fans. Currently, if you have read Balefire and Moonstone, and will be kind enough to leave us a comment on either or, send us a note to say you’ve done so. We’ll send you a personalized thank you card (a real one if you give us your address!) signed by Cynthia Gael herself!

Very cool indeed.

Thanks so much for coming by and chatting with us today! It’s been a real pleasure.

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Interview with Cynthia Vespia

Cynthia Vespia is the author of contemporary suspense and paranormal thrillers. Let's give her a warm welcome.

***Contest info below. So read on.

Hi Cynthia. Please tell us a little about yourself:

I started writing early on in life because I was drawn to the freedom of creating different worlds and populating them with all kinds of characters. My passion for it only got stronger in time and I decided I wanted to make it my career after reading Dean Koontz novel Intensity. I thought if I could inspire the same emotions in readers that he did to me it would be a fantastic

experience...turns out I was right. My writing is mostly contemporary suspense but I do cater to some fantasy now and then as well.

Your new paranormal thriller is Life, Death and Back. Tell us a little about this enthralling read?

Life, Death, and Back was written in the spirit of all classic thrillers and suspense novels, but it carries with it crossover appeal. The phenomena of ghosts and angels is a widely discussed topic spreading to many channels. There are many who have seen and experienced things not completely explainable. This novel is intended for them as well.

What inspired you to write the tale?

The idea to write Life, Death, and Back came from a need to delve into the mysteries of death and the afterlife. At an early age I had to overcome some tough losses to my immediate family. Dealing with such tragedy sticks with you, it becomes part of your soul, and is probably reflective in this story. The novel is a fast-paced thrill ride that asks and answers alot of questions. How will we be remembered? Who will we leave behind? What is our legacy? And most importantly how can we make a difference while we still live? Not often in life do we get second chances. We make our mistakes and must continue on, hopefully a little wiser having learned from the experience.

What unfinished business does Bryan Caleb have? Does he willingly want to take on the task?

In the wake of his death Bryan Caleb begins to realize how precious living is and how much he'd taken for granted. Now he has unfinished business. In exchange for more time on earth Bryan has been granted guardianship. Even as he struggles with his own mortality Bryan must find the compassion within himself to help guide Lisa Zane, an emotionally and spiritually drained young girl, through her troubled life to find her true purpose. For it is only with Lisa's help that Bryan can rescue his very own son from the life of crime he has fallen into before Kriticos Caleb's fate mirrors his father' death.

Tell us about Lisa Zane. What is her first impression when she meets Bryan?

She's a non-believer at first so hearing the voice of an angel or ghost somewhat scares her. Through all her pain Lisa has built walls and a tough exterior to protect herself. As she goes on and becomes more accepting of Bryan's help she starts to soften and gradually find her way back upon her path.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I love the feedback from readers. When they describe a scene or character the way I had envisioned it myself when laying it out on the page then I know I did my job well. And for me creating these stories is just like reading them for the first time myself. I have every bit of fun writing it as the reader does turning the pages because I honestly don't know what to expect next. I have a general idea going in but sometimes the story or character will take a sharp left when I was expecting to go right.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I'm doing an edit on my suspense set in Las Vegas to give it that “twist” I love interjecting into my novels. After that I'm a kid in a candy store because I've got several strong plots to choose from. It's just a matter of sitting down and getting started.

Do you have a favorite book on writing or reference book? If so, which one?

Yes, “On Writing” by Stephen King. Who else do you learn from but the master himself!

Tell the readers where they can find you:

My official website is

I'm also on Facebook under Cynthia Vespia or Author Cynthia Vespia and at

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Keep all the the great feedback coming! I love to hear from my readers.

Excerpt, too.


The first sojourn from life to death was very much the epitome of birth. Brilliant flashes of light were aglow all around bathing snapshots of memory, minute but hardly trivial.

When the ride stopped and the suspension of disbelief released him, Bryan was curious to find his own corpse stretched out at his feet. It lay on the grassy lawn in front of his office building, twenty feet from where he had initially been walking.

The corpse, his corpse, stared up at him through one wide eye. Sightless now it still echoed the feeling of shock that he had felt the very moment the vehicle had struck him.

Though he wanted to look away from the tragic scene utter terror and confusion gripped him still. Pedestrians and motorists surrounded the accident and sirens wailed in the distance. He was oblivious to it all.

All Bryan wanted to do was crawl back inside his body, stand up and say, "Hey, look at me, I'm fine. Not a scratch." Then there were strong impulses pulling him into the belief that this was just a nightmare. At any moment he was going to resp

ond with a shudder and a cold sweat but he would wake, frantic at first, until he found himself in bed next to his lovely wife, Holly.

He hadn't bothered to wake her that morning. She was radiantly aglow in her pregnancy as she slept. It was their very first child and they were overjoyed to be experiencing this miracle after only one year of marriage.

Bryan had kissed her on the cheek and gone on his way to the law firm. His place of business was another joyful experience to be able to share with Holly. Bryan was the youngest of his class to seek and sustain a substantial position within a reputable law firm. Of course it helped that his father had owned and maintained the firm since Bryan had been a boy. But now it was his own, inheriting it when his father had passed away just two years after Bryan had graduated from law school.

It was an unusually cloudy day in Stanford, but nevertheless Bryan was in an upbeat mood. Whistling as he crossed the street to his offices he had never even seen the drunk driver's vehicle coming. Perhaps he had not wanted to. As the sayi

ng goes he had been looking upon the world with rose-colored glasses up to that point. No harm could befall him, he was indestructible. Throughout life Bryan had truly felt blessed, now it was all gone. In an instant his entire life had been snuffed out. His promising future was no more. All that was left was another casualty in the war of drinking and driving. He was no longer Bryan Adam Caleb outstanding lawyer, loving husband, expectant father, and genuine nice guy. Now he was just another statistic.

But Bryan didn't understand what was happening. If he was dead, why was he still on this Earth? What happened to the other side? So many unanswered questions tore through his mind.

He refused to believe it.

As paramedics encompassed the accident scene Bryan turned and ran. His mind was in frenzy and he just needed to get away, get some space to determine what in the world was going on.

His pace quickened to the point where he felt as though he had wings and could lift off. Finally he came to a stop at the end of the block and to his surprise he was not at all fatigued. His leg muscles did not ache and he was not breathing heavy. In fact, he was not breathing at all.

Still in disbelief he went to check his pulse for some sign that he was still alive. His fingers passed straight through his arm. There was no solidity to his wrist at all. He tried two more times with nothing but the same result.

Bryan looked around frantically for help. With his head on a swivel, something above him caught his eye. Lights gleamed up in the sky like as though a great crystal was wedged between two clouds precariously placed for the sun to shine off it.

He stood awed looking at the magnificent colors waning in every direction. It brought him a smile and a sense of peace. After a moment he even thought he glimpsed his loving father's face high above beckoning him to come forward and join him.

Bryan began to imagine just how nice it would be to be at his father's side again and to see his mother again in perfect and simple bliss.

The lights shone brighter and began to descend down towards him. Bryan stood stock still as they came closer and closer. The bright glare was such that he had to close his eyes but the pleasant images still remained. He felt his feet lift off the ground and he began to rise up with the jubilation.

Many wondrous memories were encompassing him now. Simple joys he new as a boy, more substantial and rich emotions of love and faith and virtue that he'd experienced as a man. Those worlds of days long since past were uniting on a grand scale and lifting Bryan up higher and higher into ecstasy the likes of which he had never known before. But with this cataclysm of extraordinary peace came relevance and a fear.

This illuminated structure of memories was a portal allowing him access to the other side. It was the ever after, bounty and life everlasting would be soon to come. Bryan's time here on Earth had been full but was now over. But he wasn't ready to leave yet.

"No," he stated. His voice was low at first as he still clung to the tranquility of the descending portal and the majesty of what it was.

He tried hard to shake it off, feeling indifference of a strong nature. Something was wrong. He did not belong here, not now. There was too much left for him to do. He did not want to leave his unborn child fatherless. The Caleb Family Law Practice was on a steady rise; Bryan needed to leave his legacy before he left this Earth.

As his will to stay grew stronger and stronger he shouted "No!" more defiantly than before and this time it broke him away from the suction of the light.

To find out what happens, watch for the release of Life, Death, and Back coming 2010.

Buy Life, Death, and Back from Weaving Dreams Publishing at: htt


And find my other great reads at;; or

***Contest: Cynthia is giving away one e-book copy of Demon Hunter: The Chosen One to one lucky person today. All you have to do is ask her a question or leave a comment and you're entered. Don't forget to include your email so Cynthia may contact you if you should win. Good Luck!

Here's a quick synopsis.

Do you know what horrors lie beyond these pages? Costa Calabrese has just uncovered the truth about his past. Some truths should never be revealed. When you learn youre the son of the worlds foremost and feared hunter of demons, lifes rules inevitably change. Now Costa has been chosen to walk in his famed father's footsteps and take up the role his bloodline demands of him...whether he wants to or not. He is a killer of killers, laying waste to the scourge of evil that threatens the existence of mankind. He is the chosen one. He is the Demon Hunter.

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Interview with Linda Kage

Linda Kage is a contemporary romance writer with tantalizing tales for adults and intriguing stories for young adults. Her young adult romance, The Stillburrow Crush, is a finalist in the 2011 EPIC's eBook Award Contest!

Let's give her a warm welcome. Please feel free to ask her questions or just say hello.

Hi Linda! Please tell us about yourself :

Hello, I’m Linda Kage. I live next door to Paris Hilton and George Lucas. On nights when I’m not attending some glamorous movie opening, I’m sitting on on my desk, letting my personal masseur, Pierre, rub my feet with warm oils while his hunky, shirtless twin, Antoine, serves me endless platters of chocolate and Dr. Pepper (sorry, I’m not much of a wine-o).

Oh, wait. What? You want the truth? But who wants to hear about a mother of a nine-month-old, spending her evenings wiping up baby poop and snot and her days at a library, sitting a desk, entering book records into a computer for eight-hours in a row? Oh, and that’s not when I’m picking up the husband’s uniforms from the dry-cleaners or trying not to burn supper. Honestly, can’t I be the first person…just for today?

You're too funny. I'd like to take the first person myself. lol

Your new release is Hot Commodity. Tell us about Olivia Donovan and why she’s so determined not to meet Cameron Banks.

Olivia has lived under her mother’s thumb her entire life. Whatever Vivian (her mom) demands, Olivia obeys. But Vivian crosses the line when she orders Olivia to seduce Cameron into wanting him to marry her. Trying to evade Cameron Banks becomes Olivia’s desperate mission to live her own life. Except she fails…though really, she doesn’t (sorry if that’s confusing. It’s one of those you-have-to-read-the-book-to-understand kind of answers *cringe*).

Tell us about Cameron Banks. What is he like? What is his first impression of Olivia?

Cam’s a bit shall-we-say plastered when Olivia taps on his shoulder at the bar. After he turns around and first meets her, he’s pretty much only thinking about how he can pick up on a pretty girl and get into her pants. His personality comes through immediately, however. He’s one of those people that suffer from verbal diarrhea, and whatever is on his mind floods out of his mouth. He delivers his thoughts in such a humorous way, though, you just gotta laugh and love him (I do, anyway).

What is Olivia’s first impression of Cameron?

Since Olivia is totally desperate in looking for a man, needing someone she thinks her mother will despise, she’s not too picky about who the guy is. But from the first moment she spots Cam, she’s drawn in by his looks. And after she starts talking to him, his quirky sense of humor keeps her


Tell us about the companion story, Delinquent Daddy.

Delinquent Daddy is about Boston, Cameron’s first cousin/best friend/business partner/lawyer. The two men are complete opposites, which is why they were so fun to write together. It’s also why their stories are so different. Cameron’s tale starts off as an entertaining, drunken adventure and eventually turns serious. Boston’s book starts off with an “OMG, I have a ten-year-old daughter, I’m so going to kill her mother for not telling me” moment but it turns into a sweet second-chance romance.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I like to create a story with layers. I like fun, witty dialogue layered on top of serious, emotional issues. I’m most rewarded when I can accomplish a story that has some depth and reaches readers on different levels.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I have three different stories submitted to publishers, currently under review. One is an Oops-sorry-I-thought-you-were-my-husband’s-mistress mistaken identity story. Another is a love-hate, cop-hooks-up-with-a-lawyer story. And the last is an emotional story about a hero whose sister has been sexually attacked and the heroine who helps him deal with his misery. So, fingers crossed there. My current WIP is a young adult story, which a lot of people have been demanding I write. I guess they liked my first YA story I wrote.

What genre inspires your writing?

Romance. I MUST have a happy ending in any book I read. Other than that, it doesn’t matter. Historical, Contemporary. YA, Adult. Paranormal, suspenseful, Erotic, sweet. If there’s a happy ending, I’m usually all over it.

Do you have a favorite book on writing or reference book? If so, which one?

I got a lot out of On Writing by Stephen King.

Tell the readers where they can find you:
My Website :

Blog :

Facebook :

Twitter :

MySpace :

YouTube : (I make my own book trailers. I know, ugg.)

Goodreads :

Amazon :

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Just thank you so much for having me here, Karen. You ask the most wonderful questions. It’s an honor. And thank you everyone who’s managed to make it all the way through my interview to this point. I appreciate your time and attention.

Here's a blurb for Hot Commodity:


“What?” he croaked in a muffled voice as he buried his face back into his pillow.

“How could you? Have you no decency at all for your family? This is my house for God’s sake!”

“Damn, Leah,” he mumbled. “Lower your voice, will you? I’ve got a killer headache.”

“Oh, do you really,” Leah said sarcastically. “Hmm, I wonder why?”

Cameron cocked open one eye to and turned his head to watch her bend down and snag something off the floor: a shot glass advertising Battista's Hole In The Wall nightclub.


His sister shook it in his face. “This wouldn’t have anything to do with that, would it?”

He groaned. “Sorry. Forgot to hide that.”

Leah lifted an eyebrow. “Hmm, too bad,” she agreed. “Too bad you couldn’t hide the girl too.”

“Huh?” he asked, squeezing his eyes closed and stretching his arms above his head. Man, he felt like crap. He couldn’t even remember when he’d gotten home last night...or how.

What in the world had he done? Jesus, what day was it?

“The glass is actually minor compared to her,” Leah was saying.

“Her who?” He smacked his lips a few times to loosen his dehydrated tongue from the roof of his mouth.

When Leah merely scowled at him and dumped an armload of something on top of him, he jerked to a sitting position. Cursing and blinking repeatedly, he took in the sight of black high heels, torn fish net hose and a slinky strip of black silk. Intrigued by the tiny scrap of cloth, he picked it up with one finger and lifted it for a curious inspection. Good God. Was that...was that underwear?

“I’m so disappointed in you, Cam,” Leah raged. “I can’t believe you brought a woman into my home. I have a family, damn you, an impressionable four-year-old son that just adores his uncle—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” he said, cutting in as he wadded the thong in his fist. “What in God’s name are you talking about? What woman?”

Leah sighed and pointed to the expanse of sheets and blankets next to him. “Well, gee, maybe the one in bed with you.”

***Contest: Linda is running a contest until the end of November to win an ebook copy of Hot Commodity!! There's a form to fill out your name and email address to be added into the giveaway. That's on her contest page :

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Interview with Clare Dargin

Speculative Sky Interview

Clare Dargin is an author of science fiction and science fiction romance books. Her newest work “Speculative Sky” is available from Red Rose Publishing.

What inspired you to write this book?

Well, ever since I was a child I always wanted to be a writer. It was a dream of mine to be published and to write stories that everyone could enjoy. Speculative Sky was created because I’ve always had a fascination with stories about Extra-Terrestrial Life and S.E.T.I. and I wanted to integrate such a story with a female character as a strong and intelligent lead.

Do you have a specific writing style?

Yes I do but I am not sure what to call it. When people read my work I want them to feel as if they are right there in the midst of it all. I want them to be able to hear, taste, smell and see the action as if it is happening all around them. I also tend to write tight stories with quick pacing. It's what I like to read and consequently how I write.

What is the name of your latest book? And how did you come up with the title?

To be honest I’ve always been attracted and fascinated by the abstract and the symbolic. I wanted the title to be symbolic of what April Mullen, the main character, has to deal with as an Astronomer and all that came with her assignment.

What is Speculative Sky about?

It is about a woman who takes a chance and leaves for an assignment on a science colony far away from Earth. As an astronomer it is her job to monitor the stars at night and to record her findings. Nothing more than that. But when she arrives, she notices that her new home is a bit odd, and that though there is evidence of life out there… they don’t want her to either acknowledge it or do anything about it. She of course finds this troubling.

What books have most influenced your life most?

To be honest, in fiction category, it would have to be the old star wars books that came out in the eighties after Return of the Jedi. The expanded universe books taught me more about atmospheric and expanded universe development then any book I know! I read them over and over again and learned about non-human creature development, planetary science fiction and description of space travel and not to mention how to write a cool leading man. I still read them!

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Douglas Preston and/or Lincoln Child. They write incredibly compelling books of which I generally can't put down.

What book are you reading now?

To be honest and I am almost finished with “Book of the Dead” with Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I'll be going through their backlist very soon in order to get caught up.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Last night I was thinking about the Friday House about D. K. Gaston and how it's a compelling story about assassins who have no memory of their being programmed and stuff. I think it's cool. And several books on the military scifi romance front that I have recently heard about. I write in a tiny subgenre so it's nice to see what other authors are doing in it. That way I don't get lonely!

What are your current projects?

Presently I am finishing up the final editing for “Ice and Peace” the sequel to Cold Warriors. As well as having another expanded universe book in the works. Not to mention, two futuristic romances that are completely different from my military fiction.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

The Motown Creative Writers Group-- they helped get on the road to being published. And not to mention the many groups in the Romance community. They really pointed me in the right direction. I'm grateful for that.

Do you see writing as a career?

Yes! One day I hope to do it full time.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

Yeah that's why I have to hurry up and get it out of my hands cause I keep changing it!

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

As a child my father use to encourage it. I use to write stories for my family and give it to them and they would say “Maybe one day you could get this published!” I was like five.... and then when I was in middle school I found out that S. E. Hinton had been published at sixteen-- I became truly determined then.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Yea, getting through the first draft!

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Just get the first draft down on paper and don't be afraid to make stupid mistakes and have dumb lines on paper cause it's the first draft and you are allowing the characters to come alive. Later on you can fix and micro manage but don't try to do it the first time through cause it will stifle your creativity.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Don't give up on being published! Try every avenue! There is away for you!

Excerpt from Speculative Sky:

“I’m sure that’s the case but how can I not be excited over this? It’s the find of a lifetime,” she said reveling in the thought of making contact with extra-terrestrial life.

“You don‘t have to try to impress us. Just do you your work and you‘ll be fine.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you don’t worry about it. There is plenty of research to be done. You could spend your entire lifetime studying the Jugis Star Cluster alone.”

“Haven’t you ever looked up in the sky and wondered if there was anyone else out there?”

“Of course I have. And if anyone back home asks, tell them it’s just us,” he said finishing off his drink.

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