Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sharon A. Donovan, Author of Gripping Page Turners!

Let's welcome Sharon Donovan, author of romantic suspense with a Twist. She's here today to share excerpts of her new and upcoming releases!

Charade of the Hearts Coming soon to The Wild Rose!

While scuba diving off the coast of Diamond Head with her diving partner on a quest to find a family heirloom, underwater photographer Dominique St. John witnesses his brutal murder and photographs it, ensnaring her in a deadly jewel ring. And when the investigating officer turns out to be her partner’s identical twin, a man she knew nothing about, her life becomes a Charade of Hearts.

Welcome to the world of greed, intrigue, deception and murder. And at its core is a blue diamond worth millions.

As honest as his twin was corrupt, Honolulu Homicide Detective Oliver Carvalho must convince Dominique that her diving partner and best friend was a crook. In a race against time, Oliver must rescue Dominique from a ruthless killer. But his biggest challenge proves to be mending a broken heart torn by betrayal that can only be redeemed by love.

Her Biggest Friend

From the shadows of the woods, he keeps vigil. The stage is set to drive the pretty little princess insane. He’s coming for her. And when he catches her, he’ll pounce on her like the big bad wolf.

After receiving a disturbing fan letter, New York Times best-selling author Tess Kincaid flees to the New England home she’s inherited following her father’s suicide. The manor has been tainted with, every room staged to resemble the way it was in its glory days. But when Tess calls the police, the chilling props vanish into thin air.

Ruggedly handsome Sheriff Mike Andretti is called to investigate the reported burning candles, dancing gargoyles and otherworldly. When he discovers no trace of the eerie setting, he finds himself caught between duty and desire. Is the woman with the bewitching green eyes delusional--or is this a trap of twisted wit set by a demented fan?


From the shadows of the woods, he keeps vigil. The stage is set to drive the pretty little princess insane. He’s coming for her. And when he catches her, he’ll pounce on her like the big bad wolf.

From the grand ballroom, the soft floating of piano keys drifted, louder and louder, faster and faster, reaching a spiking crescendo that shook the chandelier. And then all was quiet as the manor settled from the riveting climax that rattled the windows.

An eerie twine hummed through the corridor. Shocked by the scaling spike of piano keys, Tess’s knees wobbled. Floundering, she leaned against the wall for support.

She gasped for breath, her heartbeat escalating. In barely more than a whisper, she called out. “Daddy?”

Her mind raced. Could her dad be alive? Did he stage his own death? Tears stung her eyes. She had to find out. But still, she proceeded with caution. She sensed evil from deep in her soul.

Camouflaged in the dim lighting, Tess scaled along the walls of the barrel corridor, blending into the dark wood paneling.

Inching her way a bit deeper, she crept, her heart pounding. Beads of sweat trickled down her spine. A door banged, sounding like shutters smacking the house. Then she felt a rush of cool air coming from the grand ballroom, dank with the smell of rain and something else. Burning candles.

Fear clutched her from deep within. As she got closer, the scent of jasmine grew stronger. The sweet smell permeated the air. It was as if her father were still alive, entertaining in the grand ballroom. Just as Tess reached the arched column to the massive hall, a bolt of thunder exploded in the sky, followed by an illuminating flash of lightning. Then all went dark.

Tess stood at the entrance, polarized. Goose bumps prickled her flesh. When the icy instrumental of Moonlight Sonata started all over again, she took a step back and gasped. Peering into the massive hall, she stared in disbelief.

On either side of the mahogany bar, standing candelabras gleamed, long white tapers flickering in the dark. Open terrace doors banged in the wind, bringing in the pouring rain. The air carried the mingled scent of jasmine and stale tobacco. Pleated silk drapes billowed out like wings.

Rain puddled the cherry wood floor that once sparkled beneath the mirrored ceiling and crystal chandelier. The ghostly sound of piano keys escalated as Moonlight Sonata played on the old Victrola. And in the center of the room, looking for all the world like guests of honor at a grand masquerade, two wax gargoyles danced cheek to cheek, costumed in feather masks as bizarre as the setting.



Mask of the Betrayer

When the whispers in the night, the whispers of her lover, are the whispers of a killer, will Margot escape before she becomes the next victim?

Deep in the foothills of Red Rock Canyon, a serial killer stalks. He leaves his signature—a skull mask on the corpse. But when the homicide cop realizes the crimes are the reenactment of a case never solved ten years ago--all fingers point to Michael DeVeccio. And when Margot realizes she is married to the killer, her life becomes a living nightmare.

Excerpt: Reaching Carlos DeVeccio’s bedroom, she got a little thrill as old memories surfaced. Just a few more seconds and she’d fall into the arms of her lover. She smiled to herself. She’d returned to Vegas for a reason. She was flat broke. But after tonight, Michael would be her ticket back into the world of luxury. And then she’d be mistress of the manor once more. And more to the point, she’d have access to his billion dollar bank roll.

With a devious smile, she pushed her way through the heavy mahogany door. Crossing the threshold, she entered the house of horrors. Carlos DeVeccio had been a real nut, one straight out of the books. But with her fetish for face masks, she loved his collection and had often come into his wing just to admire them. And what a thrill it had been to have sex in the coffin, howling along with the werewolf. Some might think it a bit kinky, but they didn’t know what they were missing. Calling out to her lover, her pulse quickened a beat. “Michael? Are you here yet, darling?”

And that’s when she heard it, manic laughter sounding as if it were coming from the final circle of hell. A slither of fear trickled down her spine, releasing a wild rush of panic. Carlos?

She thought about the deaths of Carlos and Lacy Diamond. Two Ninja assassinations were no coincidence. Had the killer been downstairs, masquerading as one of the guests? Sensing danger, she felt for her sword. It was gone. Panic soared through her. Where the hell was it?

The laughter got louder and louder, moving in closer and closer. It seemed to be bouncing off the walls. She couldn’t tell from which direction it was coming. Just then, the bell in the tower rang the first of twelve piercing gongs, the splintering shattering her eardrums like the sound of canon balls. Instinctively, she covered her ears with her hands. Where the hell was Michael?

Evil red eyes followed her every move. She had to escape this hell before it was too late. She couldn’t think over the gonging of the bell. Every few seconds, the werewolf howled at the moon. She screamed, even though she knew no one would ever hear her. Floundering in wild disarray, disoriented by the darkness and relentless gonging, she searched in vain for the door. Her arms swam in mid-air, like a person drowning, desperate for an anchor, something to hold onto. She reached out and grabbed. Nothing. She had to find a way out of this mausoleum of the living dead before it was too late. Where the hell was Michael?

The laughter got closer. Perspiration drenched her skin. The chilling laughter echoed in her ears, louder and louder, closer and closer. The bell in the bell tower broke through the thin filament of sanity she had left. The werewolf open his mouth and howled at the moon. Where was Michael? He’d know what to do. He was a master swordsman. His fencing skills were extraordinary. He could wield a Ninja star with his eyes closed and hit the mark. Where was he?

Blood thundered in her ears, but not loud enough to block out the manic laughter. It was close—but she couldn’t see a thing. She wished she had her sword. She turned to run, but it was too late. She heard a distinct click. The killer had just depressed the button on her Zorro sword, releasing the thirty-seven inch blade. His psychotic laughter reached an ear-splitting crescendo just as the bell in the tower gonged out its last chime. From the dark shadows, Valentino pounced, her Zorro sword gleaming in the moonlight.

“Surprise!” he thrust the sword into her heart. “I promised to make you scream, Darling Candace. Let me hear you scream.”

Mask of the Betrayer





Sharon, you are truly an inspiration to all of us! Thank you so much for coming by for a visit. I wish you the very best!


Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome, Sharon!

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful releases with us!

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello, Karen, thanks so much for having me today. great BLOG

Maeve said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful excerpts! I've always admired those who write romantic suspense. The plotting & timing of all the events are so critical. These books are definitely going on my MUST READ list! Best of luck to you, Sharon!

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

HI Sharon!

So good to see you out and about. Can't wait for "Charade of Hearts"!

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Maeve
Oh, blush...thank you so much. I grew up reading who done its and watching detective shows like Hawaii 5-o and Magnum. Now I write them. smile

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Debra, thanks so much. It feels wonderful to be back, although I still have miles to go. I'm typing with one hand as my left hand is affected by the stroke but is coming along with therapy.

Mary Ricksen said... Best Blogger Tips

Great blog Sharon. Your excerpts give me chills! I love it!
Oliver you sexy devil, you're the man!
Karen a wonderful blog!

katsrus said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sharon. Loved all the excerpts. Going to be adding some more books to my reading.
Sue B

Catherine Bybee said... Best Blogger Tips

So many books, so little time! Great seeing you here, Sharon.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for coming by and saying hi.

You're doing wonderful. I'm so glad you're able to party with us!

Oliver will make a awesome hero!

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Mary, so glad you like my excerpts. LOL You'll give Oliver a swelled head

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Catherine, thanks so much for dstopping in to read my excerpts.

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much, Sue. I sure appreciate your encouragement.

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for a terrific party, Karen. so great to be back and I love your blog.

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Sharon! Love your post. This is the perfect time of year to post thrillers! :) But where's Oliver? Hiding in some suit of blog camouflage???

Miss Mae said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay, I've read Mask of the Betrayer and I'm not sure if I have the courage to read Sharon's other books! LOL

But, I'm kinda addicted to her stories, so....let me find that blanket to hide under.

Fantastic to see you back and about, Sharon. You were missed, my dear! :)


Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

Skhye, GRIN...tis the season to be thrilled silly, isn't it just. Where oh where is OLIVER...hiding in the shadows until December 2 when CHARADE OF HEARTS is released. Smile

Sharon Donovan said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL Grab that blanket and get ready to scream. Thank you for your kind words. In all honesty, MASK is the most sinister of my thrillers...but the sequel VENDETTA is coming soon to a book store near you. I'm delighted to be back and sure have missed you all.

Diane Craver said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sharon,
So nice to learn about all your books and great excerpts! I definitely have put them on my list. I like reading romantic suspense.