Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview with Jacqueline Paige

Paranormal Romance Author, Jacqueline Paige is here today tell us about her Hidden Senses Trilogy. Let's give her a warm welcome.

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Why don’t you start with telling us a little about yourself?

I am a mother to five, but thankfully they are all at least half grown or more now. I also manage a café/eatery for a franchise corporation. (I have a never ending supply of coffees, lattes and cake!)

When I’m not doing all of the above, I write and read with each spare second I can squeeze out of my life.

Tell us how your tales differ from other paranormal romances.

I don’t follow the most popular in the genre, I like to mix it up a bit. I prefer witch stories, and no, not the scary cackling witches. My witches could walk right by you on the street and you’d never know it. Also outside of the popular category I’ve written a pirate ghost story, a curse story (actually come to think of it more than one story of mine involve a curse or two)

Mystic Perceptions is your new release. Tell us a about your heroine, Jacinda Brown and the ability she wishes to keep secret.

Jacinda (Jac) is one of my favorite heroines. She a bit older than the perfect twenty something age, she’s not naïve and may be a bit sassy with a touch of temper, but I think she’s allowed that and more with the lonely life she’s had to live all because she’s a little different than the rest of us.

Jac has a special gift that she doesn’t want and because of it she can’t touch others in case they’re not feeling happy thoughts. She can feel emotions that other people are having and if she’s not extremely careful with whom she comes in contact with she could end up very ill or possibly unconscious. The worst part to this is it’s not just people that this happens with, but sometimes objects too.

If I were her I’d probably live in a sealed house and never go out in public again.

Tell us about your hero, Reid Merrit. What’s he like? Is he your dream man conjured from your imagination or is he someone you know or a combination of both?

I’m not sure where Reid came from, or his personality. He reminds me of a cowboy, even though he’s a Detective in the city. I do know he’s not my dream man. He’s quiet and a little too moody for me. He does however have a quality that Jac finds quite appealing. With his job he deals with a lot of things most people would never be able to handle or would just like to forget they ever knew and from this he is able to turn off his emotions and only let what he wants to be known.

Mystic Perceptions is the first book in the Hidden Senses Trilogy, what other stories are in the works for this fascinating series?

The second story in the Trilogy is Dream Visions. In Dream Visions Felicity Dante also has an ability that isolates her from a leading a normal life. She often goes into almost a trans like state while visions overtake her and she becomes someone else, somewhere that is reaching out for help.

Do you use pictures to help inspire you when you write?

I have used the odd picture from time to time, but not very often. Music is my key when I’m writing. I have been accused to use it only to drown out the kids, but that’s not it at all. When I’m having trouble finding an emotion I need a character to take on I’ll play the music that brings me that emotion and puts me into the frame of mind I need to be in.

What is your favorite reference book and why?

For all of my writing I would have to say a thesaurus, for those times when I really don’t want to use the same word over and over again and the word is right there on the edge of my brain but I can’t get it out.

For my writing with witches involved or magic, I quite often use a crystal and stone reference book.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

Presently I am completely wrapped up in a new Trilogy I’m writing. The Animal Trilogy. The first story (Heart) was close to complete and I’m not sure why even now but I decided one day to re-write the entire manuscript in the first person point of view. This is the first attempt in this point of view for me and it’s been challenging but I like the end result much more. Hopefully in the near future I will have some good news in relation to this.

I also have two more books coming out in the next six months, Salvation (my pirate ghost) and Twice Cursed. The third story in the Magic Seasons series has just been contracted as well, so I will hopefully have a date shortly on when everyone can read Steven and Rachel’s story.

Tell the readers where they can find you:

The links for the various sites (fictionwise, amazon etc…) are on my website.

Mystic Perceptions Blurb:

Jacinda Brown keeps to her safe existence doing investigative research, avoiding people and places with people. To most, it appears she has a normal life; blending completely undetected in her lonely continuation. She doesn’t investigate people; she can’t get that close. Through her hand she can feel emotions, thoughts. With a touch she can see what has been.

Unfortunately fate tosses her into a situation where her carefully guarded secret and her own conscience are at war when she finds herself working with detectives to find a killer. Jacinda clashes with the very strongly grounded detective, Reid Merritt, destiny has forced her to work with. At some point he begins to matter, making her decision harder. Will he look at her with abhorrence, like she’s some sort of freak when she’s through?

When the fifth murder happens, Jacinda makes the decision to use her gift to find the killer. She doesn’t let herself think of how she’s going to suffer afterward, the consequences that will curse her again, the chance she’ll be giving up everything and starting all over. She just thinks of finding some justice and stopping a killer.

What will be the price, this time, for the ability she doesn’t want?


Jac looked around the empty parking lot. Not even sure why anyone would ever be here. She glanced back at the two men sitting in the car. They’re going to think you’re crazy. She turned and walked over to the spot that had been pointed out to her.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone thought she was crazy, she frowned at the broken asphalt ground – it probably wouldn’t be the last.

Taking a deep breath, she knelt down and placed both hands on the ground. There were glimmers of vibrations. She focused harder, nothing solid enough to grab a hold of. Moving her hands slowly, she tried a few more places.


“What is she doing?” Reid growled.

Brent shrugged. “I’m not sure.” He looked over in the direction she was looking. “Does she see something in the field?”

Reid frowned. “Maybe.”

Brent looked away from her and studied his partner. “Why exactly are we doing this again?”

Reid rubbed his forehead quickly, and then glanced back to her. “Because we’re out of ideas – and she has looked at the same things we’ve looked at all along and come up with something to follow every time.”

Brent nodded and turned back to look at her. “She’s presently looking at an empty field, surrounded by nothing – pretty sure she’s seeing the same thing we did here.” She was walking slowly back towards them. “Why do we have to wait in the car?”

Reid shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Both men swung around in their seat and looked at her when she got in the back seat. She smiled. “Next.”

Brent gave Reid a scoffing look as he turned back around.

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Jacqueline Paige said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for having me here today, Karen.
I love the background picture, very intriguing.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


I'm so happy to have you here today and sharing your wonderful tales with us. I do love the paranormal!

I'm glad you like the background picture. It's my creation using Photoshop. Lot's of fun. :)

P.L. Parker said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Morning Ladies - enjoyed the post and the blurb is great.

Jacqueline Paige said... Best Blogger Tips

Someday - I will figure out photoshop. The most exciting thing I can make is a banner.

Great job!

Jacqueline Paige said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, P.L.


Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing your excerpt. I love the idea of any character that seems like a cowboy. I am also intrigued by your pirate ghost!

Jacqueline Paige said... Best Blogger Tips

Those cowboys do have something about them don't they?
I'm very excited about my pirate ghost,Jareth. I'm really looking forward to the release of Salvation, I'm fairly certain everyone will want their own pirate after that.

LORETTA CANTON said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the excerpt. I love to read about people who have a extra sense.

Jacqueline Paige said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoyed creating characters with a little something unusual.

Jacqueline Paige said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks again for having me here today, Karen.


Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

You're very welcome, Jacqueline.

I wish you much success with all you do! :)