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Kelly Abell, Author of Paranormal Thrillers

Kelly Abell is the author of romantic thrillers and paranormal romances that "will delight the senses and warm your soul." Let's give her a warm welcome.

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Captured in Lies is the second book in the Lies series. For those who are new to your books, what is the name of the first book in the series? Is each story a stand alone tale or must we read the series in order? The first book in the series is Sealed In Lies. I would recommend you read Sealed In Lies first because it introduces the main characters, Jack and Caroline. This series is really their story and it starts in Book One. I also have a free read on my publisher’s website called Just Married In Lies. This short story links the two books together and tells the story of Jack and Caroline’s wedding day. Download it for free today at

Tell us about the hero of Captured in Lies. What can we expect from Dane Kendrick? Dane is a new character to the In Lies series. Jack Weaver is also a hero in this book but he can’t save his sister, his wife, and two vulnerable cities all by himself. Dane is an old military buddy of Jack’s who pulled his butt out of danger and he’s about to do it again. Dane is not only sexy, but smart, dependable and knows everything there is to know about explosives. His nickname is Boomer.

What does your heroine, Lucy Chavez think of Dane after they first meet? Tell us a little about Lucy and what makes her a perfect match for Dane. Lucy first treats Dane as a colleague. She is in a terrible fix with a bomb strapped to her chest and she and Dane only have 3 minutes to difuse it. Talk about some tense moments. Lucy is perfect for Dane because they are both dedicated to their career. Dane as a bomb squad commander and Lucy as an FBI agent. They know what its like to live on the edge and it keeps them both sharp. Lucy has gone through life as the tough girl who never really needed anyone and then she meets Dane, only to discover what she’s been missing in her life all these years.

Just reading the blurb to Captured in Lies, I can tell it’s an action packed story. Where do you come up with your ideas? The first book Sealed In Lies actually came from a true news story I heard that happened in Northern Virginia. A senator’s wife was kidnapped and the crook eventually let her go. My mind started wondering, “what would happen if she didn’t want to go back home. What if her kidnapper was her savior? And Sealed In Lies was born. Once I finished Sealed In Lies I realized I hadn’t properly dealt with one of the major villains at the end. The Emperor was just left hanging. That would never do, so I wrote the second book which is filled with his lust for revenge. The third book will have even more action for Jack and Caroline. Their past is so full of trouble, it follows them wherever they go.

What are your current projects and works in progress? I have three projects I’m working on right now. My newest book Blood Harvest Moon is a paranormal romance about to be released from kNight Romance Publishing. I am also working on Book Two in the Haunted Destiny Series, a YA paranormal series I have out with Solstice Publishing. Finally, I have a third romantic suspense novel in the works called Slaying Dragons (working title).

Tell the readers where they can find you: You can find me on my website You can buy my books from most major websites including:

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers? I just want to thank my loyal readers for all the support they give. New readers, give my books a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed. They are fast paced page turners. Please visit my website for reviews. I also invite you to become a member at my website so you can keep up with the current news.

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In Book Two of the In Lies Series Jack and Caroline are faced with insurmountable odds and we get to meet sexy Bomb Squad Commander Dane Kendrick. Dane will become embroiled in Jack’s tumultuous life and meet his beautiful sister, FBI Agent, Lucy Chavez. Although they meet under less than ideal circumstances the sparks fly leading to a passion that explodes off the page, literally. Read on to see what’s in store in Captured In Lies…

Just before Thanksgiving and after a passionate honeymoon in the Caribbean, Jack and Caroline Weaver return home to D.C. to start their new life together. Approaching their house Jack’s cell phone rings and the violent explosion that follows will change Jack’s and Caroline’s lives forever. The Emperor is back and he wants revenge.

Jack, reeling from what has just happened to the love of his life, is anxiously awaiting word from the doctor when he gets another call. The relentless Emperor now has Lucy, Jack’s sister, strapped to a bomb, somewhere in the city and in order to find her he must play a deadly game of scavenger hunt. The stakes are upped even higher when The Emperor places another bomb in Boston knowing that the sexy ex-SEAL with the maverick reputation can’t be two places at once. How can Jack find his sister, keep his wife safe, and stop the destruction of American lives?

Jack will be forced to trust a former military comrade, hunky Bomb Squad Commander, Dane “Boomer” Kendrick. Dane must go after Lucy while Jack heads to Boston. When Dane locates Lucy and arrives on the scene there is an instant attraction, despite the fact she is set to explode in less than 3 minutes. Can Dane and Lucy defuse the bomb and save Lucy’s life? What about defusing the passion that begins to grow between them? Will Jack be able to stop the deaths of innocent Americans without losing those most precious to him? It’s hard to know who to trust if you’re Captured in Lies.


Chapter 1

The sand squeezed up between his toes as he walked along the beach. Jack looked over at his beautiful wife Caroline and smiled. The turquoise blue Caribbean Sea lapped gently over his feet as he took her hand. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found Caroline. She has become everything to me, he thought, my love and my life.

He laughed as Caroline ran ahead of him, splashing through the warm gentle waves. She turned around, smiling, and waved at him. He waved back and started to run after her. Catching her, Jack swung her around and kissed her soundly. He wondered what it would feel like to make love to her right here on the sand. Caroline slipped away from him and went deeper into the water, splashing him as she went. He heard a noise that gave him pause. He turned away from her and looked back over the gently rolling dunes trying to identify the sound. Gradually he became aware of a temperature shift in the sand. He turned back to see Caroline, her face filled with confusion as slowly the beautiful Caribbean Sea began to change. The water disappeared, absorbed by a coarse gravelly sand that burned the soles of their feet. Caroline hopped from one foot to the other.

Jack knew this place. This was desert sand. Jack felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He opened his mouth to call for Caroline but she was already moving toward him. Everything began to happen in slow motion. He felt the rush of air very close to his ear and watched as Caroline’s head swung to one side. Slowly, her eyes on him, she dropped to her knees. Then he heard it, the loud crack of a sniper’s rifle. He watched, frozen in place. Caroline fell face forward, blood pooling around her head then disappearing quickly into the hot thirsty sand. As if released by an invisible hand, Jack sprinted to her side. No, No, No, Jack screamed in his head, tearing off his shirt and pressing it on the spurting neck wound. Not my Caroline, not my Baby, my bride. Looking frantically around for the source of the bullet, Jack saw a man standing just at the edge of the horizon. Even from that distance Jack heard the voice say, “Paybacks are hell, aren't they Jack?”

“No!” Jack sat up in the first class seat on the airplane, arms and legs akimbo. He opened his eyes and saw Caroline's wide eyes staring at him. He also saw several other passengers leaning out of their own seats staring at him.

“Sir, are you okay? Do you need anything? A glass of water, a cool cloth, a drink?” The flight attendant leaned over their seats very concerned.

“No,” Jack cleared his throat, rubbed his hands over his sweaty face and sat up straighter in his seat. “I'm okay; just had a bad dream is all.”

“Are you okay, Jack?” Caroline asked softly. He nodded, reaching over to grab her hand.

“What happened, Jack? It wasn’t one of those nightmares, was it?” Caroline said, leaning over her own seat toward him.

He nodded, laid his head back on his seat and turned to face her. He ran a hand through his hair. His heart hammered in his chest, pumping adrenaline through his veins. He wanted off this airplane.

Caroline squeezed his hand and wrapped his arm in a hug. “Want to tell me about it?”

He leaned into to her and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“Okay, that was nice. Want to tell me what prompted it?”

“I lost you, Caroline. In the dream, I lost you.”

“What do you mean, you lost me?”

“You were shot. You bled out on the sand right there in my arms.”

“Oh God. That's just great. Your dreams have never been prophetic have they?”

“Very funny,” he said, blowing out a breath.

“God, what a nightmare.”

“Really?” He offered her a weak smile.

“Why now, Jack? Do you think it's because we are going to back to D.C?”

“I don't know, Caroline. I can't tell you why. I thought all the nightmares were gone too. Since you killed Warren, I've slept like a baby.”

Caroline flinched.

He knew how upset it made her to know that she'd taken someone's life, even if the man was her own abusively cruel husband. “It was weird, Caroline. You and I were walking on the beach and then the scene changed, you know? All of a sudden we weren't on the beach anymore but in the desert in Iraq. A shot rang out and you dropped like a stone, bleeding out all over the sand with a bullet in your neck.

“When I looked around to see where the shot came from, there was a figure of a man and he said,

'Paybacks are hell, aren't they Jack?'”

Caroline shivered. “That's horrible. What do you think it means?”

“I'm not sure, but let's just say he wasn't our number one fan.”

“Well, that I figured that out all by myself. I didn't need your CIA brain to solve that one.”

“Ex-CIA,” Jack said.

“I know. Are you sure you don't want to take that job President Hardy offered you? It was a really great offer.”

Jack shook his head. “I'm not cut out to sit behind a desk.” Even if it was a big desk, Jack thought. Being asked by President Michael Hardy to be the Director of Homeland Security was a great offer, but Jack shunned public service. He was ready to start his own business.

He really liked the thought of the private security business. With Caroline’s law degree and his military training, they made a great team. It would be a hell of a lot safer. Jack knew that Caroline had enough excitement last year to last her a lifetime. It still amazed him how much she loved him. In spite of her fear from being abused and raped by her first husband, Senator Warren Walters, she mustered the courage to trust him and even love him. The day he kidnapped her he knew she was different. She’d proven him right when she’d risked her life to save his. On that day, Jack, lying there with a gunshot wound to the chest, had looked into the eyes of the bravest woman he knew. He remembered passing out to the sound of helicopter blades. Fortunately his sister, FBI Agent Lucy Weaver called in the cavalry. Jack and Caroline were rescued and spent the last year and a half recuperating. Six months ago, Jack asked Caroline to marry him. They were briefly going to visit D.C. to put Caroline’s mansion up for sale and then they were off to begin a new chapter.

“I love you, Jack. I can’t wait to get back to Florida. I miss the palm trees already.”

Jack chuckled. “You were fond of those palm trees weren't you?”

“I love everything about Florida; our little house in Plant City, the weather, being away from the D.C. rat race. I can’t wait to start our business, Jack. It will be so good to actually do something to help people.” Caroline leaned her head back against the seat and sighed.

Jack agreed. He was through with public service. Uncle Sam got more than his pound of flesh out of Jack. Between his service as a SEAL in the Gulf War then as an undercover operative for the CIA he was through with sneaking around and looking over his shoulder. He wanted to move forward with Caroline and slow the pace tremendously.

While recovering from his bullet wound, Jack had plenty of time to think. He had stopped the assassination of President Hardy, but the loose ends bothered Jack. At least he brought down the Cortez Drug Cartel in Columbia. Lucy turned over the evidence he'd shipped home which prompted the extradition of the Cortez family and put them behind bars. Still, some angry people lost a lot of money from that bust. Jack sighed; maybe his days of looking over his shoulder would never be over. That the CIA and the FBI couldn't locate Mohammed Rabin, AKA The Emperor still bothered him. Even though he'd tried to save Rabin's sister in the Gulf War, the man still held a twisted hatred for Jack and all things American. Jack forced himself to relax. A year had passed since the plot against President Hardy's life and no one had come looking for him. Maybe all of this was truly over. He closed his eyes but did not go to sleep for fear of another nightmare. He reached for Caroline's hand and held its warmth in his own.


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Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate you stopping by E.J., Regan, and Nik. I agree with you Nik about how some of these characters just grab you and won't let go. I have a few more books planned for this series and I look forward to writing them. I think there is more in store for Dane and Lucy too.

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Thanks Loretta, I hope you do and enjoy it. Sealed In Lies was a lot of fun for me to write. Captured In Lies was even more fun because of the information I had to get from a Bomb Squad Commander here in Florida where I live. I thought he was going to think I was nuts, but he was actually very nice about telling me where I could find information about bombs.
I guess I'm lucky they didn't come and cart me away!

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