Monday, May 17, 2010

Interview with Cherie Le Clare

Let's welcome Cherie Le Clare. She's here to tell us about her new release with The Wild Rose Press, French Kiss. Her hero is a pilot and her heroine is a Resistance fighter. Find out the details in creating this fascinating tale. For those who like a more spicier romance, her tantalizing tales are a must read. Psst...Her undercover name is Harriet Hamblin.

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Tell us a little about yourself:

I was born and raised in New Zealand, in the provincial city of New Plymouth. After qualifying as a teacher I moved to Nelson, which is where I met my husband. We raised two sons, and I taught part-time, and then decided on a change of career, which was selling real estate. I learned a lot of new skills from being self-employed.

I’d always loved reading, but didn’t read my first category romance until I was about thirty-two – and then I was hooked! I studied writing by correspondence, and posted off my first attempt at romance to Mills & Boon, in 1995, hoping for instant success, but was sadly disillusioned.

I didn’t try again until I resigned from full-time work in 2003. French Kiss was accepted by The Wild Rose Press, after revision, in 2008. During the long publication process, I was motivated to keep writing by submitting erotic short stories for Xcite Books, with three published in two anthologies.

Your novel, French Kiss takes place during World War II. Your hero is a pilot and your heroine is a Resistance fighter. How much research went into creating this fascinating tale?

Quite a lot! I read biographies, and autobiographies, about the many women involved in the French Resistance, and personal accounts of New Zealand spitfire pilots shot down over France. I researched Normandy in library books and on the internet, and when my husband and I joined a coach tour of Northern France, after I had completed the book, I discovered that my research was correct. That was very satisfying!

Tell us a little about the story without giving too much away.

Here is the blurb: When Louisa, undercover agent for the British Secret Service, parachutes into war-torn France in 1944, she doesn’t expect to fall, literally, into the arms of fugitive royal Air Force pilot, Joseph Fisher. Seeking a safe sanctuary, Louisa and Joe battle constant danger from enemy forces and soon form a strong friendship.

Joe, quickly realizing that he can’t bear to leave France without her, rejects an opportunity to be smuggled onto the escape line, thus forcing Louisa to find the courage to face her biggest fear.

What will it take for her to risk falling in love?

What is your hero, Joe like? How about Louisa? Is it love at first sight?

Joe is tall, dark and sexy, with sage-green eyes, and an outdoor-lifestyle tan. Confident, but not arrogant, he knows what he wants and is prepared to face hardship to get it. Easygoing and tolerant most of the time, Louisa discovers that he puts his foot down when necessary. He is also vulnerable.

Louisa, tormented by her past, is a mixture of extraordinary physical courage, fear and guilt. Ebony-haired and attractive, she has resisted all approaches from men for over four years. But Joe is the first man she is unable to shake off.

Joe is attracted to her from their first meeting. Louisa, though, tries to offload him to safety as soon as possible, as she perceives him to be a hindrance to her mission.

For those who like their stories a little spicier, tell us a little about your tantalizing stories written under the pen name Harriet Hamblin.

Writing erotic short stories is fun, and I especially enjoy thinking up unusual settings and eye-catching titles. My first story started out as a sensual romance set in a candle shop, which received a Highly Commended in a competition. I spiced it up and sold it as Love at First Light. Encouraged by this success, I wrote Fantasia Island. Inspired by Club Med, it is set on a Pacific Island at Club Chris(Christmas), where Santa not only gives you what you ask for but also what you deserve. What erotic gift will Santa put into your stocking? My third story is also set at Christmas-time. It involves an older woman and a younger man and has the very cheeky title of Stuff the Turkey.

As you can see, I love to write about sex with a touch of humor.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I enjoy the challenge involved in crafting an entertaining story; money; nice reader feedback which compensates for all the hours of lonesome dedication; and, did I mention, money?

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I am working on another novel set in World War Two, in New Zealand this time. It involves a kiwi girl and an American sailor. A sad story, with a happy ending:)

At present, I am also volunteering my time to judge writing contests.

Tell the readers where they can find you:

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

If you do happen to read my novel, or stories, I would so appreciate a quick email from you re your opinion. You can find my email address at my website.Please go to to read an excerpt of French Kiss, plus a free story and article.

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Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks so much for joining us here today and sharing your fascinating stories.

I forgot to ask, who's the cover artist for French Kiss?

EA said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Karen and Cherie,

Learned a lot from this interview. Cherie, your stories do sound exciting and intriguing. I'm sure you've gained a lot of insight from serving as a judge for writers. Good luck on your projects.

Cherie said... Best Blogger Tips

Bonjour Karen,

The cover is cool, isn't it? Nicola Martinez is the artist and I was delighted when she gave the title the effect I'd requested - the heroine's lipstick written on a mirror.

Thank you very much for having me here today.

Cherie said... Best Blogger Tips

Bonjour EA,

Thank you for your comment. Great to hear from you. I recommend anyone, who gets the chance to offer to be a judge, to do so. I have learned so much from the experience. I dare to hope that I have been able to inspire, guide and encourage entrants along their writing journey, whatever stage they're at. Afterwards, some entrants write, or send a card, to thank me which encourages me too!

Amy J Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

Cherie, lovely interview and Karen, you always know the right questions to ask to keep us eagerly waiting for more.

Thanks for sharing!

Cherie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Amy.

Mary Ricksen said... Best Blogger Tips

What an interesting interview. Imagine parachuting into someones arms, what a great idea! I love the premise for this story. I am looking forward to reading it.
Wishing you the very best of luck with sales!

Cherie said... Best Blogger Tips

Cheers Mary! I hope that you enjoy reading it.
All best for your sales, too.

She said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice interview. I love the WWIi era. So I know this is a book I have to get. Thanks.

Leigh D'Ansey said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yes, the idea of parachuting into the arms of a strong handsome man is exciting! How neat that went to France. Louisa and Joe's story must have felt very real. I love the cover too - I hope you sell a squillion copies!

Cherie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Leigh. A squillion copies is certainly something to aim for!

Cherie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you commenters.
I wrote your names on individual pieces of paper, folded them up and put them into a cloth bag.

My husband shook them up and drew out: MARY RICKSEN.

Congratulations Mary! Please confirm your email address with me, and I will send you an Adobe PDF version of FRENCH KISS.

Cherie Le Clare.