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Brigit Aine 's World

Let's give a warm welcome to paranormal author, Brigit Aine. She's here to tell us about her romance magazine, review site and her new release in the Torrent’s Talents series.

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Thank you so much to Karen for having me today. I really appreciate the chance to highjack her blog for a bit. I am so excited…and I have something new and exciting to let everyone know about… well I have lots of things I am involved in to let everyone know about so I suppose I should start.

First…I am co-owner of a fabulous FREE on-line romance magazine called Sensual Treats. We come out once a quarter and have some wonderful articles. Travel to romantic places features prominently and in June we are headed to Italy. We just got back from Greece. We also feature musicians, artists of sorts and have some every time columns. Food, advice from a counselor and now free de-classified ads. As well we have a great ad rate for authors. We feature new and promising authors, do interviews, have romantic short stories and in general are a fun place to hang out. Check us out at and see for yourself. There are free reads (including the first book in my series “Red’s Wolf”), great recipes and all of our issues are archived so stop by and sign up.

Next…I have just become the administrator at a wonderful new book review site called Siren Book Reviews. I have great co-conspirators in Kayden McLeod and Kristin Manter. We are looking for books to review and reviewers…so be you a reader or an author, or both, stop by and check out what we are doing. I just want to tell you that I am having a blast with all of this as well.

Still more…I am having a great time with all aspects of the writing world. In case you think that one is just an author or just a reader or just anything may I be the first to say that this not the case. I have been asked to co-moderate groups, get involved with reviews, start new projects…and that doesn’t even touch on my on works in progress (which are coming along nicely) or the books I have out. Speaking of which…a small excerpt from a couple of WIPs and then I will chat a bit about my current release.

“Justice for Leanne” WIP (with an editor who is helping me whip it into shape):

Not hearing anything she figured it was safe to come out of the bathroom. He’d said he was going downstairs, but she didn’t trust him. Not that he had ever done anything to make her distrust him, he was just acting very different today.

He usually lounged on the bed, not under the covers. Remembering his hard body laying there on her bed, she wandered over to the spot he’d been in. Picking up the pillow, she inhaled and smelled the faint scent he had left behind. A nice woodsy scent that pushed her already stretched hormones into overdrive.

Running her hand over the sheets, she laid down on the exact spot, still feeling the warmth his body had left. Leanne closed her eyes, imagining Justice still there. Inhaling deeply, she ran her fingers over the silky material.

Her hand moved over to her stomach, and up between her breasts, creating goosebumps to break over her flesh.

“Prince of Shadows” (WIP w/working title)

“You’re thinking about it too hard,” a voice came from her left, startling her into sliding under the water and back up. Sure enough, sitting on her sink, out of arms reach, was Draken. The voice that had startled her belonged to the one man she had been unable to catch.

“Why, what, how…”Keri knew she was sputtering and not making sense but her brain wouldn’t form coherent sentences. Draken was sitting in her bathroom while she was in the tub. Sighing inwardly Keri just decided to go with it. This was a typical Draken pattern. Although he had never shown himself twice in one night.

“Well if you quit stuttering I would try to answer the questions I think you are asking.” His usual snobby tone when dealing with her was quite clear. Keri could never tell if he was like that only with her or if he was indeed a snob with everyone. She had a suspicious feeling it was only with her. Deciding her best course of action was just to keep her mouth shut and see if he kept talking Keri simply looked at him. Damn he looked good. A dove grey button down silk shirt was tucked into black slacks that looked like they had never been worn before. His hair was still mussed like the first night in the bar. He sat on her bathroom sink like it was the most comfortable lounge in the world. “That is better. Now. How. Well you are projecting your thoughts so loudly I would think that you may have more company than just me. Every paranorm in the county must be able to hear you. I mean really Keri didn’t they teach you how to shield your thoughts before you came topside?”

Finally…okay…so that was a bit about what I’m doing now…both in writing and outside of it…I do have current release…it came out in March with Eternal Press. “Cassie’s Awakening” is the 2nd book in the Torrent’s Talents series and is doing very well. There are a number of good reviews for it (links listed at my blog) and it is #2 for Eternal Press sales at All Romance E-Books. Below is an excerpt. It is available at

Excerpt “Cassie’s Awakening”

“I repeat. What did you think you were doing?” Cassie asked, with more bravado than she was feeling. She had never felt anything like the pulsating emotions emanating from Jared. It seemed to overwhelm all her senses and she was struggling with just getting breath in and out of her lungs. She looked up at him and found herself face to face with eyes that were so intense she could see nothing but them. There was a slight glow that fascinated her; she had never seen eyes like this before, incredibly deep with a special inner light.

“Don’t ever touch Kraig again or let him touch you,” Jared growled from deep in his chest. He was having trouble keeping his wolf in check. When Kraig had kissed Cassie it was all he could do to not rip the pup’s head off. She didn’t know anything about being his mate, or even what it entailed, but Jared did and he was having trouble controlling the wolf because of it. He had barely managed to control changing, and he certainly wasn’t going to stop the rush of jealousy and anger at his mate being touched by another man. Not just a man, but another werewolf. And with that acceptance, he quit thinking and did what his wolf wanted. He kissed her.

Thank you for visiting with me today. Please take a moment to comment…I am running two contests. One is a random draw from those who leave a comment and the other is:

Where do I currently have “Kraig’s Kat” Torrent’s Talents 3 submitted? (you can find the answer at my website).

Brigit Aine


Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thank you for telling us about your romance magazine and your new review site.

And of course, thank you for sharing your excerpts. I can't wait to check out your Torrent’s Talents series.

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, Brigit!

You are one busy lady! Thanks for sharing the info about your review site and on-line magazine. Great resources for authors.

Cathy M said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Brigit, great blurbs for your upcoming releases and I really enjoyed the excerpt for Cassie's Awakening.

answer to your question:

Black Velvet Seductions


Jennifer Mathis said... Best Blogger Tips

oh the mag looks great so glad you told me about it. Excerpt was fab.

answer-Black Velvet Seductions

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks everyone for stopping by...I love being busy and the new venture is going to be great.

I love the Torrent's series...has been by far my favorite to write.

Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

hey brigit!!! Love your current WIPs (especially Prince of Shadows). Great post today, you are sooo busy and I admire and respect you so much. I, like you, want to dabble in as many aspects of the industry as I can. Siren has been such a blessing and so much fun.

answer to your question: black velvet seductions.

keep being fabulous!

Mary Ricksen said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck, I loved the excerpts! I'll look into your magazine and check out your new review site!! I wish you the very best!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks is so nice to have all these comments.

MarthaE said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with other comments: Wow Brigit sounds like one busy lady! And those three excerpts all left me wanting more.
Answer to the Q: Black Velvet Seductions.
Best wishes on all your projects!

Brigit/Faerylvr said... Best Blogger Tips

MarthaE and Mary Ricksen please e-mail me at as you are the winners...

MarthaE said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Brigit Aine. I just e-mailed you. Thank you Karen too.

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