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Interview with Debra Kayn

Debra Kayn is here today to tell us about her romantic tales with yummy hunks to fantasize about as you sip your favorite drink! Let's give Debra a warm welcome.

Don't forget to leave a comment or ask her a question. She'd love to hear from you. Debra Kayn is offering one person who leaves a comment their choice of either Ride Free or Resurrecting Charlie's Girl. She'll post the winner's name tonight, so make sure you check back to see if you won. That person can email her at with their preference of book and email addy.

Hello Debra. Let's start out with you telling us about yourself. (Bio, tidbits, likes, dislikes. If you use a pen name, why did you choose to do so?)

Thank you so much for having me here, Karen. Hm, a little about myself. I live in the coastal mountains of Oregon with my family. I’m married and have four teenage kids. I absolutely love the outdoors, and spend as much time as I can doing things outside the house. I play tennis, go fishing, garden, ride motorcycles, and in the winter, you’ll find me playing in the snow. You might have guessed, but I don’t really enjoy doing housework. Lol That might be the reason why I spend so much time outside. Debra Kayn is my pen name, but it is close to my real name. I kept my first name, took my middle name, and added my real last name’s first initial to come up with Kayn. I figured I was used to my Mom yelling “Debra Kay get over here!” when I was in trouble, I’d pay attention if someone spoke to me using Debra Kayn as my name. Plus, it gives me a little security in keeping my writing life private.

You have four children, how do you find time to write and juggle a family?

I’m busy, no getting around that, but it has been so much easier since they all became teenagers. The hardest part is making sure they are all here for dinner, and I don’t lose track of them as they run in all directions. It also helps that I do most of my writing after dinner into the late hours of the night.

In Betraying the Prince, Drake accepts the challenge of teaching Celina the ways of America . Why did Drake accept the challenge?

Great question. When Drake’s father introduces him to Celina, he’s floored with the way she has been raised. Segregated from all males, very sheltered, and in his view, treated unfairly. It angered him that someone would hinder a woman’s growth in such a way when the world is right there for her to enjoy. He accepted the challenge, because he wanted to show her that women are worth so much more than being trained as a wife who must obey.

Celina has been trained to please her future husband. By reading your excerpt, it sounds like Drake is trying not to give into her seductive touch. Tell us a little about the story without giving too much away.

Poor Drake, he’s such a stand up guy. In all aspects of Celina’s world, she is so sheltered on how to behave around a man, but she’s been trained to be his ideal sexual mate her whole life. Drake understands why she acts the way she does, but it is hard to walk away from a woman who strips down to her birthday suite and proclaims she’s a master at Kama Sutra. It is a humorous, endearing adventure to glimpse inside their budding romance.

Can we expect humorous situations? Will the reader need a fan and cold shower after reading this seductive read?

It is very humorous. I like describing their relationship as those first little butterflies, those tingles, we receive when we are falling in love and everything is enjoyable. Of course, later in the book, we watch as those butterflies turn into the most exotic bird that takes flight and sweeps us into a magical pull of seduction.

I do love this title: Biker Babe in Black. Margarine Butter (you must tell us why this name) is a biker chick. Tell us a little about her and what makes her this kick-butt chick who rides a Harley.

Lol There is a lot behind her name that I won’t go into and give away, but Margarine grew up in a motorcycle gang and the gang members all go by nicknames. Unlike most of the members though, she was born with that name. I just love Margarine, she’s one of my favorite characters. The poor girl is bad luck walking, but has the personality to take it all in stride and never give up. Strong, opinionated, determined…yet, soft, loving, and innocent.

Have you personally ever ridden a Harley?

Yes, I have. I’ve also sat behind the biggest bad-ass dude of the Hell’s Angels biker gang when I was 19 years old. Although he didn’t take me for a ride, the experience will carry me through the rest of my life. Lol My husband and I rode a lot together before the kids came along, but most of our riding done now is on dirt bikes. One day though, I’ll be the little old lady riding the pink Harley in full leathers with my hair blowing in the wind.

One reviewer claims Tycoon Remy Montgomery is just yummy. Tell us a little about him. (Tell us what he looks like, too. Make us drool. lol) Is your character Remy like anyone you know or purely a fantasy man?

Let’s see…dark, tall, powerful. He can go from wearing black leather to Armani like no one’s business. Personality wise –hubs is going to get me for saying this- he’s a lot like my husband. The rest is pure fantasy man.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I’m working on the third book in The Chromes and Wheels Gang series and jotting down ideas for a sci/fi romance book that I am excited about.

Tell the readers where they can find you: I love to talk with others, so please feel free to stop in and say hi. I’m also on facebook and twitter

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

The second book of The Chromes and Wheels Gang series, Ride Free, is coming out March 25th at Red Rose Publishing. We learn about Margarine’s best friend Reefer and the woman that catches his heart. I also have a romantic suspense, Resurrecting Charlie’s Girl, coming out March 26th at Breathless Press where we watch one abused woman heal and grow with the help of a sexy P.I. Check out my website for contest information where I’ll be giving away a copy of each book to celebrate the releases.

Ride Free

Sarah always dreamed of joining a motorcycle gang and hitting the open roads. First to escape a troubled childhood full of poverty and alcoholism, and later, the desire to live a gypsy lifestyle and feel the wind in her hair. Her life all changed the morning a biker stopped in the middle of the road and asked if she wanted a ride.

Reefer had two rules. Don't mess around with women who didn't grow up riding the road and his biker family always came first. Nothing prepared him for the woman who hopped onto the back of his Harley with the ease of a born rider, or how she peeled back the layers of his sealed heart.

Two people running from a world full of hurt. Will they escape to find happiness or will they have to revisit the past?

Resurrecting Charlie’s Girl

On the run and in hiding, Charlise wasn't surprised that her ex-husband found her again at the hunting lodge. The sick bastard would stop at nothing to have her back, and that included murder. Abused and a former shell of herself, she wants to find the woman she was before ever meeting the elusive Jared Blatwell. This time her ex catches up with her and it appears that her time has run out.

Coming off a three-day stakeout, Tom Brannet looked forward to the hunting trip with the other men from G.P. Investigations. Rest, relaxation, and a little hunting is exactly what he needed.

Instead, he's thrown back into his job protecting the beautiful woman behind the counter at The Ridge. No longer the hunter, he does everything in his power to keep Charlise from being the prey. Unable to stop Jared Blatwell from finding his ex-wife, Tom and his partners set up a trap that goes terribly wrong.

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Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us today! Love the book covers, too.

Cate Masters said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on your release, Debra! Margarine sounds like a wonderful heroine, feisty yet sweet. And there's just something about a guy on a motorcycle, isn't there? :)
Best of luck!

Debra Kayn said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for having me here today, Karen. :-) I'd also like to offer one person who leaves a comment their choice of either Ride Free or Resurrecting Charlie's Girl. I'll post the winner's name tonight, so make sure you check back to see if you won. That person can email me at with their preference of book and email addy.

Hi Cate- They sure do. I'm not sure if it is the bad boy image, the loner status, or the way they make those motorcycles purr that pique my attention every time. lol

susan said... Best Blogger Tips

welcome, your hair..I had real long hair and years ago went very going back to long but it's taking forever. My hair in naturally curly and it has it's own mind. I think you have naturally curly I right. It is so pretty. susan L>

Tony-Paul said... Best Blogger Tips

Long blonde hair and riding motorcycles...sounds like me about 30 years ago. I still have the long blonde hair but I've traded the motorcycle and its rider for a , and--no, none of it is from actual experience. A great blog, Debra Kay!

Tony-Paul said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry Debra--looks like part of my comment didn't make it through the translation...What I mean to say was: I traded the motorcycle and its easy ride for a keyboard and writing horror..and none of it (the writing) is from actual experience. The part about the blog being great managed to come through OK, I see.

Debra St. John said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Debra and Karen,

Nice interview, ladies. I love the cover and the concept for "Betraying the Prince". Sounds like a fabulous read!

I, too, use a pen name that is close to my real name! Let's hear it for the Debras!!

Debra Kayn said... Best Blogger Tips

Susan- I wish I had curls! lol Straight as a nail, but thick and coarse. What little wave I get to my hair comes from going to bed with it wet every night. ;-) Funny, how we always want what we don't have, and in my case, I'd love soft springy curls.

Hi Tony-Paul,
That darned keyboard demands a lot of attention, doesn't it? These days I have to settle for the dirt bike instead of the Harley...but someday, I'll find the time to ride again. Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I have a lot of fun with it. :-)

Debra - Woohoo...Debra's unite! Growing up that name was very common, but you don't hear it much anymore.

Betraying the Prince took a lot of people by surprise. After reading it, I had a lot of people tell me that they were surprised how secondary characters played such a huge role in the story and it had mystery in it. I'd love to find the time to take one of those characters (not saying who! lol) and give "her" a book of her own.

Veronica said... Best Blogger Tips

I love, love, love Biker Babe in Black! And did I mention just how much I love Bike in Black? lol!
I can't wait to read the sequel, Ride Free!!

Wonderful interview ladies!


Debra Kayn said... Best Blogger Tips

Veronica- You liked it, huh? lol I love hearing gave me a huge smile. You'll enjoy Ride Free. It is the book that really shows "the gang". ;-)

flchen1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, lovely interview, Debra and Karen! There's always something exciting about motorcycles--I've yet to ride one, but love reading about them. I can imagine the sense of power and freedom that comes with being on one! Congrats on your latest and upcoming releases--sounds like we readers have much to enjoy from you this year!

Mary Ricksen said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck Debra!
Who doesn't love a sexy hunk on a cycle! YeeHa!!

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL. Any heroine by the name of Margarine is one I MUST read! The story sounds very very interesting. And RIDE FREE? I distinctly recall a bumper sticker about nobody riding for free... So what does the rider exchange for a ride? Hmmm. Very interesting... ;) Thanks for getting the wheels turnin' in my mind. I spent the morning picking strawberries with my pre-schooler and am just crawling out of the nap-fog from eating the most enormous brisket sandwich. Oy! I had no idea it would be that huge. LOL Maybe this is not the best topic to add to Ms. Kayn's blog post...

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said... Best Blogger Tips

I also have a strong weakness for men on motorcycles,... except put them on a crotch rocket with a full face blackout helmet and WOW... smokin'.. oh and don't forget the leather or tight jeans.


Debra Kayn said... Best Blogger Tips

flchen1- Thank you! I have been busy this year, but I'm having a blast while doing it.

Mary- Thanks!

Skhye- Food is always a topic I love. lol I just finished making a cucumber/tomato salad for dinner and tried a little. Yummy. Can't wait for summer.

Miranda - Lovely name. I'm partial to it, because I named my daughter Miranda. :-) Aw, you go for speed! The whole laying over the bike thing does have a certain appeal, doesn't it? lol

s7anna said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations on your latest release Debra!!! I'm looking forward to checking out your books.

Happy Reading

Sarah Simas said... Best Blogger Tips

Wah-hoo!! Two of my favorite leading ladies in one place!!

Awesome interview. :) I love the your premise of the biker romance, Debra! Way too cool!

KMN- kickin' Irish laddy pics! Now, that's what I call good scenery! :)

MarthaE said... Best Blogger Tips

Great interview Karen and Debra. Debra thanks for sharing info about yourself and your books. I like the fun and sexy sound of the books! Best wishes on a wonderfully successful release!

Amy J Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Debra,
Wow, your book sounds really hot!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Sarah said: KMN- kickin' Irish laddy pics! Now, that's what I call good scenery! :)

Thanks Sarah. Debra writes about gorgeous hunks. I only thought it appropriate to have few hunks show up in honor of her tantalizing romances. lol

Debra Kayn said... Best Blogger Tips

Anna- Thank you very much. I love sharing my books and meeting new people. :-)

Sarah- Yay! You made it. You are the best!!

MarthaE- Thanks, hon. I'm a talker, so I love doing these interviews. lol

Amy -*let's you borrow my fan* Gotta love the heat, right? lol Thanks!

Karen- What a sweetie. It hasn't been hard at all to come here today. Eye candy is wonderful!

Debra Kayn said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok guys! I've drawn a name. The winner is...flchen1.

Thank you to everyone who left comments!

flchen1 if you could email me and let me know if you'd prefer Ride Free (which released March 11) or Resurrecting Charlie's Girl (Coming out this Friday, so you'll have to wait a few days for it) at

I've had a blast with you all today. What a great site Karen runs! Thank you Karen for having me. :-)

s7anna said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations flchen!!!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Debra, it was a pleasure having you here. :)

Congratulations, flchen1. Enjoy your read.

EA said... Best Blogger Tips

Your work sounds fantastic, Debra. Thanks for sharing some of your talent with us.