Monday, February 8, 2010

Interview with Catherine Bybee

I'm happy to introduce paranormal romance writer who believes in happily-ever-after. She creates worlds for you to escape into and romances that will warm the heart. Let's welcome Catherine Bybee!

Tell the Readers a little about yourself.

You’re a RN working in an emergency room, have you used your medical background in any of your stories?

Before the Moon Rises starts at the end of a busy ER shift. The heroine, Janet, is a single, somewhat cynical, ER nurse. So yes, I’ve used my background in my work. It’s hard not to write what you know so well.

You’ve written werewolf romances first with Soul Mate and now you have a new tale, Before the Moon Rises. There are many legends about werewolves. Tell us a little about yours. Can they shift at will or only when the moon is full? Do they forget their human side when they are in their wolf form? If they bite a human, will the human turn into a werewolf, too?

Ohhhh good questions! Lets see… No legends really come into play with my werewolves, not in the sense of my story telling. My wolves are traditional shift-with-the-moon wolves. They have no control for three nights surrounding the lunar cycle. They do remember that they are human and it does take a bite from a were to a human to induce a change. My weres have extra sensory gifts that stay with them 24/7 giving them the edge to out see, hear and smell the fellow man. Not to mention a little extra strength.

Without giving too much away, tell us a little about Janet and Max and what to expect in Before the Moon Rises.

Before the Moon Rises was originally written for a 25k or less contest, so the story is fast paced. Their world-wind romance takes place in a short amount of time… But sometimes crazy things that happen in ones life leaves lasting impressions. Consider that Sully’s miracle crash on the Hudson resulted in at least one marriage. It can happen!

You also write time travel romances. In Binding Vows, Duncan whisks Tara back to 16th century Scotland . Tell us about the research that went into bringing this tale alive.

My time travels center around my hero and heroine, so outside of basic facts about the time, I don’t spend a lot of pages on history. Thanks to the Internet, information and history is at the tips of your fingertips day and night. Luckily, my CP catches things I didn’t know. *Thanks, Angel.

It’s important to have your facts straight when you’re writing anything historical… however, in my Highland Time Travel Trilogy, my characters know they are going through time and I use a bit of creative license to ease their speech to reflect what we know. Some books are downright chores to read because the language was so different five hundred years ago. I didn’t want that with Duncan and Tara ’s story.

Have you been to Scotland and if so where did your travels take you? If you haven’t been to Scotland , after writing Binding Vows, where would you like to visit?

No I haven’t been and YES I wanna go! Do you know anyone who would like to give me a free ticket? I may be a bit disappointed to only see ‘older’ men in kilts.

Maybe we can find someone to give us two tickets. lol I'd love to go, too.

Have you personally been to a Renaissance Faire? Tell us a little about them.

Here is where I did some research and spoke with Faire Patrons galore. I’ve never been. Crazy, but true. My stepsisters have both done the entire Faire gig with costumes and all… So in essence, I wrote this story from the standpoint of what I see a Faire as being. And because the Faire in Binding Vows is meant to lour Druid virgins, it is quite different than real Ren Faires.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I just finished up edits for Silent Vows, Myra ’s book in my trilogy and Redeeming Vows, Lizzy’s book, is nearly completed.

Keeping with the theme of series books—Richard’s story, Max’s brother from Before the Moon Rises, is in edits.

There are other stories in the pipeline as well as a full length that is being considered by an agent. So, well see.

Tell the readers where they can find you: has all the latest news and links. I have a blog on blogspot, I tweet, facebook and myspace. So jump on in.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Two things!

Save a tree, read an e-book! Only buy your e-books from reputable sites. Say no to e-book piracy.

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Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for stopping by today and sharing your wonderful tales. I wish you the best with them.

Catherine Bybee said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks again for having me, Karen.

Mary Ricksen said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Catherine good luck with that new full length one!
Catherine you are such a great author. It's fantastic to read your stories and watch you do the video tape blogs!
You rock girl!You know I wish you the best too.

Catherine Bybee said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Mary.

Sarah Simas said... Best Blogger Tips

HI Catherine and KMN!

Loved the interview. I enjoyed getting to know you better, Catherine.

LOL Can you make that three tickets?? I wanna go so bad. Especially after I watched a special the whisky makers. Oh, now, that would be heaven! Talk about a tasty treat!

I will have to swing by for some of your vlogs. What a cool idea!

Margaret Tanner said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Catherine,
Nice interview. I don't know much about were wolfs, but Scotland I have visited. Beautiful place, and you would be surprised there are a few men running around in kilts. A couple of them were veeery nice. Pity I had hubby with me.


Lynne Roberts said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry I'm late! I loved this interview! If you haven't read one of Catherine's books, you're in for a wonderful treat!


Catherine Bybee said... Best Blogger Tips

Sarah: I'll have someone charter a Leer and we'll all go on our fantasy journey. lol

Margaret: Good to know that not all the knees are old. lol

Lynne: *incert pom poms here! lol