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Blog Tour with Teresa D'Amario!

By Teresa D'Amario

Once the victim of scientific experimentation by the Government Control of Supernatural Activities (GSA), Damon doesn't have a past, and he isn't sure he has a future. He doesn't even know if his ability to change from human to wolf is a virus, or magick. But the instant he lays eyes on the pretty cop from the local police force, he knows he has to learn the secrets of his past before they destroy her future.

Krystal is the best animal cop on the police force, hiding magickal talent beneath layers of excuses and quick thinking. For five years she's tracked Peter Burke, a butcher who steals any form of canine to supplement his dietary needs. The day she saves a wolf from losing his head at the sharp end of an axe, her entire life changes. And then there is Damon, the mysterious, sexy ex-soldier with no memory of his past who awakens fantasies of dark and sensual nights.

But the GSA isn't finished with Damon, and when the shadowy government agency joins forces with Burke, Krystal too finds her life in jeopardy, the target of men and women led by their own desires. Damon and Krystal must work together to stop evil and destroy years of illegal research.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for being here, and Thanks so much, Karen, for letting me hang out at your blog. For those who don't know, Karen has some awesome shapeshifter books herself, and some Time Travel! Make sure you check them out.

For those just joining us, for my blog tour, I'm creating something very special. A free read. And you get to help! Each blog posting will be a new scene or chapter of the book titled above, He's no Faery Prince. Previous chapters can be found on my FREEBIE READS page of my blog. Then, at the end of my post for today, you'll see some questions. They are designed to make life easier for me (or much more fun, at least) because the answers to those questions will determine the course of the story. Also, if you happen to think of something really awesome to add, not addressed by my questions, feel free to throw that in there too. I'll be sure to take a look at it.

Only TWO more days of blogging after today. Hard to believe our story is coming to an end. Six full weeks of blogging. And to those of you who've stuck with it all the way through, THANK YOU. :D

Now, back to our story!

"He wants me to find Tamed," Sasha said to the Queen of Fae. "But I can't leave him like this."

The woman shook herself, and it was as though a cloak of royalty shook itself from the top of her head to her toes. "I will stay with my son. Go. Bring Tamed. He can help."

Sasha nodded and ran out of the cell. The only problem was, she didn't know what Tamed looked like. Creatures of all sorts stared at her from behind their bars. Wolves, Lions and Tigers. All shifters. There was even what had to be a dwarf, his short, bulky body covered in soot. She ignored her instincts and continued on, though when the wolf howled, she cringed. Where was the missing Fae? The last cell contained a man. He had his back to her, his head in his hands.

"Tamed?" she queried.

He spun around to see her. Bright green eyes, greener than the deepest emerald stared back at her. Long pointed ears rose to almost his eyebrows, which were nothing more than a sharp slash of brown on his pale face.

"What do you want?" he shot back, aggression in ever word.

"I'm here with Ted. He sent me to get you." She looked at the cell door and wondered if she could break it with her shifter's strength. It looked pretty strong, and she knew some of the animals contained down the hall were shifters, too. If they couldn't get out, she probably couldn't get in. "Do you have any idea where the key is?"

He shook his head. "If I did, I'd be out of here by now. Where's the prince?"

"He's down the hall." she examined the lock more closely. Shit. She really needed the key.

"Not Ted, Secora."

"Oh, that prince," she said, knowing her voice sounded distracted. That's because it was. She scanned the next cell. "He's dead. I killed him."

Tamed ran to the bars. "You killed him? You killed the second in succession to the crown?"

She shrugged. "He shouldn't have stabbed Ted."

Before he could ask another question, a light exploded beside her. Colors spun like the inside of a tornado, yet there was no wind. Tiny glimmers of gold hypnotized her as she watched. When the light faded, a man stood in it's place. He was tall, like all the Fae, but he certainly didn't dress like anything she'd seen before. He wore skin tight leathers, all the way down to his ankles. 80's revisited, she'd guess. His dark tank Tee snaked along every muscle, as though it owned his body. She tracked upward, meeting his face. Dark blue and furious eyes glared back at her.

"Who are you and why are you holding Tamed prisoner?"

She leapt back, and snarled. She didn't have time to play twenty questions.

"She's not, Your Majesty," said Tamed, who dropped to a bow.

Your Majesty? You know, meeting the parents wasn't supposed to be a lesson in murder and death. Sasha arched a brow and studied the man. Ancient wisdom shown in otherwise young looking eyes. His dark, shoulder length hair brushing past him as though there was a breeze. There wasn't. It was all an illusion. Power rolled off him, tingling over her flesh.

"I'm waiting for an explanation." The King of the Fae gave her an imperious stare, but she gave one in return.

His words snapped her out of her reverie. "And I don't have time for all these questions. Ted sent me to rescue Tamed, but I can't get the door open. Ted is down the hall, with his mother, and in pain. Maybe dying. So either help me, somehow, or get out of my way."

"And Secora?" The anger in the king's face told her he knew of Secora's demise. If she told him what happened, would he kill her now? Or would he let her live long enough to say goodbye to Ted?

She glanced at Tamed, who's head remained bowed. Shit. He was leaving this all to her. "Look, we can talk later," she said, motioning with a frustrated arm. "And I need to get Tamed down there, with your third son. You know, Micholaisan? Ted's Mother, your wife, said Tamed could help. So please, help me save your son."

The King studied her a moment longer before waving his fingers over the lock. Tiny, golden grains of dust flitted from his fingertips, falling on the door. The lock clicked and the door swung open. Tamed didn't move.

"Let's go, Tamed," she said, frustrated. "The King can kill me later, but right now, we have to save Ted!"

She saw Tamed sneak a glance toward the King who gave a regal nod. In a flash the man was up and out of the cell, charging down the hall, leaving her with Ted's father.

"And my other son? Secora?"

The voice was soft, though it held a threat of menace.

She swallowed the hard lump in her throat. "I'll tell you, but you must promise me one thing."

"No, I do not. I make no deals," he stated.

Shit. "Look, all I ask is you let me say goodbye to Ted before you kill me." She peeked up at him from beneath her lashes. He seemed to be considering her offer.

"Done," he said at last.

She took in a steadying breath. "Secora tried to kill Ted, and I shifted, and, well, he's dead."

I'm going to ask you two questions, since we've already addressed all the others.

How does Ted's father react to Secora's death?

How does Tamed save Ted?

So give it to me folks - all those wonderful ideas of where this goes next.

Now for prizes:

  • Grand Prize: A $50 gift card at the online bookstore of your choice to be announced at the end of the entire blog tour.

  • Unadvertised prizes will be given on random days. You won’t know when, but I’ll choose them and post on the blog in question once you have won!

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a response on each blog I’m visiting — one entry for every blog you comment on during my blog tour. Multiple comments a day do not get you additional entries for the small giveaway, but will for the larger one.

  2. Email me at with a copy of the receipt for the purchase of any Teresa D’Amario book, so long as it was purchased after 15 December. Older receipts do not count, though I’d love to know you’ve read one of the books. Five entries for every receipt. If you prefer not to share receipts, simply email me and so long as I’m satisfied, I will provide you with the credits.

So follow along, ladies and gentlemen, to help me write a short story, and to enter for the prizes!

Again, the entire blog schedule is found on my blog in the calendar, which will include links to each blog participating!

The next stop on the blog tour is with ShapeShifter Romance On Wed, 27 January, 2010.

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This Week's Interview is with Rebecca J. Vickery

Rebecca J. Vickery is here today with us. She's the author of romantic tales with a twist. Let's give her a warm welcome. Leave her a comment and ask her questions. She'll be by today to answer them. *Don't forget to leave your email in the comments. There will be three drawings and a chance to win one download from Smashwords. Winner's choice of one of her three releases. Three lucky winners! Drawing will be on Sat. Jan. 16th.

Tell us a little about the author. (Bio, tidbits, likes, dislikes. If you use a pen name, why did you choose to do so?) Rebecca J. Vickery is my real name. I’ve been married longer than I like to remember to a man with the patience of Job. (It’s necessary to put up with me.) Our son has given us 3 beautiful grands, one who lives with us most of the time. I have a very full life and enjoy reading, of course, RVing at the beach, fishing, and long walks. I hate cooked greens, but love them in salads and I’m a Dr. Pepper and chocolate addict.

In Following Destiny, your heroine, Andrea Duncan inherits a special ring that can open portals. Can you tell us how you came up with interesting story plot?

I heard a bit about a serial killer on the news. Just after that I saw a beautiful mood ring advertisement. The idea just bloomed. I adore MOOD rings, but I wanted something really special and different to be attached to this particular ring. Andie and Mason’s story took off from there.

Tell us a little about the heroine and hero in Following Destiny.
Andrea Duncan is an average, modern young woman who has had a horrible year. She is shocked to find she has inherited a house and a “too weird” ring, but relishes the idea of finally having a home. By the way, she loves to cook. Mason Keeler is an easy-going, southern sheriff who really wants to be a rancher. He is burdened down by responsibility and his commitment to the town. And Mason really likes to eat. Can you see where this is going? (LOL)

Andrea’s ancestors speak to her through the portal the ring opens. Without giving too much away, are they there to protect her? Or warn her?
Well, there’s a serial killer in town and he is preying on women. So, maybe a bit of both. (Secretive smile)

I have to say the ring on the book cover is gorgeous. Can you tell the readers how they too can own this ring? (*Of course portals are not included or are they? lol)
Portals are up to the imagination of the wearer. (wink-wink) Tracy at handcrafts the most beautiful rings and jewelry imaginable. She offers the “Moody Blue Ring” ( at a very special price. She can also add stones in varying colors. Not nearly as expensive as you would think for handcrafted jewelry.

Tell the readers a little about Surviving With Love. How much research was involved in creating this adventure story?
I researched the location and weather in the Saddle Mountain area and the Bitterroot Wilderness as thoroughly as possible without actually going there. I read a lot about tracking and gleaned tidbits from law-enforcement officers for the hostage rescue information. As for the camping and hiking skills, they came from first-hand knowledge from my younger days.

Tell us a little about your mystery tale with a twist, Looking Through the Mist.
This story actually came to me in a dream sparked by the real abduction of a child. I dreamed I had a vision of where the child was and could help the police. Of course, that wasn’t real, but it made a great story. Jessie and Johnny, the lead characters, would not leave me alone until I got that one finished. And one of the secondary characters is still poking me to remind me he wants his own story told. I’m hoping to start on it in June.

I love Looking Through the Mist’s book cover. The eyes really grab you. Who was the cover artist? How about for your other wonderful covers? Did you help to design them?
Laura Shinn is an independent cover artist, and an author in her own right, who designs all my covers. I send her the descriptions of my main characters, a brief synopsis, and my favorite scene then she performs her “magic.” I guess you could say I help in that I send her positive thoughts and I recognize THE right cover immediately. We work really well together and her covers get better and better.

What are your current projects and works in progress?
I’ve just helped start a new Yahoo Group for authors and readers called Romance and More Promotions. It’s growing by leaps and bounds. Seeking Shelter, a contemporary semi-Inspirational romance, should be released the end of this month. I’m also working on Finding Treasure, a paranormal contemporary, set in Seattle and Healing Rain, a novel about a touch healer. You can see I try to stay occupied. My hubby says it keeps me out of trouble. (LOL)

Tell us about Operation Ebook Drop.
The book give-away I'm part of is Operation EBook Drop for deployed military personnel. It was started by Ed Patterson, a military veteran, who is also an author. We have over 200 authors and publishers participating now and I personally have 75 (plus) troops on my list. I joined before Christmas as a special project and I've enjoyed it so much I hope to stay involved as long as I can be of help. For more information email Ed Patterson at: (edwpat at att dot net)

Most important question, tell the readers where they can find you:
Home website:
All of my other sites and pages are listed on my website. There are too many to list.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?
I just want to say I am so thankful to everyone who reads my work, be-friends me in this crazy world, or follows me at one of my sites. I appreciate each and every one of you. And when you have a chance, “pay it forward.” It really does work.

Would you like to share a video, blurb or excerpt?
My videos and blurbs are easy to find on my home website.
I’d like to share an excerpt about the “ring” from Following Destiny:

“You commented on the ring when you saw me wearing it. Somehow it… Well, it opens a channel or something for these voices. The stone glows then there are lights from it sometimes.” Andie held her hand up between them to draw his attention to the age-tarnished silver ring with the odd blue stone.

“Rose’s antique mood ring?” Mason shook his head. He loosened his hold on her arms, but didn’t turn loose. “Andie, it’s just a ring with a stone that changes depending on your body temperature.”

She emphatically shook her head causing her thick cloud of blond hair to brush his hands. “It’s more than that. When I take it off, it draws me back to it. At first, I couldn’t understand the voices. They were all jumbled up, mostly just whispers. They sounded like bees in a swarm or the way a distant crowd sounds talking all at once. You were there the second time it happened. When we shook hands, I understood what they said to me. I was so surprised I almost fainted. I thought surely you could hear them, too. You caught hold of me, remember? You told me it must be the wind?” Andie desperately wanted him to accept what she said. Her eyes pleaded with him to believe her.

“I remember,” he agreed softly. Mason could see she was very serious about this. He felt torn between believing her outright and his duty to get to the bottom of what was going on. Mason knew she could see the uncertainty in his face. It probably ruined whatever chances he might have to get closer to her.

Andie let him steer her back to sit on the sofa before she went on. “That night, after we met, the voices told me he was watching her. But I didn’t know who she was until the next morning. I swear I would have told you, if I knew it was real or who it meant. The voices said he had his large, strong hands on her neck and that it was too late.” A tear ran down Andie’s left cheek, but she seemed totally unaware of it. “When I heard the news that a woman died, that she’d been strangled, I almost lost it. I didn’t know what to do, Mason. I almost called. I had the phone in my hand.” She looked down at the ring she twisted round on her finger. “I decided you wouldn’t believe me. I hid the ring in a drawer not wanting anything else to do with it. Then at your office, I connected those dates to the ones I saw on Grandmother Rose’s notes and I—I put the ring back on.” Andie reached up to swipe at the tears.

“These voices from the ring told you he’s chosen his next victim?”

“Yes. He’s watching her. I’m so afraid that—I’ll know he’s going to kill her but I won’t be able to do anything about it.” Her tears fell faster. She was thankful when Mason pulled her close. He rubbed her back then she felt him push her hair away from her face.

Rebecca's Ebooks can be purchased at:
Smashwords -
Barnes & Noble -
Amazon -
Rebecca's Print Books are available at:
Amazon -
CreateSpace –
Following Destiny -
Looking Through The Mist -
Surviving With Love –

Thank you for your time, Rebecca. It's been wonderful having you here today.
Thank you so much for having me. I enjoyed being here.

Enjoy a book video of Seeking Shelter:

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Interview with Pamela Hearon Jan. 4th

Pamela Hearon is here to tell us about her magical tale about King Arthur and her upcoming release with The Wild Rose Press. Let's give her a warm welcome.

Hello Pamela. Tell the readers a little about yourself. Do you use a pen name?

I should confess right here at the beginning that I believe in magic. Since childhood, my favorite stories have been those that go beyond what can be explained and plunge me into the world of the inexplicable. But now I don’t just enjoy the magical stories of others; now I create my own. And through the years, I’ve grown to understand that magic doesn’t limit itself to a stone releasing a sword. It also encompasses a woman’s heart opening to love.

Because nothing could be more magical than a flower growing from a seed or a comet’s tail stretching across the sky, I enjoy gardening by day and star gazing by night.

A Southern girl by birth, I now live in the Midwest with my husband, my real-life hero who captivates me with his own special magic.

Like many other writers, I tend to be on the shy side. I use a pseudonym because I find the anonymity frees me from my inhibitions and allows me to “dance like
no one is watching.”

This tale was a Reviewer’s Oct. Top Pick at PNR Paranormal Romance!

In The Timestone Key, you write about King Arthur. How did you combine the legend of the past with your story to make a fresh and exiting new adventure?

I love the stories of the Knights of the Round Table, but it always bothered me that the Fellowship was torn apart by betrayal, with no hope of a happy ending. The heroine of The Timestone Key is a present-day woman, Halley Winsted, whose family holds a mysterious legacy linked to the Arthurian legends. Fulfilling her part of the legacy sends Halley on an adventure choreographed by Merlin himself. I’ve added my own twists to justify the actions of the characters, righting the wrongs in an effort to restore the fellowship and Arthur to their true glory.

I do love a happy ending. I’m all for a few twist and turns to achieve it.

Is The Timestone Key a stand-alone story or will this be part of a series?

The Timestone Key is a stand-alone story, but I have plans for at least one more book (okay, maybe two more books) that will continue the story of the family legacy.

In His Hotness, Jade Bartholomew develops a rating scale to help her find the man of her dreams. Tell us a little about the story.

Jade has been working on her one-hundred point scale for the past ten years, convinced it’s going to provide her with an objective means to find the man of her dreams. Over the years, her values have matured and the scale has changed. Mind-blowing sex has lost its top-priority position, replaced now by honesty. When she meets Kai Malone, he soars to the top of her scale. But scales have been known to lie. And so have men.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I’ve recently finished the second book of a four-book, contemporary romance, single title series. The main characters are all from the same small town in western Kentucky, with cameo appearances of secondary characters across the story lines, creating a sense of community.

Tell the readers where they can find you:
I would love for them to stop by my website: or friend me on FaceBook.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?
The Timestone Key
is available now at:

His Hotness will be available March 12 at:

Can a modern heart entwined with an ancient mystery prevail against a terrifying future?

When she was three, Halley Winsted was given a mysterious family legacy and told to follow her heart. But now that she’s thirty-three, love and commitment don’t come easy, even in the arms of sexy Tom Rutledge. A trip to England seems the perfect chance to sort out her feelings, and to indulge her obsession with the Arthurian legends.

But the legends are true. Arthur is alive in Avalon, teetering on the brink of madness, unable to fulfill his role in mankind’s terrifying future. Can the legacy Halley bears heal Arthur’s mind in time? Can she trust her heart to lead her to her destiny?

Content warning: This book contains sensual descriptions of consummated love scenes. Not for those under 18 years of age.

His Hotness (Blurb)
Jade Bartholomew spent ten years perfecting her 100-point scale that will determine the ideal man for her — His Hotness. Although reality has her re-evaluating some of her dreams, she refuses to give up on two: financial independence and the existence of His Hotness.

Kai Malone lives the American dream. From a middle-class upbringing, he has reached the pinnacle of success as the CEO of a software company, which is about to sell for millions. But success has a downside that brings out Kai’s greatest faults: he’s too honest, gives too much of himself, and is too indulgent with the women in his life. He has to change; Techtron’s sale may depend on it.

Jade and Kai meet when she shanks a golf ball into his most vulnerable spot. Not the ideal way to start a relationship — but no one ever said attaining the title His Hotness would be easy.

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New Year's Traditions

Happy New Year! This greeting and the holiday have been celebrated since Babylon. This is about 4000 years ago. However, the New Year didn’t fall on January 1st. The Babylonian New Year began on the day of the first New Moon (crescent) and after the first day of spring or the Vernal Equinox. The New Year’s celebration lasted for eleven days.

Spring was considered the season of rebirth and a time to plant new crops. In the early Roman calendar, March 1st was the New Year. The Roman calendar only has ten months, beginning with March. If you think about it the months reflect the position they once held in the Roman calendar. Septem is Lantin for seven. octo is eight, novem is nine, and decem is ten.

The first time New Year was celebrated on January 1st was in 153 B.C. in Rome. It wasn’t until 700 B.C. that the month January existed. The Roman consul started their one-year tenure on January 1st. This was considered the beginning of the civil year and the New Year was celebrated also on this day. However, there were still some who celebrated the New Year on March 1st.

Now when Julius Caesar introduced the new solar-based calendar, the New Year occurred on January 1st. In medieval Europe the New Year celebrations were considered pagan and were abolished. Through the medieval Christian Europe, the beginning of a new year varied. Some observed on Dec. 25th to coincide with the celebration of Jesus’ birth, while others observed the day as March 1st or March 25 at the Feast of Annunciation and Easter. It wasn’t until the Gregorian calendar (1582) that January 1st again became the New Year’s Day. Catholics adopted the Gregorian calendar but the Protestant countries didn’t accept the Gregorian calendar for some time. The British and the American colonies still celebrated New Year’s Day in March and didn’t adopt the new calendar until 1752.

New Year Traditions:
Have you ever wondered why people make New Year’s resolutions? This tradition dates back to the Babylonians. One the most popular Babylonian resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment.

Did you know that the Tournament of Roses dates back to 1886? The Valley Hunt Club decorated their carriages with flowers in celebration of California’s successful orange crop. In 1902, the Rose Bowl football game played for the first time, but in 1903, football was replaced with a Roman chariot races. It wasn’t until 1916, that football was again part of the celebration.

The tradition of using a baby to signify the New Year started in Greece, 600 BC. They celebrated their god of wine. Dionysus paraded a baby in a basket to represent the annual rebirth of the god as the spirit of fertility.

New Year's Luck
It was believed what you did the first few minutes of the new year would determine what luck you would have all year. This is how the tradition of celebrating the new year with friends and family came to be. It was also once believed the first visitor of the new year could bring good or bad luck. It was very lucky if the visitor was a tall dark-haired man. Red hair was considered unlucky. Food was considered lucky, too. Anything in a shape of a ring was good luck for it symbolized coming full circle. Some other foods considered good luck are black-eyed peas and legumes. Hog and cabbage represented prosperity.

Auld Lang Syne was partially written by Robert Burns in 1700’s. There were variations of the song that inspired Burns to write the song we sing today. It wasn’t published until 1796 after Robert Burn’s death. The Scottish tune translates to old long ago.