Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ramsey Reviews Gives Moon Shifter 4.5 Stars!

Rating: 4.5

Sydney Carlisle once lived a normal and happy life, until the day she was brutally attacked by a werewolf intent on killing her. But what devastated her most was the one man, whom she loved and trusted eternally, was the one who had turned her into the monster she is now. He ended her existence as a human, and then fled, leaving her alone and frightened, having to endure the unbearable pain of the transformation into a werewolf, otherwise known as a Moon Shifter. Sydney could never forgive her lover, Grayson Quinn, for what he had done to her. She has been on the run for the past year, trying to escape Grayson’s wrath of rectifying the mistake he created…her.

Grayson Quinn was born of the Mac Tire, a wolf Moon Shifter, he knew his pack was forbidden to take humans as their mates, but as soon as he saw Sydney Carlisle, his animalistic desire overruled his common sense. After trying desperately to save her life due to a fatal attack by one of his spiteful pack members, he chose to turn her instead of losing the one woman who was Alpha enough to be his mate, even though she despised him for doing so. But time is running out for Sydney, and she isn’t aware of the seriousness of her situation as a newly turned and ripening female Moon Shifter. Grayson has to get to her soon and explain the ways of the Mac Tire before Sydney is forced into mating with the first male Moon Shifter she encounters.

Will Sydney be able to overcome the hatred she feels toward Grayson and the sexual need growing within her long enough to become aware of her hearts desire? Or will Sydney’s arousing scent as a newly turned Moon Shifter in season, lead her into the embrace of another?

Moon Shifter is a delightful read which contains a unique twist to the legend of werewolves. The reader is able to sense the bond and sexual tension between Sydney and Grayson and experience the emotional triumph at the end of the tale. For such a short story, Karen Michelle Nutt has envisioned another enthralling and fascinating tale. I will enjoy recommending this short tale to any reader who has an attraction towards erotic paranormal and a spicy Shape Shifter Romance genres.

 Amy J Ramsey

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