Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Night Owl Reviews Second Time Around!

As far as romance anthologies go this one had several stories that will stay with me for a long time. The key to great storylines is the unforeseen occurrences that can alter and change a reader’s perspective by the end of the story.
  1. Winds of Destiny by Cynthia Breeding
When Michael returns to town to seal an important sale, Katherine will have an important decision to make as to whether to she forgives him for what happened 15 years ago and can have a chance at the happiness she so desires.
  1. Lizzie’s Laces by Kirsten Scott
Lizzie and Tony have a new chance after 2 years of separation Lizzie’s father has taken ill and Tony has come to bring Lizzie back home to see him. Will Tony see that he can have a life at sea and a life with Lizzie, and will Lizzie let him back into her heart after his rejection 2 years prior?
  1. The Spirit of Love by Karen Michelle Nutt
Amazing storyline of love lost and love found in the strangest of places. Brynna and Travis meet again after a separation due to a tragedy in their lives. I must admit I saw this one coming, but I loved the story of haunting pain and forgiveness.
  1. The Garden Swing by Erin E.M. Hatton
Another favorite of mine, in this story Tess and Hugh meet across time. The unlikely encounter occurs after one of Tess’ convalescent patients passes away and wills her home to Tess. Lots of surprises and tough choices are made in this short story. Leaves you thinking, how far would you go for true love?
  1. Only and Always You by Gerri Bowen
Historical short story of love lost and reunited. Harry and Claire were sweethearts, but because of her unsuitable Irish background, Harry’s mother intervened and meddled in their affairs by causing misunderstandings that sent Claire off to marry another man she did not love. Interesting storyline and manipulative/meddlesome characters bring to life a second chance at love for these two broken hearts.
  1. Special of the Day by Kimberly Ivey
Present day tale of love lost and re-discovered in, of all places, Galveston, Texas. Nick and his high school sweetheart lost touch in college, when he needed to return to help his father through an illness. Hurt feelings and competition ensue; will they be able to forgive each other for decisions made in the past to save their future? This fun story is a great way to end a delightful anthology.
Reviewed by: Lydia Ferrari

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