Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ghost Stories During Yule Time

Christmas is famous for its ghost stories. The Christmas Carol is still a popular story for the the season. So is It's a Wonderful Life. The spirit of a snow angel comes alive in The Snow Image by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Keat's writes about the ghost of summer youth and how it is forgotten in the harsh winter of life in the poem, In Drear-nighted December.

Yule is the second most haunted time of the Celtic calender. Haunting starts on December 6th to December 20th. The spirits are more active as they wait for the rebirth of the
Sun’s powers.

This haunting is not the same as during Samhain, where the veil is thinned so that the dead can walk among us. The spirits of Yule are connected with the mystical and the psychic logic of the Solstice Season. However, one can be visited from their ancestors, relatives, spirit guides or their soul friends (anam cara.) Gives a whole other meaning to the spirit of Christmas, doesn't it.

The Spirit of Love is my tale in the Second Time Around Anthology. I've given my own spin on the haunted season with a special ghost story sure to warm your heart. Everyone deserves a second chance and Travis and Brynna are about to discover how powerful the spirit of love can be.

Enjoy a sneak peek in the excerpt below. I wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

Excerpt of The Spirit of Love:

Travis couldn’t believe how Brynna looked—energetic, so alive. She wore her favorite jeans that hugged her in all the right places, and he liked the way the green long-sleeved shirt brought out the color of her eyes. He scrubbed a hand across his face as a dangerous curiosity danced inside him. Why was she here? That hadn't been part of the plan.

She wore her golden-red hair loose and tumbling carelessly down her back, enticing his fingers to slide through the stands. Blood pounded in his temples as he absorbed the idea of working with her again. He had loved her so much. Who was he fooling? He still loved her. It had been so difficult to let her go, and now she was here, speaking civilly to him—a complete contrast to the last time they'd spoke.

He accepted the blame for their marriage ending. He’d screwed up big time. The moment he had opened the hotel room door in London, he should have closed it again. Instead, he allowed his loneliness to rule, and invited Tanya in for a nightcap. They polished off two bottles of wine and in the morning he woke up in bed next to her.

He would be the first to admit his guilt, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember sleeping with her. Making it even worse, he didn’t even like Tanya or her crass ways of doing business. So, he not only hurt the woman he adored, but had insulted another, all in one night.

Tanya couldn’t wait to tell Brynna about the one-night stand. Her way of getting back at him for rejecting her, he supposed. Brynna packed up her belongings and moved out, though mentally she'd moved out months before that.

“Earth to Travis.” Brynna snapped her fingers. “Quit the daydreaming. We have work to do.”

Travis blinked, coming back to reality and looked at the woman he would always love. God, she was as beautiful as he remembered. Both delicacy and strength were in her face, and her skin held a smooth color of peach-tinted cream. His eyes lingered on her lips. He wanted to reach for her, pull her into his arms, but he hadn’t the right. Not any longer.

“Are you going to help me or not?” She clearly wondered why he was staring at her.

He nodded and set down his camera cases. “I didn’t think I would ever see you again.”

Her brow arched. “I know I haven’t been reliable lately, but we co-own ‘Smith and Jones’ or have you forgotten?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten. I’m just surprised to see you is all. You haven’t joined the team on an assignment in a long time.”

“I wanted to be here for this one. I . . .” Her gaze met his. “I need this.” One shoulder lifted in a shrug. “Is there going to be a problem?”

“Of course not.” He never wanted anything is his life as much as he wanted to work with her one more time.

“Good, because it’s going to be a long night. Who else is showing up?”

His cell vibrated, making him jump. The theme music from the Ghostbusters’ movie broke the silence. He didn’t move.

“Are you going to answer that?”

That snapped him out of his trance. “Yeah, of course.” He walked away as he flipped his phone open. He spoke to the caller briefly then turned to Brynna. “That was Kenneth. The others already said they couldn’t make it, and now Kenneth bailed. He forgot about his nephew’s Christmas concert.” He tried to smile, but it felt more like a grimace. “It’s just you and me, kid. Like old times.” He held his breath waiting for her to respond.

“I’m okay with that. Working together is the one thing we do well.”


"Sorry, I didn’t mean it as a dig.” Her chin jutted out with resolve, disproving her statement.

“I guess I deserve it.” He gave her a loose-muscled shrug to show her remark hadn’t hurt, yet her words stung like needles and his voice betrayed him.

Her features softened and she closed the distance between them. Her light caress on his forearm made him flinch and her hand fell away. “I don’t want to fight.”

“I don’t either.” He reached for her, but had second thoughts and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“I know. I didn’t mean to shut you out.”

He swallowed the lump of emotion lodged in his throat.

“Come on.” Her eyes sparkled with the possibility of adventure. “The ghosts are waiting to be found. ”


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