Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Moon Magic

This New Year’s Eve there is a blue moon. We’ve haven’t seen one on this day for twenty years. The moon isn’t really blue. Blue Moon simply refers to the second full moon in the month.

Some believe the term blue moon came into existence because the moon actually looked blue. This phenomenon has happened after a volcanic eruption and there is lots of ash in the sky. Possibly the phrase, “Once in a blue moon” was born from this event. The blue moon is so rare it was associated with a rare event.

European and pagan cultures consider the blue moon to be lucky.
One legend states you must have a piece of silver jewelry or a silver coin to make your wish. You must say your wish three times. Then you place the jewelry or coin under the moon all night. Silver is associated with the moon and the moon goddess. Even if the moon is not visible the pull of the moon’s energy is still present.

I bet you didn’t know wishing wells work best under the blue moon, too. Take your coin and concentrate on your wish then repeat your wish aloud three times. (I see a trend here.) Throw the coin into the well. If a wishing well is not available any body of water will do. Water is the element associated with the moon and love.

Now if you’re really daring, you could bathe in the moonbeams while making your wish. Repeat the wish three times while standing unclothed and in the moon’s bright light.

This last, I believe you’ll be on your own.

I hope all your wishes come true.
May you have a happy and safe New Years!


Rebecca J Vickery said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen,
Loved your take on "Blue Moon Magic." I would love to take a skinny-dip under the blue moon and make my wishes, but I don't want to freeze off my...uhmmm...tootsies???. LOL But I will make my wish three times with a silver coin on New Year's Eve. (Can't hurt, can it? And who knows what might happen.)

Have a safe, happy, and blessed 2010.

Cheryl said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen,

Well, I'm wishing that 2010 will be great for all of us, and that good things will be coming our way. I hope your husband finds a wonderful job--I know that has got to be very stressful--can't imagine what you (and he!) are going through. Many people say as long as you have your health, you are rich. I am believing that more and more, especially with what I'm seeing at the nursing home where my sister is living now. We have so much to be thankful for, but when that blue moon comes along, I'm going to be wishing for even more good things for us all. Thanks for the information. I didn't know all this.


Dorlana said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen,
I did not know that about the moon. Very interesting. Thanks for the post. Have a happy happy New Year. :)

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Rebecca, Cheryl and Dorlana for stopping by and for the good wishes. The same to all of you, too.

Yes, it's been stressful with my husband out of a job, but you're right we have been blessed in many other ways.

I too, wish for all of us to have a wonderful year in 2010!

Carol North said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen:
Wow! You enlightened me. I didn't know anything about a blue moon though I have heard the term many times.

Thanks for the good article.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

You're welcome, Carol. Have a Happy New Year!!!

Sarah Simas said... Best Blogger Tips

I imagine the alone part is fleeting. I'm sure there would be some by-stander who might be willing to join you. LOL Just hope it ain't the cops!! Nothing like going to the clink in the buff!! If you've ever wanted to be popular, I suspect you're going to be the toast of county lock up!!LOL

I think I'm going to try the silver coin idea. I'll still be dressed and not have to venture very far! Fun post, Karen!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sarah,

I don't want to be that popular. lol

Thank for stopping by.

Happy New Year!

EA said... Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely post. The entire feel of it was simply spell binding. I can see how the moon might have been revered by those in times past. It's a beautiful sight to see a full moon; to me, it's romantic. I thank God for all the wonderful things He has given us on this earth.

Thank you for the New Year's wishes. May yours be just as bright and as lovely.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

You're welcome EA. Thanks for stopping by. :)

P.L. Parker said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved this. Very interesting. Yeah, bathing under the blue moon in Boise tonight would be standing in 6 inches of snow freezing my bootie off. Might be worth it though if my wish came true. Hee hee.

Here's hoping 2010 is a great year for everyone.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

P.L.'s cold where you are. You don't want to end up with frostbite. lol

Here's to hoping your wish comes true anyway.

Happy New Year!