Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Moon Magic

This New Year’s Eve there is a blue moon. We’ve haven’t seen one on this day for twenty years. The moon isn’t really blue. Blue Moon simply refers to the second full moon in the month.

Some believe the term blue moon came into existence because the moon actually looked blue. This phenomenon has happened after a volcanic eruption and there is lots of ash in the sky. Possibly the phrase, “Once in a blue moon” was born from this event. The blue moon is so rare it was associated with a rare event.

European and pagan cultures consider the blue moon to be lucky.
One legend states you must have a piece of silver jewelry or a silver coin to make your wish. You must say your wish three times. Then you place the jewelry or coin under the moon all night. Silver is associated with the moon and the moon goddess. Even if the moon is not visible the pull of the moon’s energy is still present.

I bet you didn’t know wishing wells work best under the blue moon, too. Take your coin and concentrate on your wish then repeat your wish aloud three times. (I see a trend here.) Throw the coin into the well. If a wishing well is not available any body of water will do. Water is the element associated with the moon and love.

Now if you’re really daring, you could bathe in the moonbeams while making your wish. Repeat the wish three times while standing unclothed and in the moon’s bright light.

This last, I believe you’ll be on your own.

I hope all your wishes come true.
May you have a happy and safe New Years!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Night Owl Reviews Second Time Around!

As far as romance anthologies go this one had several stories that will stay with me for a long time. The key to great storylines is the unforeseen occurrences that can alter and change a reader’s perspective by the end of the story.
  1. Winds of Destiny by Cynthia Breeding
When Michael returns to town to seal an important sale, Katherine will have an important decision to make as to whether to she forgives him for what happened 15 years ago and can have a chance at the happiness she so desires.
  1. Lizzie’s Laces by Kirsten Scott
Lizzie and Tony have a new chance after 2 years of separation Lizzie’s father has taken ill and Tony has come to bring Lizzie back home to see him. Will Tony see that he can have a life at sea and a life with Lizzie, and will Lizzie let him back into her heart after his rejection 2 years prior?
  1. The Spirit of Love by Karen Michelle Nutt
Amazing storyline of love lost and love found in the strangest of places. Brynna and Travis meet again after a separation due to a tragedy in their lives. I must admit I saw this one coming, but I loved the story of haunting pain and forgiveness.
  1. The Garden Swing by Erin E.M. Hatton
Another favorite of mine, in this story Tess and Hugh meet across time. The unlikely encounter occurs after one of Tess’ convalescent patients passes away and wills her home to Tess. Lots of surprises and tough choices are made in this short story. Leaves you thinking, how far would you go for true love?
  1. Only and Always You by Gerri Bowen
Historical short story of love lost and reunited. Harry and Claire were sweethearts, but because of her unsuitable Irish background, Harry’s mother intervened and meddled in their affairs by causing misunderstandings that sent Claire off to marry another man she did not love. Interesting storyline and manipulative/meddlesome characters bring to life a second chance at love for these two broken hearts.
  1. Special of the Day by Kimberly Ivey
Present day tale of love lost and re-discovered in, of all places, Galveston, Texas. Nick and his high school sweetheart lost touch in college, when he needed to return to help his father through an illness. Hurt feelings and competition ensue; will they be able to forgive each other for decisions made in the past to save their future? This fun story is a great way to end a delightful anthology.
Reviewed by: Lydia Ferrari

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ramsey Reviews Gives Moon Shifter 4.5 Stars!

Rating: 4.5

Sydney Carlisle once lived a normal and happy life, until the day she was brutally attacked by a werewolf intent on killing her. But what devastated her most was the one man, whom she loved and trusted eternally, was the one who had turned her into the monster she is now. He ended her existence as a human, and then fled, leaving her alone and frightened, having to endure the unbearable pain of the transformation into a werewolf, otherwise known as a Moon Shifter. Sydney could never forgive her lover, Grayson Quinn, for what he had done to her. She has been on the run for the past year, trying to escape Grayson’s wrath of rectifying the mistake he created…her.

Grayson Quinn was born of the Mac Tire, a wolf Moon Shifter, he knew his pack was forbidden to take humans as their mates, but as soon as he saw Sydney Carlisle, his animalistic desire overruled his common sense. After trying desperately to save her life due to a fatal attack by one of his spiteful pack members, he chose to turn her instead of losing the one woman who was Alpha enough to be his mate, even though she despised him for doing so. But time is running out for Sydney, and she isn’t aware of the seriousness of her situation as a newly turned and ripening female Moon Shifter. Grayson has to get to her soon and explain the ways of the Mac Tire before Sydney is forced into mating with the first male Moon Shifter she encounters.

Will Sydney be able to overcome the hatred she feels toward Grayson and the sexual need growing within her long enough to become aware of her hearts desire? Or will Sydney’s arousing scent as a newly turned Moon Shifter in season, lead her into the embrace of another?

Moon Shifter is a delightful read which contains a unique twist to the legend of werewolves. The reader is able to sense the bond and sexual tension between Sydney and Grayson and experience the emotional triumph at the end of the tale. For such a short story, Karen Michelle Nutt has envisioned another enthralling and fascinating tale. I will enjoy recommending this short tale to any reader who has an attraction towards erotic paranormal and a spicy Shape Shifter Romance genres.

 Amy J Ramsey

Ramsey Reviews -
TCM Reviews/Midwestern Reviews

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interview with Jennifer Childers

Jennifer Childers is here with us today. She's one of the Crimson Rose authors at The Wild Rose Press. She'll be talking about her new release Kindertransport. Find out about the real Kindertransport and what it entailed.

Tell us a little about the author. (Bio, tidbits, likes, dislikes. If you use a pen name, why did you choose to do so?)

I'm Jennifer Childers and I live in North Carolina with my husband and son. I have been in nursing for 25 years. I have worked in child abuse prevention programs and as a guardian ad litem.

George Bush Sr. gave me an award for my volunteer work.

I try to keep a balance in life: work, play, quiet time. I like history, and the twilight zone moments that creep into life when you don't expect it. In today's paper the headlines read: "Jennifer Childers gives birth in ambulance". It wasn't me! What are the odds of two women having the same name in this small town?

I was going to use Candace Black as my pen name as I wanted to write for children as well, and thought Childers a better kid book author as it had "child" in the name. I couldn't put another name on my first book so I stuck with Jennifer, maybe Candace will make her debut elsewhere, it might be fun to keep her as my sexier, sassier alter ego.

Stop by facebook and say hi. There are a few Jennifer Childers' there. I am pictured with my son. We are wearing twin red t-shirts.

Your story, Kindertransport takes place around the time of World War II. Can you tell the readers about the real Kindertransport and what it entailed?

After Kristallnacht, Britain agreed to take 10,000 German children for a silver bond to pay for resettlement. Children between the ages of 5-17 went to England, most being high-risk children who were already living in ghettos. Many joined the military when the war started; most never saw their parents again.

How much research went into creating your story and how much of the book is realistic?

I read "an idiot's guide to Nazi Germany and other books to get a feel for what it was like for the average person living under the Reich. As Americans we don't think about so many restrictions on speech, the press. Its hard to imagine a group of people coming in and literally affecting every aspect of your life.

Buy Kindertransport at The Wild Rose Press

What books have influenced your life most?

Stephen Kings, The Stand, gave me a lot to think about.

A short story called The Scarlet Ibis has an excellent point about: Die living refuse to live dying.

The best self help book I ever read is Robin Norwood's, Women Who Love too Much.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

"The Forgotten Bathory", "Hope" a sequel to "The Program."

Tell the readers where they can find you: or

I am also on facebook and myspace and authors den

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Loving yourself is the greatest gift you give the world. You can't give to anyone else before you do.

I just wanted to let you know "Kindertransport" is available at The Wild Rose Press.


I filled a syringe with morphine.

Could innocent blood ever be washed away?

Would my hands ever be clean again if I continued on this course? The gas would make them choke, gasping for breath as life was strangled to nothingness. Morphine would make them euphoric, and an overdose would put them to sleep, peacefully, with no pain. A sleep from which they would not awake, but they would be safe from the evil that awaited them otherwise.

I filled the second syringe. I thought of each child as I punctured the rubber stopper, the needle sucking up the lethal fluid filling the tube. Little Wilhelm. My treasured leader of the pack. The braces on his legs never stopped his imagination from soaring. Lara. An artistís soul expressed with the one good hand she had. Art reflective of the beauty living in her heart. The twins. Isnít intelligence measured with creativity? I would sorely miss their energy.

My hand slipped and the needle grazed the knuckle of my thumb. I swore and bit my lip. Perfect. I’ll kill myself before I get a chance to euthanize my children. Then, after I enter Heavenís gate, if He lets me inside them, God can tell me I am an idiot and a murderer.

I rubbed my shoulders. They hunched with an invisible weight that made my back ache.

Review: In the months before full scale war breaks out in Germany Erika Lehmeier is trying to find a way to help the six children she cares for escape death. Hitler has decreed that people who have no worth to society, the ones he calls feeders, have to die to preserve the sanctity of the Aryan race. Erika knows the strengths and goodness of the children and can't bear to see them harmed. The only one she can turn to is Rickard Sankt an SS officer. Will he help her or lead them all to certain death?

Jennifer Childers tells a fascinating story of atrocities committed by people who believed in a leader who brought them to prosperity. By the time they realize what is going on they couldn't refuse to follow his demands if they wanted to live. There are always those, like Gregor, who thrive with a license for cruelty. The writer reminds us in many ways that he and others of his ilk aren't representatives of all German society. Most readers know the history of the death camps where Jews and other unwanted adults were annihilated. This is a heart wrenching tale. I don't think the plans to destroy a whole generation of adults and children with any kind of mental, emotional or physical defect is as widely known.

Excellent characters and dialogue throughout show the wide variation in the German citizens' reactions to what is going on around them in the world. Erika, Rickard, Father Julian, Olga and many others show the diversity and the love everyday Germans have for their country. Ms. Childers has done an exceptional job crafting this mixture of fact and fiction into a book that will captivate the reader from first page to last.

Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Dee Dailey

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ghost Stories During Yule Time

Christmas is famous for its ghost stories. The Christmas Carol is still a popular story for the the season. So is It's a Wonderful Life. The spirit of a snow angel comes alive in The Snow Image by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Keat's writes about the ghost of summer youth and how it is forgotten in the harsh winter of life in the poem, In Drear-nighted December.

Yule is the second most haunted time of the Celtic calender. Haunting starts on December 6th to December 20th. The spirits are more active as they wait for the rebirth of the
Sun’s powers.

This haunting is not the same as during Samhain, where the veil is thinned so that the dead can walk among us. The spirits of Yule are connected with the mystical and the psychic logic of the Solstice Season. However, one can be visited from their ancestors, relatives, spirit guides or their soul friends (anam cara.) Gives a whole other meaning to the spirit of Christmas, doesn't it.

The Spirit of Love is my tale in the Second Time Around Anthology. I've given my own spin on the haunted season with a special ghost story sure to warm your heart. Everyone deserves a second chance and Travis and Brynna are about to discover how powerful the spirit of love can be.

Enjoy a sneak peek in the excerpt below. I wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

Excerpt of The Spirit of Love:

Travis couldn’t believe how Brynna looked—energetic, so alive. She wore her favorite jeans that hugged her in all the right places, and he liked the way the green long-sleeved shirt brought out the color of her eyes. He scrubbed a hand across his face as a dangerous curiosity danced inside him. Why was she here? That hadn't been part of the plan.

She wore her golden-red hair loose and tumbling carelessly down her back, enticing his fingers to slide through the stands. Blood pounded in his temples as he absorbed the idea of working with her again. He had loved her so much. Who was he fooling? He still loved her. It had been so difficult to let her go, and now she was here, speaking civilly to him—a complete contrast to the last time they'd spoke.

He accepted the blame for their marriage ending. He’d screwed up big time. The moment he had opened the hotel room door in London, he should have closed it again. Instead, he allowed his loneliness to rule, and invited Tanya in for a nightcap. They polished off two bottles of wine and in the morning he woke up in bed next to her.

He would be the first to admit his guilt, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember sleeping with her. Making it even worse, he didn’t even like Tanya or her crass ways of doing business. So, he not only hurt the woman he adored, but had insulted another, all in one night.

Tanya couldn’t wait to tell Brynna about the one-night stand. Her way of getting back at him for rejecting her, he supposed. Brynna packed up her belongings and moved out, though mentally she'd moved out months before that.

“Earth to Travis.” Brynna snapped her fingers. “Quit the daydreaming. We have work to do.”

Travis blinked, coming back to reality and looked at the woman he would always love. God, she was as beautiful as he remembered. Both delicacy and strength were in her face, and her skin held a smooth color of peach-tinted cream. His eyes lingered on her lips. He wanted to reach for her, pull her into his arms, but he hadn’t the right. Not any longer.

“Are you going to help me or not?” She clearly wondered why he was staring at her.

He nodded and set down his camera cases. “I didn’t think I would ever see you again.”

Her brow arched. “I know I haven’t been reliable lately, but we co-own ‘Smith and Jones’ or have you forgotten?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten. I’m just surprised to see you is all. You haven’t joined the team on an assignment in a long time.”

“I wanted to be here for this one. I . . .” Her gaze met his. “I need this.” One shoulder lifted in a shrug. “Is there going to be a problem?”

“Of course not.” He never wanted anything is his life as much as he wanted to work with her one more time.

“Good, because it’s going to be a long night. Who else is showing up?”

His cell vibrated, making him jump. The theme music from the Ghostbusters’ movie broke the silence. He didn’t move.

“Are you going to answer that?”

That snapped him out of his trance. “Yeah, of course.” He walked away as he flipped his phone open. He spoke to the caller briefly then turned to Brynna. “That was Kenneth. The others already said they couldn’t make it, and now Kenneth bailed. He forgot about his nephew’s Christmas concert.” He tried to smile, but it felt more like a grimace. “It’s just you and me, kid. Like old times.” He held his breath waiting for her to respond.

“I’m okay with that. Working together is the one thing we do well.”


"Sorry, I didn’t mean it as a dig.” Her chin jutted out with resolve, disproving her statement.

“I guess I deserve it.” He gave her a loose-muscled shrug to show her remark hadn’t hurt, yet her words stung like needles and his voice betrayed him.

Her features softened and she closed the distance between them. Her light caress on his forearm made him flinch and her hand fell away. “I don’t want to fight.”

“I don’t either.” He reached for her, but had second thoughts and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“I know. I didn’t mean to shut you out.”

He swallowed the lump of emotion lodged in his throat.

“Come on.” Her eyes sparkled with the possibility of adventure. “The ghosts are waiting to be found. ”

Monday, December 14, 2009

Interview with Barbara Edwards

Barbara Edwards is here to talk to us today about her dark paranormal tales that are sure to keep you up at night. For the romantics, she also has tales from the heart that will make you sigh. Let's give her a warm welcome. Please make sure to leave a comment and questions. She'll be popping in to answer them.

Tell us a little about the author.

I’m Barbara Edwards and I’m a native New Englander. I’m a graduate of the University of Hartford with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I write poetry for myself and novels when I need to tell a longer tale. I’m fascinated by the past so naturally turned to writing historical romance. The dark paranormal stories evolve from nightmares. The romance comes from my belief in people’s basic goodness and longing for love.

I lived in Florida for several years and am past president of the Central Florida Romance Writers and a member of Romance Writers of America.

When I returned to Connecticut, I founded the Charter Oak Romance Writers, a Chapter of Romance Writers of America, along with several close friends.

My husband is a retired Police Sergeant. We share an interest Civil War re-enacting and travel the Eastern states to participate in events. I love visiting museums, galleries and battle sites, gathering information for my stories.

I taught Romance Writing at Manchester Community college for three years. I’m fond of gardening and growing antique roses with limited success. Most of my exercise is when my Belgian Shepherd, Dixie, demands a walk.

Ancient Awakening is a spine-chilling horror that is difficult to read during the day. Have your evil characters ever scared you so much you had to put down the pen (or in most cases, close the document?)

Until my editor told me the book kept her up all night, I didn’t think about the scariness. Since I know the characters so well, I’m too involved in their story to step back. I think if I read it now I would be afraid to sleep.

How do you put yourself in the mind of a killer?
The same way I do all my characters. I try to understand why he’s doing what he’s doing, then how the evil act is done. It’s as if I’ve met him and he’s revealing his inner self.

Buy Ancient Awakening at:

You also write romantic tales as well. Tell us about Annie’s Heart.
Annie’s Heart is about overcoming fear to find love. Annie is still one of my favorite people.
Blurb: Only two coins and a gold pendant heart separate widowed Annie Moss from disaster. The fields need to be plowed, the barn repaired and food stored for the winter, but she is alone and afraid. Her dream of a home for her children hangs from the promise of a wandering man to keep moving on, a man she has no reason to trust.

Trace Randolph has lost everything except his honor, so when a desperate Annie saves his life he knows he must pay his debt, even if it means marrying her. The only promise he makes is to leave before the winter snows. A promise he finds impossible to keep.

Available at http://www.wings-press/Bookstore/Annie’s%Heart.html

You taught Romance Writing at Manchester Community College. Can you give us some pointers on what makes a good romance novel?

Always make the love story the main focus of a romance. That doesn’t mean every page must be about the relationship, but it must be what brings the reader back.

What are your current projects and works in progress?

I have several books in the works. Another romance, the second book set in Rhodes End with a werewolf hero and a time-travel.

Tell the readers where they can find you: My website is,

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt for Ancient Awakening:

Police Officer Melanie Petersen is the only one who believes a suspicious death is murder. By disobeying direct orders from the Rhodes End Chief, she risks her career to follow clues that twist in circles to her backyard and lead the killer to her. Her neighbor Stephan Zoriak is a prime suspect. While working for a major pharmaceutical company, he is exposed to a dangerous organism that changed him. He suspects he is the killer and agrees to help Mel find the truth when the deaths continue. In the course of their investigation Mel and Steve find more death and continued distrust that make them wonder if love can defy death.

“Don’t touch me, Mel, not unless you’re willing to do a lot more,” he warned as her hazel eyes flared golden.

“Don’t threaten me, Steve. You’re…”

He pulled her into his arms despite the alarm bells clanging in his head.

Danger! Danger! Danger!

Her widened eyes met his. Mel’s hands were trapped against his chest, but she didn’t push him away. Instead, her fingers curled into his shirt.

Her mistake. His mistake was to crush her mouth under his.

Mel’s soft lips parted. Need exploded. The taste of black coffee didn’t hide her sweet flavor. As her tongue tangled with his, her arms slid around his neck and her fingers burrowed through his hair.

Steve hungered to peel the starched shirt off her soft shoulders, lay her on the thick turf and ease his desire. He tasted her brows, her cheek, along her throat, seeking the source of her call. Her pulse whipped under his mouth, awakening another need.

His teeth gently closed on the vulnerable vein.

He wanted, wanted, wanted…

Cold alarm chilled his pounding blood.

Steve gasped for air. He’d forgotten his own ironclad rule. Mel’s eyelids flittered open to reveal the molten glow of desire but he forced himself free.

He had no right to touch any woman. Not until he knew he hadn’t become what he had set out to destroy.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Interview With Tory Richards

She may be a grandmother and proud owner of three crazy cats, but it doesn't stop her from writing torrid romances that sizzle the pages. Let's give a warm welcome to Tory Richards.

*Tory is giving away one pdf e-book copy of Wicked Desires to a randomly drawn reader who leaves a comment. So be sure to say hi. She'll name the winner on her blog on Saturday the 12th? I'll also post the winner on the KMN blog Spot, too. Good luck!
Link to Tory Richards' Blog

Tell us a little about the author. (Bio, tidbits, likes, dislikes. You use two pen names, why did you choose to do so?)

I'm a mother, daughter, sister, aunt and grandmother. I loved fairytales growing up, especially where the princess always met her prince charming. I've been published since 2005, and was a closet writer for many years. Writing was private to me and I didn't share it with anyone, it was therapy. Don't worry, I'm! LOL When I decided to write romances that leaned toward the erotic side I thought it best to come up with a pen name. Like a lot of authors out there, I work a full time job. You know, the one that pays the bills :) Using a pen name also allows me a little more freedom.

Tell us about The Cowboy Way. How much research about life on a ranch went into story?

The Cowboy Way is the stormy romance between a rancher's daughter and his foreman. Complicating their lives is arson, murder, and an escaped convict out for revenge. His target...the rancher's daughter.

*18yrs and older--Buy The Cowboy Way

Research? Anything I needed to know about horses and ranch life I asked my niece because she worked on a ranch for a few years. Does that count?

Sure it counts. Your niece gave you valuable information to add depth to your story. How nice to have someone you can call up and ask. Makes research easier.

Who was the cover artist?
Molly Courtright. I love her work! She also designed the cover to The Senator's Daughter for me.

I enjoyed your book video of Wicked Desire—quite enticing. Please share a tidbit about the book with the readers. *You can view this book video on her website.

Thank you! I was very pleased with how it came out. Wicked Desire is a romance between a small town sheriff in Maine, and a woman running away from her stalker ex-husband.

Blurb - Maggie Myers returns home to rebuild her life and to escape her stalking ex-husband. To local small town sheriff Matt Dillon she’s more trouble than he needs. But the lady has enough sass and curves to tempt a saint. Well, he never claimed to be a saint, and Maggie is about to find out she’s been teasing the wrong man.

*18 years and older Buy Wicked Desire

You have a new book coming soon to the Wild Rose Press, can you tell us a little about what to expect? Will this tale be a spicy romance?

Is it going to be spicy? Yes! It's a romantic suspense where the heroine discovers one of her patients dead in her office, and the sexy detective who isn’t afraid to break the rules to protect her. All the Right Moves is going to be published under the Crimson Line.

Do you have a release date yet?
No, but I'm thinking it has to be sometime in 2010.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?
Making new friends and just sharing my stories with anyone who wants to read them. The book covers. I enjoy seeing my characters come to life. I also like the editing part.

What are your current projects and works in progress?
Well, I just submitted a holiday romance titled The Promise. And I also finished my first short story, called Talk Dirty to Me. Waiting to hear back from publishers on those two. Next I plan on writing another short romance. I have a lot of projects started so any one of them could become the next book I focus on.

Tell the readers where they can find you:

Most of the time at home in my old rocker recliner with a laptop on my lap, or, at any of the following websites.

Tory Richards Website
Romance with an Attitude Blog
Manic Readers
Coffee Time Romance
Book Place

Crime Space
Author Island

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?
I love to hear from readers, especially after you've read one of my books. We receive book reviews from professional sites but it really means a lot to any author when a reader lets us know if they enjoyed our story.

I also have a monthly newsletter if you'd care to join. The join my yahoo group link can be found on my blog and website.

You can find my books at: Fiction Wise, All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and the publisher’s websites.

If you’d like to add an excerpt, blurb, or video link, you may do so (pg 13 please)

Here's an excerpt for The Cowboy Way. Enjoy!

“Lacey, go back to the house!” someone yelled out.

Frightened horses were running everywhere as they charged out of the stable in fear. Loud sirens could be heard from approaching fire trucks. The area was filled with men who worked for her father and some from nearby ranches. They had water hoses in their hands and worked diligently to keep the fire from spreading to the other barns.

Lacey dodged several screaming horses as she searched frantically for her father. Knowing him, he would be in the thick of things. She wasn’t consciously aware of placing herself in danger just by being there. Her heart was racing with fear as she tried to recognize the faces covered with soot and grime. She made her way toward the burning building.

“Dad!” She thought she recognized him.

An unbearable heat enveloped the area around her. Amid the sounds of terrified horses and hollering men, the night was filled with the sound of crackling wood as the stable succumbed to the raging fire. Soon the structure was falling to the ground, collapsing in several sections.

“Lacey, get the hell out of here!”

This time she registered the command, and her eyes searched out the voice, finding Brian at the other end of it. His clothes were dirty and covered with soot. His face was smudged with the stuff. Sweat from the intense heat ran rivers down his face and Lacey saw him wipe at his eyes.

“Where’s my dad?” she screamed above the noise, beginning to make her way toward him. The loud splintering sound that followed indicated another section of the barn was about to come down. She ran toward Brian.

“Lacey! Get back!”

It was at that moment that Lacey realized the wall was falling on top of her. She let out a terrified scream and switched directions. Only it was too late. Pieces of smoldering wood were already floating down about her. Brian reached her just as the wall collapsed. Lacey felt herself shoved out of the way with a force that promised broken bones were she to collide with anything solid.

Chase caught her in his arms and whipped her out of the way. She grunted in pain, and the force of his actions sent them stumbling and rolling into the dirt. At the same time Lacey was helplessly aware that the wall had crashed to the ground, pinning Brian beneath it.

My New Book Cover!

I had to share...I just received the book cover for the Love's Pantheon Vol. 3 Anthology. Stella Price is the cover book artist. There will be five stories in the volume. I don't have all the details yet, but I have a blurb for my tale below. :)

Heart of A Warrior (sensual rating)

This is part of Tease Publishing’s Pantheon Series
(Soon--Available in e-book and later in a print Anthology.)
*Warning: In the print anthology some of the stories are rated erotica.

Scáthach is the warrior goddess from the Isle of Skye. When a young boy pleads for the goddess to help his Uncle Trey, his prayers do not go unheard. However, she is surprised to find Trey Brennan, not on a battlefield but in a hospital room, hooked to monitors, his body rejecting a bone marrow transplant. She would accept the challenge and educate Trey in the art of warfare. A war was a war no matter where the battle was held. Be it on the fields of heather with an army or an illness attacking the body. Both held the enemy that needed to be defeated.

Trey Brennan knew he was dying, but he awakes in another realm where the goddess Scáthach wants to teach him to be a warrior. He is sure he’s dreaming, but what did he have to lose? He would train and he would fight. Perhaps his destiny on the Isle of Skye would also change his path in his world.