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Supernatural Creatures all over the world have believed in supernatural creatures. Local folklore and legends prove the beliefs were strong enough to pass down the tales for generations.

Here is a list of some of these supernatural creatures.

Acheri is a spirit or ghost in a form of a small Indian girl. She would come down from the mountains or hilltops to bring disease to the villages. To ward off this creature one would wear a red ribbon around the neck for protection.

Afrit, in Arabic mythology is a ghost-like form in the shape of fire. The Muslim theology (mentioned in the Qur’an) states this supernatural creature is the second most powerful of the five classes of Jinn. Other names of this creature are: efreet, ifreet, afirt, afreet.

Alien-The first highly publicized UFO sighting occurred in 1897, in a tiny Texan community called Auroa. This unique sighting occured before the invention of the first airplane.
There are Petroglyphs dating back thousands of years ago by ancient American Southwest Indians. According to Indian folklore, two objects collided in the sky and one crash-landed in the region below (Death Valley.) Local Indians stood by as men arrived from another ship to repair the damaged craft. Irish Banshee (bean sidhe) and Scottish (bean shìth) is a female-spirit who will emit a long wailing cry as a warning that some is about to die in the household. They appear as a ghost wearing long white or gray dress. They have long fair hair.

Baobhan Sith, The White Women of the Scottish highlands. These women are ghostlike vampires who assume the shape of beautiful women and invite men to dance with them, and drink their blood.

Bogeyman is a creature that appears at night to frighten children. The tale probably originated from parents who wanted to keep the children in bed. “If you don’t stay in bed or behave, the bogeyman will get you.”

Bucca is a sea sprite known to help or hinder (depending on her mood, I suppose) Cornish fishermen. They have two forms: Bucca Widn (White Bucca) and Bucca Dhu (Black Bucca.)

Chiang-shi is a white haired green-faced vampire with powers of flight and transfiguration that draws their strength from the Moon. Some appear more like puppet-like creatures, walking in a Zombie-like trance.

Civatateo is a vampire that dates back to the of the days of the Aztecs. They are believed to be the servants of the gods. They have magical powers of a priest. All Civateteo are noblewomen who died during childbirth and have now returned to earth.

Demon or Daemon is an evil spirit from the underworld. The Demons are considered supernatural beings somewhere between mortals and gods with powers to cause havoc with peoples lives. They can seduce, possess and afflict a human. is rarely seen but when it does, it appears as a beautiful temptress. Very dangerous and not to be trusted according to Irish lore since it’s determined to suck the blood from it’s victim.

Domovik is a Russian spirit of mythology. He lives behind a stove or under a doorstep. He’s a guardian or watchman of the home, but you don’t want to upset him. He may then burn down your house. To keep this demon happy you must leave him a snack.

Ghost is a spirit or soul of a deceased person. The spirits are reported as haunting a particular location they associated in life. They may also haunt an area where they died. Phantom armies, ghost animals, ghost trains and phantom ships are also reported to be seen. According to a pole done in 2005 by the Gallup Organization, about 32% of Americans believe ghosts exists.

Ghoul may have originated from Islamic folklore. It is a demon that feeds on human bodies living or dead. In Arabian folklore the ghoul is a monster that dwells in the burial grounds. The North America mythology is similar. The shape shifting demon can change into an animal to lure travelers away from civilization to devour them.

Kelpie is a shape shifting water horse from Celtic Folklore. It appears as a lost pony and is able to lure humans into the water and drown them so they can eat them. They haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland. The story is also in Irish folklore.

Nachzehrer is a shape shifting vampire with psychic powers. It feasts on the bodies of the dead and the blood and energy of the living.

Puca (Phooka) comes from Irish and Welsh folklore . They are fairy-folk who can shape shift. No matter what animal they take the form of, it will have dark fur. It likes the shape of a black horse with glowing yellow eyes. It doesn’t hurt humans and legends states they have even helped people, leading them away from danger.

Selkies can transform to a human by shedding their skins. They can only return to the sea by putting the skin back on. A selkie can only make contact with one particular human for a short amount of time before they must return to the sea. They are not able to make contact with that human again for seven years, unless the human is to steal their selkie's skin and hide it or burn it.

Troll comes from the Norse mythology. It is fiendish and fearsome giant that lives under a hill. The males are believed not to be intelligent, but the females are cunning.

Upyr is a day-walking bloodsucker with a preference for children, which it eats with its iron teeth. are blood sucking creatures according to ancient legends. Not the heartthrobs we read about in paranormal romances. They are the undead and survive on blood of the living. They look like humans but have pasty white skin and can only come out in the dark. Sunlight will destroy them.

Werewolf is a lycanthrope, which is a human who can shape shift into a wolf form. In mythology it is believed a person can become a werewolf by being bitten by another werewolf. They shift only when the moon is full and they lose all sense of being human, preying on humans and animals alike. Some African tribes still believe in this. have a different take on werewolves. They are helpful creatures and the werewolf can change from wolf to human at will. It is believe the Ossory people were cursed and this is how the werewolf clans in Ireland originated from. See my blog on Werewolves in Ireland.
 Yara-Ma-Yha-Who is from the aboriginal mythology. This is a nasty little vampire with suckers on its fingers. They lurk in fig trees.

Zombies are reanimated human corpses. According to Afro-Caribbean beliefs, a powerful Voodoo sorcerer can accomplish this feat. The Zombie can perform evil deeds. Some of the Haitian populace still believe in this phenomenon.


Rebecca J Vickery said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen,

I am loving the sharing of all this great research you've done. A couple of these creatures are totally new to me and the facts about the others are super interesting. Makes me want to write a Halloween story. LOL
Thanks for the post.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Rebecca. I love Halloween. If you write a Halloween Story, I'm would definitely read it.

Susan Macatee said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool creatures, Karen! Researching those myths can sure stir up a romance writer's imagination. LOL.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips


They sure do stir the imagination. I think the Puca is a really cool supernatural creature.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Interesting facts some I didn't know!
Very cool post. Thanks!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks For stopping by Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)

MarthaE said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen! I didn't get a chance to read all of this the other day but I did vote! Boy- you really did some research! I had not heard of many of these. And I love some of the names! I read a book about a Puca which I really liked - not harmful but definitely mischievous!
Thanks for an interesting post just in time for Halloween!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Martha for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. The puca is one of my favorite creatures. You don't happen to remember the title of the book about the puca, do you?

MarthaE said... Best Blogger Tips

Karen - the book was Pandora’s Box by Natale Stenzel and it was a fun story! I think he turned into a white horse as well as a dog and a gorgeous human guy!

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool-- thanks, Martha. I'll look it up. :)

Kelley said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Karen,
Great post. It's hard for me to decide. I like them all! LOL I do like the Scottish vampires. There was a movie on LMN about this particular legend that was chilling. No HEA ending there. I wish I could remember the name of it. The actress was Jodie O'Keefe I think.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kelley.

Those Scottish Vampires are viscious! lol If you ever remember the name of the movie, let me know. Sounds interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.

Pamela K. Kinney said... Best Blogger Tips

Also on werewolves, there were people who used wolf-skin belts and chanted to become a werewolf. So it's not just being bitten as the only way. Being cursed was another way.

Karen Michelle Nutt said... Best Blogger Tips

I have heard about a person being cursed and becoming a werewolf,but not with the ritual of wolf skin belts and chanting. Interesting.

Thanks for the info.